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Reasons You Should Take An Internship

Aug 28, 2021




Your university holidays have come around and all your friends are chatting about how tanned they’re going to get when they jet off to some gloriously sunny destination. Unfortunately you have an internship, so you won’t be joining your friends abroad, which sucks! However, you shouldn’t be down about having an internship, every student would dream of having one, though they might not always admit it. That’s because there are countless benefits to having an internship. An internship is a good introduction to the career you may want to pursue. Internships are typically arranged through an educational counselor who can help match you to a company that fits your career goals. Because companies typically have to meet educational requirements for internships, you might be exposed to many aspects of a company’s business to help you explore the work you intend to pursue full time.

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Overall, internships are massively beneficial to your future career and should earn you some money whilst doing so. Your friends may be on a splendid summer holiday, but you’ll be making coin when you land a graduate job before anybody else. Then it’ll be your turn to jump on the sun lounger…