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Religious conflicts

Aug 29, 2020


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Religious War, One of the longest fight in the history. One of the longest cold war between each other. People against people. Religion against religion. Country against country. People changed their perspective through out the history, do religion. There are more than thousands of questions to ask about religion. People have different views toward things. Imagine the world without people express themselves with their own rights would be impossible. Throughout the history people tried so hard to express their thinking to people. Feminist tried so hard to have equality and get rid of gender gap. Religion used to be a piece which finishing the word peace or even calm. It seem to change a lot. Religion can’t change it self. People tried not to change religion. Who or what change religion? If nothing change perspective about religion. Why the Religious conflicts seem to be more severe? 

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In The Great Divide: Religious and Cultural Conflict in American Party Politics (2001) Layman provides a comprehensive account of how the new traditionalist–modernist cleavage in American religion has come to shape the contemporary American political party system, the extent to which the religious and cultural divide between the Democratic and Republican parties has grown over time, and the process through which this growth has occurred. Similar to Carmines and Stimson's discussion of the types of issues capable of creating issue evolutions, Layman contends that the traditionalist–modernist religious cleavage came to affect party politics because it is associated with political issues that are easily understood, arouse strong emotions in a large number of people, reflect a deep-seated social conflict, cut across the lines of party conflict that existed in the 1970s, and appealed to the strategic incentives of certain groups of politicians within both parties.