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Regional Large Scale Project Showcase - · PDF fileRegional Large Scale Project Showcase: ... (Commissioning +COD ) 30 Mar. 2017 Aug. 2019 . Project Features Project Green field Technology

Aug 13, 2018




  • Regional Large Scale Project Showcase:

    From Development Plans to On-Stream Successes; a case of Somanga 250MW CCGT Power Plant - Tanzania

    Presented By: Decklan P. Mhaiki Deputy Managing Director Investments TANESCO

  • Introduction Current Status Available Energy Resources ESI Reforms Road Map Future Grid Map Somanga CCGT 250MW Power Plant

    Background Location Characteristics Process Timelines Project Features

    Future PPP Projects Conclusions


  • Population: 47.422Mil (2014 NBS est.)

    Population Growth: 2.5%

    Area : 945, 203 km2

    GDP: 998.1USD (World Bank, 2014)

    Electricity Demand Grown: 9% p.a (BRN, 2013)

    Electricity Consumption: 131 kWh/Person (TANESCO, 2014)

    Introduction - Tanzania

  • HYDRO, 561.84MW, 45%

    GAS, 441MW, 35.3%

    OIL, 223.4MW, 19.7%

    Hydro Gas Oil

    Total Installed Capacity (Grid) 1226.24MW

    Off-grid stations - 73.77MW (largely Oil)

    Current Status - Generation

  • 45%





    Installed Capacity By Fuel Type / Ownership



    Current Status - Generation

  • The System:

    50Hz, 2.5%,

    Max. Demand:

    934.62MW (Dec. 2014)


    400kV Under construction

    220kV (2732.4km)

    132kV (1538.5km)

    66kV (546km)


    33kV (14,652km)

    11kV (5507km)

    Customers: 1,501,162 (June, 2015)

    Current Status - System



    1 Gas 55Tcf 441MW

    2 Hydro: Various sites 4.7GW 562MW

    3 Geothermal: 58 sites 5,000MW None

    4 Coal 1.9 billion tons None

    5 Uranium Oxide 24,550 tons None

    6 Wind: 7 sites Average wind speed 5 8m/s None

    7 Biomass: wood fuel and agricultural waste

    500MW 35MW

    8 Solar: Several sites

    Average daily solar insolation 4.6/kWh/m2

    About 4MW

    9 Tidal Under study None

    Available Energy Resources

  • Electricity Access rate: 38% (June, 2015)

    Connectivity level: 28.7% Av. (June, 2015)


    Electricity Supply Industry Reforms Road Map 2014-2025

  • Future Grid map by 2035

  • Somanga 250MW CCGT Power Plant

  • Background

    The project is earmarked in the national 2012 Power System Master Plan. It is planned to add 250MW in the national grid.

    The proposed power plant will utilize local natural gas from the Mtwara Dar es Salaam main pipeline.

  • Background

    In the spirit of efficient utilization of local energy resources, the proposed power plant will utilize a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) technology.

    The project was chosen to be a pilot project to be implemented under Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. All preparatory works are financed by the World Bank.

  • Location

    The Pre-feasibility study has indicated that the proposed plant has to be relocated from Mkuranga area, Pwani District to Somanga, in Kilwa District. The Kilwa site is near to the sea, gas infrastructure, Dar Mtwara road and proposed substation.

  • Characteristics

    Plant Cooling Water will be

    sourced from the sea, with a once-through cooling method.

    The generated power will be evacuated through a 400kV substation to the proposed main 400kV Mtwara Kinyerezi Transmission line.

  • Intention

    The project is planned to be implemented under PPP arrangement with an intention to:

    expedite project implementation; quality Improvement; access to new sources of private

    capital; and allocate risks to the party (private

    party) best able to manage the risk.


  • Process

    For the competitive process, prior to start of EPC implementation works will follow the following route .

  • Timelines



    PFS 5 Oct. 2014 Feb. 2015

    EOI (TA) 6 Feb. 2014 Jul. 2014

    RFP (TA) 12 Aug. 2014 Aug. 2015

    TRANSACTIONS (+ Financial Close) 18 Sept. 2015 Feb. 2017

    EPC (Commissioning +COD ) 30 Mar. 2017 Aug. 2019

  • Project Features

    Project Green field

    Technology CCGT

    Capacity 300MW

    Source of Cooling Water Sea Water

    Operation Base load

    Location Kilwa District (about 245km south of Dar)

    Status Under contracting of Transaction Advisor

    Implementation PPP

    Expected Commission date August 2019

  • Future PPP Power Projects

    Project Size Technology/Fuel Location

    Thermal Generation Projects

    Ngaka Coal Project 400MW Steam - Coal Mbinga

    Solar 50MW Solar PV (Shinyanga/Dodoma)

    Kinyerezi IV 430MW CCGT Dar es Salaam

    Hydro Generation Projects

    Rumakali 520MW Hydro Njombe

    Ruhudji 358MW Hydro Njombe

  • Conclusions

    1. Tanzania has decided to develop IPP power projects using competitive methods

    2. This is the first project to be developed in the competitive


    3. Interested Investors are invited to participate in the


    4. More projects under way for Hydro, Coal, Gas, Solar, etc

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