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Jan 28, 2015





2. Across the globe, nearly 5 billion people usemobile phones. The mobile phones use themicrowave region of the electromagneticradiation spectrum to operate. Recentstudies have proven that long-term heavyusage of cell phone is carcinogenic. Theeffect of its radiation on the health of humanshas become a subject of research in veryrecent times because of massive increasesin the usage of mobile phones throughout theworld. 3. The man made Electromagnetic Smog has reachedsuch a level that the RF Radiations have started havingill effects on human health, health of animals,functioning of normal household, medical investigatoryequipments and even on food products beingconsumed by everybody. Thus, the phenomenon is likepollution. So far as we have recognized Waterpollution, Air pollution, Noise pollution and now wehave to recognize the fact of so called Non-IonizingEMR Pollution (or RF Radiation Pollution) as a fact oflife. Similar actions are required to be taken byconcerned governance to control Radiation Pollution sothat life becomes healthy. 4. Cell Phones and CancerRisk Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizingelectromagnetic radiation, which can be absorbed by tissuesclosest to where the phone is held. The amount of radiofrequency energy a cell phone user isexposed to depends on the technology of the phone, thedistance between the phones antenna and the user, the extentand type of use, and the users distance from cell phonetowers. Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cellphone use and cancers of the brain, nerves, or other tissues ofthe head or neck. More research is needed because cell phonetechnology and how people use cell phones have beenchanging rapidly. 5. Health Risk Due To RadiofrequencOn the scale of International Agency forResearch on Cancer, World HealthOrganization has classified cell phone radiationas possibly carcinogenic. There are severalother health risks which include infertility,hypersensitivity, increase in stress levels in aperson, neurological, respiratory, heart, eyeproblems and tumours in the brain and head,to name a few. 6. Endangered Birds In India Due To Radiofrequency Indian Bush Lark 7. Risk to Pre Adolescent ChildrenThey are more at risk than adults (12) because of absorption of Microwaves of the frequency used in Mobile Telephony, which creates an object of the size of childs head and so called head resonance (13). The still developing Nervous System and associated Brain Wave activity in the child are more vulnerable to aggression by pulses of Microwaves used in GSM. The increased mitotic activity in cells of developing children makes them more susceptible to genetic 8. Risk to Pregnant WomenA pregnant woman and the fetus both arevulnerable because of the fact that theseRF Radiations continuously react with thedeveloping embryo, increasing cells,because of thermal heat also. When thepregnant ladies either use Mobile Phoneor when illuminated with RF Radiations,the developing child can become affected,the developmental mall formation mayoccur. 9. The World Health Organization (WHO) hasgiven a safety rangeof1-10 microwatt/ m2 asthe emission level. Many places inIndia have radiation emission as high as7000 microwatt/m2. 10. Supreme Court move to regulate cell phoneradiationThe Supreme Court in India has now issued anotice to the ministry of telecommunicationon a petition detailing health hazards causedby electromagnetic radiation from cell-phonetowers. 11. India has theworst cell phonetower radiationnorms in the world 12. THANK YOU