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Recommended computers for gaming

Apr 14, 2017


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Recommended computers for gaming

Recommended computers for gaming

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For the avid gamers, the selection of a computer is an important process that must consider the extent to which the games that they have are compatible with the system that they have bought. This article runs through some of the choices and the criteria that you should be considering.Affordability and PracticalityIdeally you should be looking at computers that do not cost more than $2500. The higher price does not necessarily indicate that they are good for gaming because they could have other features that are not specifically relevant to what you are trying to do. The one that seems to be getting lots of rave reviews is the Digital Storm Bolt 3. It boasts a wonderful design and has the capability of giving you a strong all round performance. The flexible pricing options that are on offer are just the icing on the cake.

Nevertheless you should not restrict your choices to the headline grabbers because there is plenty of options out there. For example the Alienware X51 (starting at $499) has distinguished itself in the field of post-console gaming. On the other hand some people prefer the Superpremium Maingear Shift (starting at $1,119) which has an astonishing array of powerful features that also allow you to create a fully customized experience. We must not forget the issue of personal choice. A computer that is getting rave reviews might not work for you because of your tastes and preferences. That is why we recommend that you do some testing before settling on any given PC. You might even want to consult with friends, colleagues and family who have been gaming so that you get an insight into what works for them.

Some honorable mentionsIf you have the money and would like to get an equally strong desktop performance, then perhaps you should be looking at the Origin Millennium which starts at $1731. Alternatively you can go for the full haul of features with the Maingear Shift which starts at about $2,278. These are rather large machines so it is a good idea to first check on the design of your computer rooms just to be sure that you can accommodate them adequately. However the upside is that once you have configured them, gaming will always be a pleasure for you.

Other people tend to prioritize PCs that are VR-ready. One of the good ones is the Oculus Rift but it needs you to have either an AMD 290 or Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card. In addition you will get an Intel i5-4590 processor as well as 8GB worth of Ram. There are two USB 3.0 ports to boot as well as an HDMI 1.3 port. You will need Windows 7 or later versions in order to get the best out of this PC. Interestingly these are the specs that are given for the Vive. The only advantage it has is that you have a lower RAM requirement at 4GB and also can get away with a single USB 2.0 PORT. However you will still require an HDMI 1.4 display at least. Alternatively the system can also work with a DisplayPort 1.2. Newer versions of both will work very well too.