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RainKing Eloqua Connector

May 24, 2015



The RainKing Eloqua connector lets you leverage RainKing analytics in your Eloqua. The combination of RainKing analytics and marketing automation facilitates more precise segmenting and predictive lead scoring.

  • 1. Eloqua Connector Overview+=RainKing Fuels Marketing AutomationRainKing Software, Inc. 2013

2. RainKing and the Marketing Ecosystem GoldStandard ServiceGet Help Anytime. Customers rave about quality & responsivenessAnalytics / TargetingUse the intelligence by applying predictive analytics software to score your best prospectsActionable IntelligenceUnderstand context to target more precisely & make dialog relevantMarketing EcosystemFit RainKing into your ecosystem & measure value411Find current verified names, titles, emails, phone numbersRainKing Software, Inc. 2013 3. How RainKing Integrates a Demand Generation Program Demand GenerationMarketing OperationsSmarter Targeting Purchased ListsEventsWeb siteOther Lead GenerationMarketing AutomationData synchCRMInside / TelesalesField sales RainKing Software, Inc. 2013 4. Connector Benefits Accurate Data Means More Conversions: 95% accurate contact data ensures your messages get through, so you can get higher conversions on every campaign.Smarter Message Routing:Use RainKings Prediction Engine rankings (e.g. Top 1% for Firewalls) to tell Marketo what message to send to which person. Get the right message to the right buyers at the right time.One-Click Integration:Users move data from RainKing to their automation system with oneclick.New Leads:Analytics:Easy Setup & Administration:Improve lead scoring by using RainKings Prediction Engine to augment your scores.Up-to-date contact information (so your emails get delivered)Add net new decision makers likely to be interested in your products. Be live in minutes. You choose how to map data and set de-dupe/update policies. Setup in 30 minutes or less.Whos likely to buy which products (so you know what message to send)RainKing Software, Inc. 2013 5. Using RainKing to Help Lead Scoring Explicit = Who They Are (Profile Fit of Customer) Typically: Title, Industry, Company Size limited dataA1Implicit = What Theyve Done (Level of Interest or Engagement) Typically emails opened, web pages visited, maybe events/meetings from CRMProblem: You dont know much about your prospects until they engage. Even then, you know what they looked at (Explicit), not who they are (Implicit) What is their role? Are they decision makers? Where are they spending? What projects do they have? What other technologies do they use? What are they likely to buy? Where do they fit in the organization?With RainKing: Use Cross-Sell Rankings to augment your Explicit Score. Contains demographics PLUS pain, spending, projects, technologies usedAllows you to know what products and what messages to pitch to each prospect in your automated nurturing campaignRainKing Software, Inc. 2013 6. Using RainKing to Help Lead Scoring (cont.) Once set up, you can easily incorporate RainKings Prediction Engine rankings into your Automation workflow and lead scoring models. This gives you near limitless options to enhance how you segment and prioritize who you talk to, whether your strategy is small net fishing or broader marketing initiatives.RainKing Software, Inc. 2013 7. Summary 1. Marketing automation tools are simply engines and they cannot perform without fuel - RainKing 2. By fueling your Automation investment with RainKing we will help you achieve a significantly higher ROI 3. Predictive Analytics allows you to get the right message to the right buyers at the right company. Avoid spray and pray and increase lead to sales conversion rates 4. RainKing guarantees 95% accuracy. Accurate data ensures delivery and increases campaign success 5. Make lead scoring and campaign logic smarter. Your score logic will include incredibly valuable Explicit dataTargeting the right people dramatically increases your conversion rates. Only RainKing has the predictive analytics/deep intelligence to accomplish this. RainKing Software, Inc. 2013

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