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Regulation presentation 2

Jan 12, 2015




  • 1. Styles. Humorous Advert.Fosters Gold. This is a humorous advert and falls into the form of Realistic Narrative as it starts with a casual party scene, moves to the middle which has two guys talking to each other over the phone and ends with the main character of the ad talking to the party host and you mainly only see the two main characters. The adverts style is humorous as they are making funny remarks as well as their facial expressions showing humor. It uses iconography which shows the difference between Australia and England, and in the advert, expressing that Australia is a better place to be. The advert also uses a variety of different camera shots and angles to show the facial expressions of the characters which add to the humorous effect, as well as mid to long shots to show the contrast in the two countries and how Australia is represented in a better light than England as well as a contrast in class. The product is shown at the end along with the logo which show that some computer graphics have been added into the advert as well as using a voice over.

2. Surreal Advert. Jordans. advert uses the form of Anti-Realist Narrative and Stand Alone as as the use of talking animalsshow that its not real and its fantasy as well as the advert being a one off and not being a part of aseries. With it adopting the style of surreal it shows that the advert isnt real and exaggerate due tothe talking animals. The use of iconography works well as you can really tell that its set on a farmdue to the animals, shrubbery, crops etc. and the use of camera angles show the Jordans sign inthe background so you keep getting reminded of the product. The end of the advert uses a voiceover telling you about the product and shows an image of it so that you are aware of what it lookslike. No logo is shown in the advert so that signifies a lack of computer graphics. 3. Dramatic Advert.Full Stop. TY This is a very dramatic advert as it uses the form of a Documentary as it is showing facts and figures, quotes from famous people along with touching images. Its a charity advert that really gets its point across by using a dramatic ad that touches the hearts of the viewers. The close ups shots really express the sadness of the children and it shows their pain which makes you want to donate and help them, as well as the iconography which shows the tough living conditions that these children have to endure. Special effects are used at the start of the advert where they are showing the globe spinning. However no computer graphics were shown in the sense of a logo etc. 4. Parodic Advert.Specsavers. The specsavers advert is a parodic advert as it is taking the mick out of the lynx adverts were the smell attracts the girls. In this advert all the girls run towards the guy but when he puts his glasses on they all leave stating that he should of gone to specsavers. Its a Stand Alone advert as there are no sequels to this advert as this advert was designed to take the mick out of all the lynx adverts as well as helping to endorse their product. There was a good use of camera angles as you get to see the facial expressions of the girl when they see him with his glasses, and the guy when he sees all the girls walking away. However the iconography wasnt really relevant. At the end of the advert it shows the specsavers logo which shows us that some computer graphics were used and there were a small amount of special effects used when it blurred the screen towards the end to show that the guy couldnt see without his glasses. 5. Techniques.Each advert always contains anPersuasive Techniqueselement to it to help them to Hermeren: distinguishes among theattract viewers and endorse their following kinds of power through which anproduct to the viewers: advertisement may have a persuasiveHidden and overt message.influence:Emotional responses: Reward Power: the product promiseso Solution to a problem.some positive benefit.o Fear. Coercive Power: the product is presentedo Concern.upon pain of threat or punishment.o Compassion. Referent Power: the message associatedo Self-perception.with the product.o Social position.Expert Power: the product is presented byCelebrity endorsement. an expert.Star Power: the product is associated witha celebrity figure. 6. Example 1: Gillette Fusion Advert.This advert contains a celebrity endorsement as it includes sportsstars Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry and Rodger Federer. Seeing asthe product is aimed at men anyway, the use of these famousfigures will appeal to men even more as they are their idols, theysee them competing every week so if they use the same razor asthem then they will feel like they have something in common withthem. It also shows star power as every time you see that productyou/ll be reminded of those celebrities so the product eventuallybecomes associated with the celebrity. W0 7. Example 2: Nivea For Men Silver Protection Deodorant Advert.This advert shows a social response as it makes men feel morecomfortable socialising as they dont feel like they have to worryabout what their smelling like. Also, the advert showed 2 mencompeting in social event in blow up balls which suggests thatthey Nivea are competing to be the best out there and no matterwhat you do you can stay smelling good. It includes referentpower as there is a clear message associated with the productthat gets itself across to the viewer. 8. Example 3: Anderx Advert.This advert shows compassion as you adore the puppyand find it very cute. This attracts the audience in asthey like the puppy and it therefore helps to sell theproduct as people go out and buy the product as it isassociated with the puppy. The advert has rewardpower as they feel that their helping out the puppy eventhough it was only used to help sell the product. 9. Example 4: Domestos 5x Longer Advert.This advert strikes fear into mothers as they feel that thegerms are going to have a negative impact and causetheir children to ill. By doing this, mothers and fathers feellike they have to buy and use the product as it is helpingto save their childrens health. It has reward power with itas the advert has a positive benefit with it. 10. Characteristics ofProducts or Services.There are 5 main characteristics of products orservices and they are:The Benefits Offered.Advantages Over Similar Products.Unique Selling Proposition.Life Style Appeal.Brand Identity. 11. Benefits Offered. wMThis advert is very effective as it offers a large amount of information thatis very informative to us yet it gets us slightly worried as they are talkingabout a very important part of your teeth/mouth. It has a number ofbenefits attached to it as people will go out and buy this product as theyfeel that their product will help this problem. On top of this, it adopts theform of a documentary as there is a man in a white coat so weimmediately assume that he knows what hes talking about and he issaying is right. 12. Unique Selling Proposition. The sensodyne advert also has a unique selling proposition as it doesnt have many competitors that are targeting their toothpaste at the same particular problem that sensodyne are. This makes their product unique as it is a one of a kind and people will therefore go out and buy it as they wont be able to find any others like it so they will feel that this is the only product to help this problem (acid wear). Additionally, by making the advert very dramatic it grabs peoples attention as it is informing them about how serious the problem can be. It makes people worry their teeth and want the product in order to help themselves. 13. Advantages Over Similar Products. DcThe Jacamo advert promotes themselves very well by showingthat they have advantages over similar products. They do this bygiving us a variety of information including high profilebrands, prices, sizes appealing to all etc. so it makes us think ofthem rather than their competitors and we then want to go andcheck out their website. Even if we dont buy anything, when wedo go to buy something, they are the first name/company/brandthat pops into our heads. 14. Life Style Appeal.Jacamo appeals to many people as there showing normalpeople to represent us in normal everyday clothes. Itappeals to many people as they feel like that can seethemselves in the person on screen. They feel that theclothing that they are offering/selling is the type of clothesthe majority of people wear so it has a life style appeal to itand makes many more people want to check out thewebsite and buy clothes from their website.By making the advert have a life style appeal it will attractmore people to purchase their clothing as they feel thatthe advert and the actors used have represented themvery well and the style of clothing expressed appeals tothem. 15. Regulation. Clearcast Clearcast is responsible for pre-transmissionexamination and clearance of all TV ads that are seen on your televisions. They have a licensing agreement withOfcom which is there to ensure that all ads arentmisleading or harmful to viewers.ConnexCast will go through Clearcast before we put ourads on the TV to ensure that they are notmisleading, inappropriate, harmful or offensive to the people watching. Once we have be given the clearancefrom Clearcast we go ahead and put them on TV as theyare appropriate and legal. 16. ASA Advertising Standards Agency.ASA is an organisation recognised by the government andOfcom and it deals with complaints to with advertising. The aimof ASA is to ensure that all ads are