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RACE RELATIONS MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETINGa1538.g. · PDF file 2005-01-06 · RACE RELATIONS MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING Minutes of Meeting held on 16thMarch 2004 at 1400 hours in the Main

Apr 27, 2020





    Minutes of Meeting held on 16th March 2004 at 1400 hours in the Main Boardroom

    Present: Andrew Cross Governor John Byrd RRLO Satvinder Buttar REC

    Liz Hales robation Paul Harris Head of YOI

    John Sheppard Resettlement manager Roger Reader RC Chaplain Sikinder Pathan Imam

    Malcolm Rippin Juvenile Manager


    Sonia Auluk, Helga Swidenbank and Vernon Smith


    These were agreed


    There was concern regarding the number of young prisoners attending Friday prayers. A new Governors order is required to be issued taking into consideration new risk assessments and safe systems of work.

    Action: RRLO


    a) Ethnic Origin

    The statistics were circulated and all 'take action' points discussed.

    The 'take action' summary sheet for December 2003, January and February 2004 was distributed.

    The establishment roll on I stMarch 2004 was 656

    White Prisoners 281

    Minority Ethnic.Prisoners 373 Not stated 2

    • 13146

  • Feltham A (Juvenile) 276

    Asian 11 (3.99%) Black 101 (36.59%) Others 7 (2354%) White 133 (48.1%) Mixed 24 (8.7%)

    Total minority ethnic prisoners 143

    Feltham B (YOI) 380

    Asian 33 (8.68%)

    Black 150 (39.47%) i= Others 12 (3.16%) I White 148 (38.95%) Mixed 35 (9.21%) Not stated 2 (0.53%)

    Total minority ethnic prisoners 230

    b) Nationality

    There were 163 foreign national prisoners recorded, which represent 24.8% of the population.

    Largest nationality groups

    Jamaican 20 (YOI 14 JUV 6) Somalian 9 (YOI 6 JUV 3) Irish 4 (YOI 3 JUV 1) Eastern European 38 (YOI 28 JUV 10) Turkey 8 (YOI 3 JUV 5)

    c) .Adjudications

    A 4-page breakdown of adjudications/R45/GOOD was distnbuted to see caparisons. This copy is also distributed to adjudicating-Govemors on a monthly basis

    Juvenile estate was highlighted as a warning on the monitoring programme from charges laid and charges dismissed, high representation of BME.

    The adjudication statistics were discussed and it was considered that adjudicating governors maybe awarding disproportionate punishments. The Governor stated_it was essential for regular meeting with adjudicating governors.

    Action: Helga Swidenbank


  • Continued to be monitored by RRMT

    d) Allocation to work (Activities)

    Juvenile and YOI gym was a take action- High number of BME and low number of White prisoners.

    This is a continued trend; there have been no complaints in regards to access to the gym. PO/PEI Hinds is evaluating the programme offered to prisoners.

    It was considered that all factors must be examined to ensure fairness of attendance and opportunities as it has been a take action for several months.

    It was raised that a prisoner survey should be carried out again.

    Action: I Hinds

    e) Allocation to accommodation

    Swallow unit was a take action however the BME number of prisoners was out of range by one prisoner.

    Accommodation is ongoing monitoring there are no concerns with swallow unit at the present moment.

    Residential managers are monitoring the situation

    f) Temporary Release

    No temporary release applications were required to be processed- no concerns.

    g) Allocation to Education/training

    YOI education was a Take action "High BME and low white".

    Juvenile estate was within acceptable range setting

    This has been a concern for some time and all factors need tO be taken into account to ensure there is equality across the prisoner population. It was considered that a prisoner survey should be carried out.

    •Action: Dayo Adeagbo


  • h) Segregation

    YOI segregated days was take action. High number of Black prisoners. This was predominately due to awards of cellular confinement from adjudications.

    A breakdown fist is distributed to all adjudicating governors from the RRLO.

    i) Complaints

    No concerns

    j) C and R

    Juvenile estate was a take action. High number of BME young prisoners.

    YOI estate was within acceptable range.

