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Release the Power of Re3 Book Flyer by Speaker Susan Young

Apr 14, 2017



Susan Young
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  • Change Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker


    Move from

    with. . .


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    Do you embrace change with strength and resilience?______________

    Or do you resist change with fear, denial, and frustration?


    AAre you at a loss for how to move past adversity and challenge?______________

    Would you like to create more positive change in your life?

    Change isnt going anywhere and will continue to happen again and again . . . with you, without you, for you, or against you. Thats life. Then why do some people strive and thrive, while others flop and flounder?


    In In Release the Power of Re3: 77 Ways to Create Positive Change & Transformation, Susan Young shares her 3-step formula for harnessing change, becoming exponentially resilient, and optimizing outcomes in

    life and in business . . .

    Whether you hope to navigate change more successfully, create something brand new, or improve upon the past, Susan will help you

    make the right choices for the right reasons.

    Susan has given you the keys to reset your counters to zero and let go of the good, bad, ugly and great of your past. Let today be the dividing line in the sand and you will create a new chapter of ideas, goals, experiences, and moments that matter.

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