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Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien Company Presentation Vienna, 2010

Jan 20, 2016



  • Raiffeisenlandesbank Niedersterreich-Wien Company Presentation Vienna, 2010

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • ContentRaiffeisenlandesbank Niedersterreich-Wien (RLB NW) at a first glanceTo understand our background: Introduction of the Raiffeisen Banking GroupStrategy, Key Facts and ResultsCentrope and International ActivitiesContacts

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Raiffeisenlandesbank Niedersterreich-Wien (RLB NW)RLB NW was founded in 1898 by Lower Austria's cooperative Raiffeisen banksRLB NW, with a balance sheet total of ~ 30.0 bn EUR (2009e), is among the Top 8 Austrian banks in terms of total assetsAs a universal bank, RLB focuses on retail, SME and middle market, corporate, treasury and internationalRLB NW is a Aa3 rated regional bank covering the provinces of Lower Austria and Vienna which account for approximately half of the country's bankable populationIn addition, RLB NW has expanded into the Centrope Region (now part of RLB's company vision) where it co-owns the Raiffeisenbanks in Slovakia, Czech Republic and HungaryWith its 31.3 % shareholding in RZB, RLB NW is a very important driver of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group the largest banking group in the country

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Raiffeisen in Austria History & PhilosophyRaiffeisen Banking Group was founded by F. W. Raiffeisen (1818-1888), one of the most important social reformers in the 19th centuryThe original goal was to provide basic banking services to the rural population based on cooperative principlesOnly ten years after foundation of the first Raiffeisenkasse (Lower Austria) in 1886, 600 banks were operating according to the Raiffeisen systemThose local cooperatives formed Raiffeisen Regional Banks like RLB Niedersterreich-Wien (founded in 1898) at provincial level and RZB in 1927 at federal level1)The Raiffeisen idea has proven to be timeless: Raiffeisen is still a politically neutral and financially independent banking sector within Austria The unique trade mark is the so-called "gable cross" a symbol of protection and cooperationF.W. Raiffeisen The "Gable Cross"1) See also "Three tier strucure" of Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Today, the Raiffeisen Banking Group is the most important financial service provider in AustriaDomestic market share of approx. 25%4 mn customers, 2 mn members, 31,000 employees served in 560 banks with 1,750 branchesApprox. 78 bn EUR domestic customer deposits (6/2009) and 49 bn EUR domestic savings depositsHighest safety net 100% of all deposits insuredFully integrated financial service & IT providerTotal assets: 265.3 bn EUR Total Equity: 20.5 bn EUR4 mn customers560 banks2,310 domestic outletsTotal Assets [EUR bn]1)Market share of Raiffeisen by Product 6/2009 [%]Key Data1) (2008)Group Participations1) Legally not consolidatedSource: Austrian Central Bank, Specialized Raiffeisen companies not included

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Overview over the Austrian Banking MarketLegally not consolidated2) incl. Independent Savings Banks incl. Investkredit 4) largest shareholder of RZB-Group * IFRS ** Austrian Accounting StandardsSource: Annual Reports, Bankscope, January 2010 Raiffeisen Banking Group1)Unicredit Bank Austria GroupErste Bank Group2)RZB GroupOeVAG Group3) Bawag/PSKHypo Group Alpe AdriaRLB ObersterreichRLB Niedersterreich-Wien4)OberbankHypo Tirol BankTotal Assets [EUR bn/2008]265.3215.2201.4156.952.945.443.332.927.515.313.1Rating [Moody's]

    A1Aa3A1Baa1Baa1Baa2Aa3Aa3not ratedAa1Total Net Profit *[EUR mn/1H2009]

    833492168-13913.3 -24**115903814

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • The bottom-up ownership pyramid of the Raiffeisen sector in Austria RLB NW is RZBs largest shareholder (31.3%)1) 44% of all Austrian banking outlets~560 Raiffeisen Banks ~1.750 Branches1)Focus: retail and small companies8 Raiffeisen Regional Banks (= Raiffeisenlandesbanken)Focus of RZB: Top 1,000 corporates in Austria, investment banking and internatl. 70% owner of Raiffeisen International~ 2 Mio. Cooperative Members in Austria8 Raiffeisen Regional Banks own 88% of RZBs share capital

    Raiffeisenlandesbank Niedersterreich-Wien is RZBs largest shareholder (31.3%) RZBFocus of Raiffeisen International: Universal Banks 14.7 Mio. customers in CEE & CIS

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Raiffeisen in Lower Austria/Vienna Ownership structure77 Raiffeisen Banks in Lower AustriaOthers(e.g. Commodity Organisations)Raiffeisen-HoldingNiedersterreich-Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H.RaiffeisenlandesbankNiedersterreich-Wien AG (RLB NW)Bank participations:RZB (31.3%)Raiffeisen Bank CZ (24.0%)Raiffeisen Bank HU (16.2%)Tatra Banka SK (12.6%)Non-Bank participations21.5%71%29%78.5%

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • RLB NW: Key Financials and dataTotal assets in mn EUROperating Profit in mn EURProfit after tax in mn EURTotal Equity in mn EURReturn on Equity (A/T)Return on AssetsBIS Ratio (CAR)Tier 1 RatioCost-Income-RatioEmployees