    P/O Davies is leading on staff training on use of force and introducinga more detailed database.

    The Governor on 18/03/04 has issued a governor's notice regarding the use of force. GNTS 83/2004

    K) Rehabilitation

    No concerns

    I) Drug testing

    Detox was Take action for YOI "High White and low black"

    This is a London area concern regarding prisoners of minority ethnic origin using drug service in prisons. The London area drugs co- ordinator is conducting a research and survey into this reoccurring problem. -_

    M) Transfers

    Not available on new ethnic monitoring programme however statistics are available.

    No concerns



    a) Reports of Racist Incidents

    55 incidents were reported for the month all dealt with under simple enquiry.

    Mr Buttar felt that there is still racist incidents being under reported based on information from Hounslow REC were it is considered that 60% of racist incidents are reported.

    b) Outcome of Investigations

    One ongoing investigation, which commenced this month regarding allegations made by a young prisoner that officers assaulted him.

    One officer resigned prior to a disciplinary hearing following a charge that he made a racist comment to a prisoner.

    c) The need to amend local procedures

    The international cards have been run as a trial, there were a few security concerns however these have been resolved. A policy will be issued advising staff and prisoners of the new procedure.

    The cards will benefit the foreign national prisoners, as the rates are much cheaper than BT

    This has been discussed at the foreign national committee meeting and a small working group has been set up to introduce a policy. This situation has been made more difficult due to the services of the LINK worker •being withdrawn at the end of the month.

    Action: RRLOIDave Charles (FN co-ordinator)


    A total of 622 staff has been Diversity trained. . _

    The establishment is on target for training, however training must continue at the same pace to ensure all staff are trained.

    Linda Davies and Bob Marsh will be attending training in the next few weeks to become trained facilitators.

    7 Members of the RRMT require to attend RRMT training as states in PSO 28001 Action; RRLO. _ _ _



  • GNTS 73/04 has been issued reminding staff that racist incident reporting forms can be obtained from the RRLO and should be fully accessible to staff, prisoners and visitors. Managers are responsible for ensuring there is sufficient supply of forms in their work area.

    GO 09/04 has been issued reminding staff that racist graffiti should be reported to the RRLO. The graffiti should be cleaned or washed off as soon as possible and on the same day.

    GNTS 56/04 advising residential staff that young prisoners will be represented on the RRMT and advising them that the prisoner representatives will have access to YOI units on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon during association.


    stated that some Muslim prisoners were enforcing prisoners from other faiths to convertto the Islam faith.

    The RRLO and Imam are aware of this issue as SIR have been raised.

    The young prisoners involved have been identified and are being monitored.

    It was raised that there is a concern that the deodorant sold in the canteen maybe alcohol based which is not acceptable to Muslin prisoners. Action: G Perry/S Pathan


    • Racially motivated offenders course -there are currently two young prisoners on the course.

    • Staff have been contacted by the police regarding the Zahid Mubarek public enquiry. At the moment we have been advised the police that it is non-statuary to attend the public enquiry. There is no further information regarding timings, locations etc.


    • Beverley Thompson was visiting on 30 April 2004 she has cancelled this visit due to other commitments a new date will be arranged.

    Nick Pascoe (Thames valley area manager) •invited John and Sonia to make a presentation to all his RRLO's regarding good practice and complying with PSO 2800. John and Sonia attended offering advise and guidance to managing race relations. ......... • . . .


  • John and Sonia.will be attending Newbold Revel for a briefing day on introduction of two new KPT's for Race relation's as Feltham is part of the pilot scheme•

    •At a recent race relations self -audit a marking of 95% was given.

    There are fours areas for improvement

    • The RRLO provides information and advice to management, staff and prisoners.

    • The RRMT and RRLO consult with outside organisations maintaining an up to date list of contacts and draw on the contacts to develop an appreciation by prisoners and staff of cultural diversity.

    • All members of the RRMT receive designated training or an invitation to attend a course. New RRMT Members and RRLO apply for the relevant course with 1 month of taking up post.

    • Race relation's information designed to raise awareness is provided to prisoners at induction or through training.

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