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Reflection 2

Nov 29, 2014





  • 1. Reflection 2 Includes evidence of the following which helped build my Land law legal memorandum: Independent participation in different forms of activities Training and material of digital electronics and paper form Video, camera, Moodle quizzes, internet and journals textbooks.

2. Moodle quizzes. The moodle quizzes helped with my progress on the course I particularly with the legal memorandum. I was able to not only refresh my memory for seminars and lecture by participating with online activities on moodle. These quizzes was good stepping stones for me to record and monitor my understanding on the topics in land law. I also saved the feedback I received in order to reflect upon my learning experience as well helping me with practising to answer specific questions. This was important as with legal problem question presented in the legal memorandum, the answers and research required is specific information. Therefore going through the moodle quizzes and making the most of the online opportunities available prepared me and organised my starting points with understanding and developing my own independent research and understanding of the topics. I made word document profiles on each topic from each quiz I attempted which will not only aid with my revision but has helped with my legal memorandum Practising in my own time helped me to reflect my strengths and weakness overall by giving an overview of my understanding of the topics through the feedback I had been receiving. 3. Activities outside university related to my Land law module in regards to legal letter writing and research skills for problem question memorandum presented in E-portfolio This section is dedicated to various forms of task, workshops and programmes I have undertaken during my level 5 land law studying. This will build a picture of my ability of extensive research and development from feedback and reflections which I used for the completion of land law memorandum. Through the use of Virtual Internship where I attempted my legal skills of producing an memorandum and research skills. My Personal tutor meetings. Legal research training through Lexis and West Law. The following slides: Virtual Intership/Legal Training and Personal Tutor Meetings 4. I have booked my personal tutor meeting I have variety of questions and reflection so far on my course to ask. these range from exam dates and course assessment grading criteria. What support is available on campus, how I can address my concerns and build up on my skills to produce the memorandum for the land law E-Portfolio. 5. I completed lexis and west law advance and basic training and passed (certificates attached to my E-Portfolio) I have completed and built upon my basic training for legal research for the land law memorandum. I have obtained the certificates by taking part in the necessary training to research relevant case law and statues when attempting legal research. This is a valuable tool and skill required to attempt research or offering legal advice in a problem based scenario. It has helped me to explore other aspects researching and easier ways to find material which before I had not been able to access or find. This is relevant in particular to the topic of easement as I found many cases in particular to right of way excluding other aspects of easement. Therefore my research for the land law E- Portfolio had narrowed down to relevant information I require and not everything on the legal database. 6. Virtual internship with law firms in New York with Web Legal Education. I will be taking part in a 3 month internship program virtually with New York firms. I will also be attending the London seminars which have been provisionally set for the 17th and 18th of November. The task involved in the legal internship will require me to produce high-quality work consistently regardless of time constraints or deadlines. I will undertake tasks which include research, letter writing, referencing, client searching, blogging and more. This requires me to build upon skills that are necessary for the land law E-Portfolio and I will also be receiving feedback for Elliot Hammer in relation to my assignments and understanding of how I can improve my legal writing memorandum skills. This will be valuable opportunity as I will understand the core requirements for a legal memorandum which will help with building my legal memorandum for the land law E-portfolio. 7. My second task from law firm in New York (virtual internship) I have just had a Skype talk with Elliot form web legal education. We have discussed the requirements of a legal memorandum and he has also gone through how it may be challenging as the law will be in relation to the American legal system. However the legal skills required for a memorandum will be the same skills required to complete the Land law memorandum in the E-portfolio. 8. Web legal education internship welcome letter Please read this letter carefully as it has some very important information that is crucial to your success and experience of the Virtual Internship program. Thank you for deciding to spend some of your time on the Virtual Internship (New York) program this winter we are delighted that you have chosen to participate in a Web Legal program this year. We strive to do three things: (1) Ensure that your study with us is beneficial to your legal career and truly helpful to your future prospects; (2) Ensure your experience is engaging, informative and safe; (3) Ensure you enjoy yourself whilst on the program. Obviously, the more you engage with the program and materials the more you will take away from it. You will be studying with other students from the UK and hopefully you will make a lot of contacts and friends who can assist you in your future. As a law student, you are looking to enter a profession which has a very close knit community. The people you meet on the program may very well be the associates, supervisors or partners you will work with in the future. The more contacts you have in the industry potentially the more successful you will be. The Web Legal Team is looking forward to instructing you. If you require any assistance before starting the program please do not hesitate to contact myself, Elliot Hammer, and I will be pleased to try my best to help you. Your Responsibilities Whilst we take every care to ensure the program is suitable, safe and enjoyable, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you do the following: Disabilities: If you have a disability then please inform me as soon as possible so that we can ensure suitable arrangements are made. Refer a friend discount: If you refer a friend to the course you will be eligible for a 5% reduction on the program price! You are only eligible for this reduction once your friend pays the full amount and is confirmed on the program. Other program discount: If you wish to go on an additional Web Legal program either this year or next year, you are eligible for a 5% discount on the program price! This is in conjunction with the refer a friend discount. There are certain terms and conditions in relation to this as not all our programs are eligible. Please ask me whether a discount is available on our different programs. If you have any questions or queries in relation to the Virtual Internship program please do not hesitate to contact me, Elliot Hammer, on [email protected] 9. Second personal tutor meeting This meeting highlighted and reflected what i need to do in order to prepare myself for the upcoming assessments. No issues were raised in terms of under progressing as I am on target from my first tutor meeting in October therefore and therefore I am sticking to the action plan to ensure I consistently progress towards the end of the second year studying land law law llb and work towards building my E- Portfolio for the legal land law memorandum. 10. I sent my letter writing task to the New York law firm (virtual internship) Overall this task had involved me using skills of analysis and research. this was a different but similar to the research tasks required for the land law E-Portfolio this is because although the principles of applying the law to the facts was the same as I used in my land law memorandum in my E-Portfolio at BCU, the law I was dealing with was American legal system. Therefore it taken me a while to understand what the factual situation was concerning and how I would apply the American legal system and principles to the situation. I have attached the completed assessment of the letter writing task and will now be waiting for feedback and my final grade. 11. I attended one of Lexis workshops regarding how to improve your grade in exams This workshop with Emma Noble was definitely useful I realise how important it is to evaluate the law under discussion in the question and not just simply state and apply the law. She showed me range of ways to use secondary sources form journal articles, Hulsbury sources, and PSL - she also gave me useful advice not just for this years exams but also tips with my application when I will be applying for work placements this year and in my second year. I have definitely more confidence in now beginning my exam preparation as I understand I will need to start from textbooks (and not just stick to one but view others) then move on to lexis to use relevant case summaries to understand legal theories how to apply them in the exam and then reference journal articles to evaluate the grey areas in the law under discussion. 12. My Virtual Internship Grade I received an overall Grade B for the internship tasks set and coursework I'm pleased with my feedback and understand in order to receive an higher grade of A I should have shown more precision and evaluation. This will go on my CV and has added to my skills which I will demonstrate to future employers. In re