    Key data2008 27,533213.429.21,9201.5 %0.12 %12.0 %9.1 %43.4 %1,232200719,549357.1303.61,89717.1 %1.69 %11.4 %7.5 %30.7 %1,1891) At Equity consolidation of RZB Group (31,3%)18,251191.1135.880617.6 %0.8 %11.3%7.4%45 %1,18925,238228.7107.61,21110.7 %0.5 %11.8 %8.9%42%1,23220072008Austrian Accounting StandardsIFRS2009/HY30,041102.290.32,0288.3 %0.59 %11.4 %8.6 %44.0 %1,2382009exp29,657211.2124.01,27710.0%0.5 %12.4%9.0%45%1,250

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • The Lower Austrian Raiffeisenbanks are dominating their local banking marketTotal Assets in bn EUROperating Profit in mn EURProfit after tax in mn EUR BIS ratioCost-Income-RatioEmployeesMarket ShareKey data (IFRS)200614.8136.343.614.5 % 70.8 %3,498~ 39 %


    17.6155.144.114.0 %69.4 %3,591~ 40 %200715.7142.535.514.8 %70.6 %3,553~ 39 %

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • The "Centrope-Region" is a strategic region of RLB NW6 mn. inhabitants (core region), 29 mn inhabitants and important economic centersClose connections with Austrian economyDirect participations in Raiffeisen Bank, Czech Republic (24.0%)Tatra Banka, Slovakia (12.6%)Raiffeisen Bank, Hungary (16.2%)Dedicated International Desk establishedSpecific Initiatives to support clients in the Centrope RegionJoint offices with Ecoplus in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and WarsawCentropa Regional FundTwin City Liner Bratislava-ViennaRLB NWs business policy focussing on project finance and joint initiatives with subsidiary banks

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • RLB NW's strategy towards international business outside of the Centrope RegionTo support our clients in their international business in documentary business, trade and export finance and international paymentsTo cooperate with partner banks in their local marketsdirect L/C and trade financesyndications/club loans

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • Raiffeisenlandesbank Niedersterreich-Wien Contacts for International Banks at a glanceWebsite: Email: [email protected] Tel:+43-5-1700 + Ext.Visiting Address: Friedrich-W.-Raiffeisen-Platz 1, A-1020 Vienna SWIFT: RLNWATWW Fax:+43-5-17008 + Ext.INTERNATIONAL DIVISIONFelix Mayr, Head of Division Ext. 92228Financial InstitutionsIvica Bozan, Head of Financial Institutions Ext. 92495Samantha Sankholkar, Senior Manager Ext. 92274Nadja Watti, Senior Manager Ext. 92426Christiane Tauschitz, ManagerExt. 93544CorporatesSigrid Regner, Head of International Corporates Ext. 92214 Martin Mayerhofer, Manager Ext. 92859Radoslav Poljasevic, Manager Ext. 92353Marlene Rammerstorfer, ManagerExt. 92358Silvia Zahradnik, Manager Ext. 92481 L/C, Guarantees and Trade FinanceIrene Kammerhofer, Head of Department Ext. 92157Export Finance & FDI FinanceAlfred Gtsch, Head of Department Ext. 92359Peter Frster, Senior Manager Ext. 92249Country & Bank AnalysisJulia Muhr, Head of Country & Bank Analysis Ext. 92957Kerstin Kader, Manager Ext. 92262

    TREASURY DIVISIONTim Geissler, Head of DivisionExt. 92477Asset/Liability-ManagementJochen Bonk, Head of Department Ext. 95495Christian Stangl, MM & DerivativesExt. 92752FX & Securities SalesDetlef Vllger, Head of Department Ext. 95440Treasury ConsultingChristian Tunkl, Head of Department Ext. 95448Funding & Liquidity Steering Michael Handl, Head of Department Ext. 95591CASH MANAGEMENT DIVISIONJohann Friedl, Head of Division Ext. 92904Helene Winter, Senior Manager Ext. 92056

    Company Presentation IGE_2010

  • RLB NW is organized in five business linesBOARD DIVISIONTreasury/T. GeisslerFX & Securities Sales/ D. VllgerFunding & Liquidity Steering/M. HandlAsset/Liability Management/J. BonkTreasury Consulting/ C. TunklInvestment Products/ R. ReitterFinancial Markets Consulting Raiffeisen Banks/W. SerlesFinancial Markets

    G. RehorRaiffeisen Banks/Manage-ment-Service Chairman E. HamesederRaiffeisen Banks-Service/ J. BernsteinerMarketing/W. HanreichInternal Audit/J. PiewaldHuman Resources/ N. WendelinParticipations/ K. MiesenbckPublic Relations/P. WeselyCorporate Banking

    R. KarlCorporate Banking Vienna/ M. RammelCorporate Banking Lower Austria/H. KalendaProject Finance/G. RiedelInternational Division/ F. MayrInternational Finance & Correspondent Banking/ F. MayrDocumentary Business & Trade Fin./I. KammerhoferExport & FDI Finance/ A. GtschBack Office Loans/ G. HoffelnerCentrope/A. HopfLegal Affairs/M. WritzeCompliance Officer/ T. HeinrichDistrict Office Retail Vienna/North/I. BlaschkaDistrict Office Retail Vienna/East/E. WeselDistrict

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