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Jan 20, 2015





  • 1. TRIVIA
    October 26, 2010

2. Rules
20 Questions with 2 Rounds
The First Round Questions are worth 1 Point Each
The Second Round Questions are worth 2 Points
One Halftime Question: Worth 5 Points
One Final Question: Wager up to 10 Points
3. Rules
Grab some paper and a pen from the bar for your team and turn in your teams answer into the bucket on the bar
Choose a team name. Right your team name on EACH answer you turn in.If theres no team name, you get no points.
I will read the question then play a song.You will have until the end of the song to get your answers into the bucket.If your team doesnt have a response when I collect them, sorry, your team is too slow and you get no points.
Spelling does NOT count
NO cell phones, computers, iTouches, etc.
5. Question 1
Tonight at Wingin It, 10% of the proceeds will go towardsMarch of Dimes. Their mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. How many cents of every dollar raised tonight will go directly towards this mission?
6. Answer
95 cents
7. Question 2
What planet is the Earth closest in size to?
8. Answer
9. Question 3
How many amendments have been added to the US Constitution?
10. Answer
11. Question 4
The average person falls asleep in how many minutes?
12. Answer
7 Minutes
13. Question 5
What year was Super Bowl I?
14. Answer
15. Question 6
True or False: It is illegal to have a pet dog in Iceland.
16. Answer
17. Question 7
What is the only animal whose milk does not curdle?
18. Answer
19. Question 8
In what year did the United States adopt the phrase, In God We Trust?
A) 1900B) 1847
C) 1956D) 1817
20. Answer
C) 1956
21. Question 9
What is the largest tree in South Caroina?
22. Answer
Angel Oak
The easternmost, westernmost, southernmost, and largest countries of Africa all begin with the same letter. Name 3 of these countries.
24. Answer
Westernmost: Sengal
Easternmost: Somalia
Southmost: South Africa
Largest: Sudan
25. Question 11
Within 3 inches, how long is the average giraffes tongue?
26. Answer
20 Inches
27. Question 12
Which of the following countries is not available on Googles Birds Eye View?
A) PolandB) Greece
C) FranceD) Antartica
28. Answer
B) Greece
29. Question 13
Who was the only President to be a licensed bartender?
30. Answer
Abraham Lincoln
31. Question 14
How many miles is an Iron Man Triathlon?
32. Answer
140.4 miles
33. Question 15
What four schools has Bobby Bowden coached?
34. Answer
Howard, South Georgia, West Virginia, and FSU
35. Question 16
Within 2000, how many acres is Clemsons campus?
36. Answer
17,000 acres
37. Question 17
What word in the English language has the most definitions?
38. Answer
Set, it has 464 different definitions
39. Question 18
Who hosted the Summer Olympics in 1932?
A) LondonB) Tokyo
C) Los AngelesD) Sapporo
40. Answer
C) Los Angeles
41. Question 19
What is the name for the symbol on the pound key?
42. Answer
An octothorpe
List these states in order from smallest to largest, based on their areas (square miles):
PennsylvaniaNew Mexico
FloridaSouth Dakota
44. Answer
Kentucky (40 square miles)
Pennsylvania (46)
Florida (66)
South Dakota (77)
Michigan (98)
New Mexico (121)
45. Thank You for Playing!
Winners can come up to the bar and collect their Gift Certificates!
Thanks to Gamma Sigma Sigma for their participation tonight!!
Stick around for BATTLE OF THE BANDS! Featuring SCHMEEK
Next Trivia will be on Tuesday, November 9th and the theme will be CELEBRITY TRIVIA!