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Recruitment isnt actually Recruitment

Feb 07, 2017


  • Recruitment isnt actually


    Jon Stanners

    Head of Global Talent Engagement Alpha (Powered by Telefonica)

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  • Employer Brand

    The unique and differentiating promise a

    business makes to its employees and

    potential candidates

  • Talent Brand

    The highly social, totally public version of

    your employer brand, incorporating what

    talent thinks, feels, and shares about our

    company as a place to work.

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  • Our world yesterday


  • Our world today


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    SEC reporting Manager

    Job description:

    To be honest, we are hoping you will tell us! We are a private company with a stated desire to

    be, well, less private, and a simple Google search showed that we would need someone to help

    manage reporting with the SEC (actually due to auto-correct the first search was for a sex

    reporting manager which did lead to a slightly different job spec).

    In a nutshell, you will help us move from private to public and help with all the reporting that

    goes with it in the post private world. It will involve helping guide the team and processes and

    getting the good ship Talend fully ready for sailing in public waters.

    About you:

    You would have had experience in either a public company or in a company which tried to

    make it public but didnt quite get there. You will be self-sufficient and possessing a great

    attitude, willing to work with the team in terms of education and guidance.

    A bit about us:

    We are a fairly diverse bunch; the finance team is spread over offices in Redwood City, Paris

    and London. We dont take ourselves too seriously but have managed to add a lot of

    professionalism and solid financial backbone to a fast growing, international software company

    where data requirements can be intense. We prefer the concept of working smart than working

    long hours and have a fairly flexible approach to the way that we work (hours are often dictated

    by the situation on the 101)

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    4063 vs 8892

    119% YOY


    367 vs 549

    50% YOY


    166 vs 350

    110% YOY


    153 vs 231

    50% YOY


    8 vs 20



    30 vs 48



    24 vs 56



    24 vs 61



    28 vs 13



    3 vs 4


    94 vs 197

    110% YOYTotal # of Hires

    Total # Converted Hires

    per Channel

    4757 vs 10036

    111% YOYTotal # of Applicants

    Total # per Attraction


    Global Attraction Funnel FY14 vs FY15

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    But FANS!!

    Not Candidates..

  • @jon_stanners Jon_Stanners

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