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REAGAN READING FAIR Student Information Packet Storyboards & Book Trailers

Dec 29, 2015



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Student Information PacketStoryboards & Book Trailers

Dear parents and guardians,

Your student will be participating in our Reagan Middle School Reading Fair for this years Book of Choice project. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their knowledge of the narrative elements and presentation/technology skills. They will use their assigned Summer Reading Book of Choice for this project. Students will be making a tri-fold poster or book trailer to use as they present their project to their judges, peers and teacher.

You can help at home in a couple of ways. You can help them by checking to make sure the reading assignment has been completed. You can also ask them questions about the plot, characters, setting, conflict, and theme. These items will be on their tri-fold poster or book trailer. Students should take notes on the handout provided to them to help them get organized before putting together their projects.

You can also help by making sure this project gets done before the due date. Your child has an instruction sheet for the novel project and/or the book trailer.

Project are due to the library by: September 29, 2015Reading fair date:September 30, 20156:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Thanks for your support from home,

Brittany Sawyer

Copy to send home with the packet2Reading Fair GuidelinesDue Dates

All reading fair projects must be turned in to the school library by the end of the school day on September 29, 2015. (NOTE: THIS IS ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE SCHOOLS READING FAIR!)Categories

Individual Storyboard: Grades 6-8Family Book Storyboard: Grades 6-8Individual Book Trailer: Grades 6-8Family Book Trailer: Grades 6-8

School AwardsIndividual Divisions (Storyboard) First Place - Ribbon, Gift CertificateSecond and Third Place Ribbon and Certificate

Individual Divisions (Book Trailer) First Place - Ribbon, Certificate, Gift CertificateSecond and Third Place Ribbon and Certificate

Family Divisions (Storyboard) First Place - Ribbon, Certificate, Gift CertificateSecond and Third Place Ribbon and Certificate

Family Divisions (Book Trailer) First Place - Ribbon, Certificate, Gift CertificateSecond and Third Place Ribbon and Certificate

Need to determine school awards before editing3Reading Fair GuidelinesPlease Note:

Family division projects should portray a book appropriate to the age of the student(s). The student(s) should be very knowledgeable about the books story elements and should have an active part in the construction of the display. Individual and group categories will be judged more closely on whether the project shows work appropriate for the age level of the student.Family projects must be immediate family members only and participating children must be in grades 6-8.

Storyboard Size

Standard tri-fold project board (the same type used in Science Fairs)Storyboard should measure at least 30H x 40W and not exceed 36H x 48WIf your board does not meet the size requirements, it will be disqualified.

Storyboard Display/Safety Requirements

The project entry form enclosed in the packet must be displayed on the back of the project board.Storyboards should be colorful and interesting. Models, shadowboxes, and illustrations that fit in the middle of the display are allowed. Any items attached to the front may not extend beyond the top or sides of the board more than 4 inches. Note: 3D objects are acceptable. No items should hang over the edge of the table or be placed on the floor. Three pictures are required. Pictures should be clear and big enough to see.Students are required to accompany their projects throughout the competition. Note: Only students may be present during the judging, even for family projects.

Reading Fair Guidelines

Storyboard Display/Safety Requirements (Contd)

Projects must be able to withstand two levels of competitions to prevent the student from rebuilding the project during the competition. The intent of this competition is for the same project to be judged at different levels.No multimedia devices will be allowed (i.e. iPad, iPod, laptop, etc.) Electrical cords are not allowed at any level of competition and no outlets will be provided.Items used for the project are not to be alive, valuable, dangerous or perishable. You may dress in costume in keeping with the characters of your book and/or hold items that illustrate features of the book. However, you must hold the item(s) in your hands, unless they can fit within the middle of your display board.Your storyboard must include clear headings and labels so a viewer can easily navigate the information. Everything on the poster should be at least 14 sized font that is easy to read. All text should be black or dark in color so it is easy to read. However, the title can be a different color.Written items on your storyboard may be handwritten or (preferably) typed. ELL students may have assistance translating written elements to English.Your storyboard elements can be represented as creatively as you wish and should not be just a list of characters or a paragraph summary.

Reading Fair GuidelinesThe story or book you choose should be:Fictional or NonfictionalAt your instructional reading levelAppropriate for all audiencesA Book of Choice listed and assigned to you for summer reading

A complete storyboard will have:Your storyboard should include at least 3 pictures. Your pictures need to have the URL citation printed below the picture to avoid plagiarism.

Your storyboard must demonstrate your understanding of the book and include the following elements (See rubric for more details):Plot Summary (including problem/solution or conflict/resolution)Characters (Main Characters \- Only those important to the story line)Setting (Must be a written element and can be included in art work)Theme of the novel with a piece of text evidence to validate the this themeTone/Mood of the novel with a piece of text evidence to validate your choice Student connections (which should include either a text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world connection)Identifying information:Name, grade level, teacher/division, school on the BACK (see form)Title, author, publisher, publishing date, genre on the FRONTVisualization using original art work (which should be more than a copy of the book cover

Reading Fair Guidelines

During the Reading Fair:You must remain with your project during the judgingYou should be prepared to answer questions and talk about your book without the use of your storyboard or book trailer, as well as answer questions about the elements included in your storyboard or book trailer and how they relate to your bookNo adult may sit with you during judging

Location Requirements:Your storyboard must have the required elements placed in the correct locations on your board. They are as follows:

TitleNovels Identifying Information(Title, author, publisher, publishing date, genre) SettingThemeCharactersPlotSummary Tone & MoodTextConnection

Notes Sheet

Name: ____________________________

Objectives:I will use my summer reading book from the GPISD Book of Choice List I will respond to the text in writing, verbally, and artistically.I will apply speaking techniques during my presentation.

Use this to help you take notes about the narrative elements from your book.

Plot write the five most important events in the story (in order):______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Characters write the main characters__________________________________________________________

Setting write when and where the story takes place, describe the setting using evidence from the text__________________________________________________________

Print for Students 8

Notes Sheet.

Connection Explain how you can personally relate to this novel. (text-to-self, text-to-nature, text-to-society)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Theme write the lesson or moral of the story the author suggests and support it with text evidence__________________________________________________________

Tone What word describes the authors attitude? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.__________________________________________________________

Mood What word describes how the reader feels due to the tone? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.__________________________________________________________

Print for students9


What is the READING FAIR?

The REAGAN READING FAIR is an event designed to promote literacy and to get students excited about reading. Students choose a book that theyve read over the summer and create a project that promotes that book. The students projects will be displayed at the Reagan Middle School Reading Fair on September 30, 2015 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and prizes will be awarded.

What kind of projects can you create?

There are two categories of projects that students may enter into the REAGAN READING FAIR:

The first category is a storyboard. For this project, students will use a trifold presentation board to present the information that is required (see attached checklist). You can find some ideas and inspiration for storyboard projects at this website,

The second type of project that the students may enter is a digital book trailer based on the bo