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Mini white-board game Theme: Telling the time preposition 1

R2 mini whiteboard game

Apr 15, 2017



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What time is it?

Mini white-board gameTheme: Telling the timepreposition1

How to playRemember your number.When your number are called, you are the one to write the answer. The others are the helpers, but they cant write nor erase for you.When you finish the writing, show up the board, and say your answer out loud.Your group can win one point if you got the right answer.2


What time is it?Its ten oclock.4

Its seven oclock.5

Its nine fifteen.6

Its eleven thirty.7

Its twelve oclock.8


Where is the robot?

Its by the box.10


Where is the bat?12

Its on the bed.13

Where is the cat?14

Its in the box.15

Where is the spider?16

Its on the desk.17

Where is the witch?18

Shes under the bed.19