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Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were contemporaries of Frederick W. Taylor, although they had an enormous ideological divide. The Gilbreths performed ‘motion study’ while Taylor performed ‘time study’. The difference may seem insignificant, but think about applying motion study vs. time study to a skill such as swinging a golf club or playing a musical instrument. The Gilbreths had twelve children. Two of their children, Ernestine and Frank Jr. (an alumnus of the University of Michigan), wrote about their childhood experiences in the book Cheaper by the Dozen. This excerpt describes how Frank Gilbreth got his start as the world’s first ‘motion study’ expert. Read Cheaper by the Dozen, Chapter 5, first 4 pages In your experience, is there always a ‘one best way’ of doing a job? Give an example to support your answer.

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Sep 26, 2015




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  • FrankandLillianGilbrethwerecontemporariesofFrederickW.Taylor,althoughtheyhadanenormousideologicaldivide.TheGilbrethsperformedmotionstudywhileTaylorperformedtimestudy.Thedifferencemayseeminsignificant,butthinkaboutapplyingmotionstudyvs.timestudytoaskillsuchasswingingagolfcluborplayingamusicalinstrument.TheGilbrethshadtwelvechildren.Twooftheirchildren,ErnestineandFrankJr.(analumnusoftheUniversityofMichigan),wroteabouttheirchildhoodexperiencesinthebookCheaperbytheDozen.ThisexcerptdescribeshowFrankGilbrethgothisstartastheworldsfirstmotionstudyexpert.ReadCheaperbytheDozen,Chapter5,first4pages


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