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Spiritual not Religious

Spiritual not ReligiousA modern search for religious meaningEclecticismA popular way of saying I dont identify with any particular church or religion but Im a good person.

Lorna TedderThe Spiritual

Personal ReligionBorrowing religious ideas, symbols, rituals, practices, beliefs, values and attitudes from one or more religious traditions and combining them for personal or small group use.3What happened to organized religion?Modernity science and technology have challenged traditional religions claims to know the truth about how the world came to be and what it means to be human.Whose religion is true?The internet and other globalized means of sharing information have made it impossible to ignore other religious communities and their claims to know the truth. Pluralism means engaging with these others openly and honestly.Then and now 1893 World Parliament of Religions

2009 Council for a Parliament of the Worlds Religions

InterrelatednessHow can we reach across the religious divide and relate to the other religion or religious community?Think in terms of patterns and connectedness rather than distinctive traitsThink of nature as the ultimate pattern expressing unity in diversity.practiceDevelop practices that foster an attitude of respect and reverence for the whole rather than just the parts.Meditation, chanting, dance, music, yoga, tai chi, contemplation, solving paradoxes, cross-cultural events, seeing nature Can we move beyond religion to a religion of no religion? Should we?Challenging the status quoWomens RightsEcological AwarenessReassessing Human SexualityTechnology and new ethical challengesSecular life marking out religions domain in private and public spaceAffirming religionReligions are stable anchors in a sea of change and uncertaintyReligions provide community so we dont have to explore aloneReligions have trained and educated leaders to help navigate the sea of new challenges to our faithReligions provide sacred spaces and times to help transcend the material and mundaneCritiquing ReligionStability is good; refusal to change can lead to obsolescence and oppressionCommunity is healthy; prolonged and complete isolation is unhealthyLeadership is helpful and necessary; coercion and incitement to violence is destructiveSacred spaces and times are special because they are exceptions to everyday life (monks, nuns and religious renunciates excepted).