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ReBirth Certificate

Mar 09, 2016




3 Steps to ReCreate Your Life.

  • Copyright 2012 Dion Baker

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  • Table of Contents

    Preface........................................................................................4 Your Original Birth...9 The 3 Step Creative Cycle.....9 1. Know..............................9 2. Womb.......10 3. Form...11 Examples: The Architect, Painter, and Inventor.....12 ReCreate Your Life.....14 When were you spiritually born?..15 You were born in the year infinity....16 You are limitless by nature...16 Giving Birth to Your Ideas.17 Action Steps.17 Know .17 Womb 18 Form19

    Your Declaration of Empowerment..17

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 4

    Preface Peace and Blessings to You! As a personal growth activist, I advocate living a culture of health and wealth from within. This book is a tool to help you revolutionize your lifestyle beginning with your self. I wrote this book in a potent format, ensuring brevity and simplicity alongside value. Its all meat and potatoes. No fluff, just a practical philosophy to introduce you to the Law of Self Creation. When you adopt the principles in this book, you will begin to see immediate results within yourself. I wrote it with your empowerment in mind and packed a lot of great information for you to learn the first of the Law of Self Creation and practical ways to apply it. By reading this book and using it to create your self you will be in the top 5% of the population actively living a life of empowerment. Ive used the same principles to live a culture of empowerment. But, what does it mean to live a culture of empowerment? It means you have an internal focus for your sources of health and wealth as opposed the mere materialism that plagues popular culture. It means that you live on your terms and define success in your own way. It means being accountable and responsible. It means being consciously involved with the becoming of your present reality. It means being you, as defined by you! Living an empowerment culture is a lifestyle. It calls for you to uplift others and expand your idea of self to include everyone and everything. True empowerment is about

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 5

    empowering your own universe and all that it contains. When you self-empower and educate your own universe (SEE YOU) you will be able to see your world with greater clarity, realizing the depths of wisdom veiled beneath the surface of your own environment. As you recreate your life youll determine whats important for you to bring into existence. You have your own creative gifts that are unique to you and, therefore, do not need to live a stereotypical lifestyle of striving for transitory status symbols. For example, living a culture of empowerment does not mean that you drive a certain type of car, live in a particular home, or make a certain amount of money. Those are fun things to strive after and they can serve a very important purpose but only if you decide they are important for you. Living an empowered life is about how you perceive not just what you receive. For you to be empowered you need to intuitively know that you possess the power to define your world. It means that you have the self-image of a master and be a slave to nothing. You need to believe that you can live life on your terms and achieve your goals. This is how I live and this is how you can too by using the 3 step creative cycle discussed in this book. Lets Live It! Dion Baker

    Personal Growth Activist

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 6

    Every beauty which is seen here by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we all are come.


  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 7


  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 8

    Jeremiah 1:5:

    Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.

    This Jeremiah 1:5 verse holds the recipe for your creative power. With this power you are capable to give birth to your ideas and make them real in your life. In the following pages, you will discover what this verse means for your life and how its message will help you self-empower and educate (SEE) yourself and improve your quality of life.

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 9

    YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH Your spiritual birth is your original birth. You were spiritually born before you were physically born. This means that you existed before you were created in the flesh. This may seem crazy but in this book Ill show you how everything existed spiritually before being physically created. In the Jeremiah 1:5 verse, there are 3 key words that illustrate this principle. The words are knew, womb, and formed. With them, you will see how the principle of everything existing spiritually prior to its physical conception is pervasive in the creative cycle. This creative cycle is universal for the creation of all things. It has been used throughout history and in the present. Everyone that uses or has used the creative cycle may not refer to it explicitly when they create their ideas into physical form but the process is exactly what is taking place in their work. The 3 Step Creative Cycle

    Listed below are the 3 steps to the creative cycle. 1. Knew (Know or Knowledge) 2. Womb (Wisdom) 3. Formed (Form) Each word is derived from the Jeremiah 1:5 verse with its synonym beside it. I annotated each word with its synonym because I will be using them interchangeably throughout the book when the concepts are discussed. They will each be fully explained in the next few pages, beginning with Knew (Know or Knowledge): KNEW (KNOW OR KNOWLEDGE) Knowledge is the first step in the creative process. This is how your existence began as knowledge and it enabled your spiritual birth. Your spiritual birth was the real beginning of your existence.

    The place for knowledge to be born is the womb. The womb is the place of wisdom where knowledge begins to manifest its tangible form.

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 10

    That means you already existed by the time your parents conceived the idea of you. At that time you did not exist in the flesh or as anything tangible but you did exist as an idea in their minds. The knowledge of you simply had yet to manifest into form your human body. Knowledge has a lot of potential power but it can only come into being when it is properly focused. It must be channeled into a specific place in order to be made tangible and be born. The place for knowledge to be born is the womb. The womb is the place of wisdom where knowledge begins to manifest its tangible form. WOMB (WISDOM) Wisdom is defined as knowledge in action toward a constructive purpose. Combining knowledge with an actual purpose for it to manifest is the only way that the knowledge will take form. For your knowledge to take form, it needs to be focused through wisdom. Wisdom knowledge in action creates the conditions for knowledge to physically form. Focus Knowledge needs a specific place for its power to be focused so that it can grow. The knowledge of you held in the mind of your parents was focused into your mothers womb so that you could grow and take form. Its exactly what you learned in your sexual education class; your fathers sperm fertilized your mothers egg and she became pregnant. This kick started the process of transforming the knowledge of you into its physical form identified as your human body. If the knowledge of you were not focused in the womb you would never have been given the tangible form of your human body. Youd simply be knowledge without focus and without form. But since the knowledge of you was focused in the womb you began to take

    Through the example of your birth, you see that wisdom is the only way for knowledge to become real and be given form.

  • R e B i r t h C e r t i f i c a t e | 11

    tangible form. In the womb, the knowledge of you started off as an embryo and all of your organs, muscles, and limbs began to form from thereon. Your parents performed the actions (your fathers sperm fertilizing your mothers egg) that resulted in your mothers pregnancy and you being formed. Manifest The womb is the site of your physical construction. It is the specific place where the knowledge of you began to manifest. Your mothers womb is the place where the knowledge of you took tangible form. After 9 months, your physical body was ready and your mother gave birth. At last, you were born. Through the example of your physical birth, you see that wisdom knowledge in action toward a constructive purpose is the only way for knowledge to become real and be given form. Wisdom is what enabled each cell to know its ro

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