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Recruitment Group Capability Statement July 2015

Aug 17, 2015



  1. 1. Recruitment Capability Statement July 2015
  2. 2. About us Our specialist Consultants based in Brisbane and Newcastle focus on a broad range of roles across a number of sectors including professional services, resources, construction and infrastructure. Our experience in partnering with these industry sectors ensures we are well placed to assist you with your recruiting needs. To provide you with the best service possible, Prospect Recruiting offers the following distinct services: Search & Selection Workforce Recruitment Solutions Assessment Centres Contracting & Labour Hire Why use Prospect Recruiting? We have a unique mix of recruitment and operations consulting services and provide: Effective solutions that consistently deliver results Extensive candidate database and industry network Experienced and dedicated Recruitment Consultants On-site qualified Psychometric Practitioners Accredited corporate members of the Recruitment Consulting Services Association Prospect Recruiting Overview Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected]
  3. 3. Our specialist Search & Selection Consultants continue to produce outstanding results for our clients, no matter how challenging it may be to find the right candidate for the role. Our search & selection recruiting experience spans a variety of industry sectors such as: Mining Oil & Gas Engineering Construction Property Development Infrastructure HVAC Accounting, Finance and Legal Prospects dedicated recruitment team can provide you with recruiting solutions for Executive, Management, Technical, Engineering, Commercial, Finance and Administration and Support positions. In situations where there are multiple requirements to be filled and a higher number of candidates to be processed, Prospect offers a tailored Workforce Recruitment solution, known as Project RPO. This service complements our Search & Selection and Assessment Centre recruitment services and is most effective when there is a need to recruit 10 or more positions. The benefits include: Reduced cost per hire leading to reduced recruitment spend Creation of an exclusive talent pool Single point of contact regular communication with hiring managers and candidates Engagement of professional recruiters within a highly cost effective fee framework Search & Selection and Worforce Recruitment Solutions Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected]
  4. 4. Project RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing For your organisation, the benefits of implementing the Prospect Project RPO solution include: Scalable recruitment costs that can be accurately measured and managed Consistently delivering results using a highly effective and efficient recruitment process Pre-agreed KPIs enabling Prospect to deliver high service standards Reducing impact on your key HR employees time through outsourcing Prompt and professional dealings with all candidate expressions of interest received Engaging with a dedicated team of professional recruiters within a highly cost effective fee framework The Prospect Project RPO solution is designed to deliver results within an efficient and scalable service framework. Prospect Recruiting has created efficiencies through the streamlining of the recruitment process, which will drive down your recruitment spend, decrease your time to hire and improve the quality of your hires. Our workforce recruitment team process between 2,000 to 3,000 candidates per year in a variety of industries. The Project RPO process involves candidate sourcing, selection and management in addition to psychometric assessments conducted by our in-house Organisational Psychologists. Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected]
  5. 5. Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected] When you need to build your workforce through the recruitment of a high number of Operators, Prospects Assessment Centre process is a highly effective solution. The process has three critical stages: Job Mapping, Assessment and Selection. Each stage focussed on deliverying you a workforce that meets your selection criteria. At the Job Mapping stage we work with you to identify the organisation specific competencies required to successfully perform in a given role and achieve culture fit between the candidate and organisation. This involves: Identifying and meeting with your high performers Creating a comprehensive job map to define appropriate selection criteria With an advertising strategy geared to attract the best candidates in the marketplace, our Assessment process follows with initial screening checks to ensure only quality candidates progress to the assessment centre phase. We develop behavioural interview guides and tailor specific experiential activities that allow candidates to demonstrate job specific behaviour you require at your organisation. As part of the Selection process we then facilitate full-day Assessment Centres, which include behavioural interviews, psychometric assessments and experiential activities. After candidate selection we assist with the process of reference checking, medicals and On-boarding as required. Assessment Centres
  6. 6. Contracting and Labour Hire Services Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected] Prospect Group provides both a white-collar and a blue-collar Contracting and Labour Hire Service to our clients. Whether you have a special one-off project or have an ongoing critical need, Prospect Group can cost effectively source and manage the right contractor for your business. We have an extensive pool of Contractors who are pre-qualified, highly mobile and experienced across a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to place contractors seamlessly into your business so they are up and running without a delay. We also take care of the technical and legal requirements of employing staff so you can concentrate on getting the job done. The key benefits to your organisation are: The engagement is limited to the duration of your choice On-tap source of experienced and qualified people Recently Prospect Contracting has provided consultants directly to companies such as Vale, BHP Iron Ore, BHP Metcoal and BMA in the following roles and projects: Project management & implementation of a Production System for a coal mine Project management of an MIS implementation across a whole company A MOS integration project for a large iron ore company In-field 1-SAP process coaches
  7. 7. Outplacement Services Prospect Groups Outplacement service has been created to provide all the support and practical assistance an individual requires when facing redundancy. The benefits of providing outplacement services to staff faced with redundancy are substantial. It assists employees to deal with redundancy It sends a message to the remaining employees and the community that your organisation is responsible and caring It enables your company to downsize with dignity It reduces the chance of being faced with separation related litigation Our standard program is carried out in a step by step process for both individuals and groups and includes: Initial counselling session and support Psychometric assessment and career profiling Discussion on future career paths and prospects, strategies in job search techniques, efficient use of recruiters, networking and use of social media Resume preparation and interview coaching Finalise action plan for job search Ongoing job search assistance and support The outplacement service is competitively priced from $895 +GST. Brisbane | Newcastle | Coffs Harbour | Perth E: [email protected]
  8. 8. Prospect Group At Prospect we focus on the provision of professional services in the following key areas: Recruitment Our specialist recruiters based in Brisbane and Newcastle focus on a broad range of roles across a number of sectors including professional services, utilities, resources, construction and infrastructure. To provide you with the best service possible, Prospect Recruiting offers distinct services in search and selection and workforce recruitment. Environmental Based on more than 30 yearsexperience in more than 26 countries, our Environmental team provides world class Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems for cities and remote locations in all types of environments. Environmental monitoring systems are also designed and integrated for the monitoring and management of roads subject to flooding and compliance monitoring for the mining and coal seam gas industries. Red Alert Prospects Red Alert division provides safety related products and systems. Utilising world leading technologies we are able to greatly improve situational awareness and help reduce the risk of injury and loss of life during emergency related events. Consulting Sustained improvement in your organisation starts by observing and reviewing your processes and systems whilst fully engaging your people. This is where Prospect Consulting comes in. Through the creation of specialised and effective Management Operating Systems (MOS), were improving businesses from the ground up. Our consulting group also has the capability to provide organisations with assistance in team and leadership development, operational improvement, strategic planning and safety. E: [email protected]