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Jun 13, 2015


  • 1. Q.1Okay for young boys.As they become men, they shy away. Not risking to not look their age.Considered casual exceptions were made for formal gatherings inSouth Africa and ___________ (X)Now common with boys and girls, men and women.The etymology is quite obvious.What is it that is being referred to? (Y)As a result , XY is a common term now

2. X-BermudaY- Shorts 3. Q.1 Predator Quickstrike GeoFit Energy Management System Ground Control System Gore-Tex Pro-moderator Power Pulse HUG System :-) Not an exhaustive list of what? 4. Adidas shoe technologies 5. Q.1Nov 14Childrens group ban all nursery rhymes, demand better treatmentThe whole idea of having nursery rhymes is flawed. They are neither written bychildren nor do they help us in any way in our physiological or psychological growth.Feb 14This Valentines Day, Donate a Rose, Save our TigersDont worry if you are single, you can either talk to your parents or save our tigers.March 1No fun, no colors, no celebrations this Holi for this assholeKiljoy claims that he had stopped celebrating festivals when he was just 3.We should save water. Holi wastes a lot of water, and we all know Mumbai is facingwater scarcity. I dont know why people cant think rationally! said Kiljoy agitatedly,arguing that most of the traditional festivals have become outdated.What ?? 6. ! 7. Q.1 Victoria Antoinette Scharleau (1926), Vicky, self-assured and sophisticated Marcia Lynn (1927), an extremely emotional writer and painter, she has a shield-shaped face. Mike (1928), a builder and a carpenter, he has olive skin, dark hair. Marjorie (1928), serene, vivacious, and quick to laugh, a tease; a small, willowybrunette with fair skin and a pug nose. Mary Lucinda Saunders (1933), a thoughtful, contemplative, maternal, homeloving person, she is plump and has long dark-brown hair parted on the side. Vanessa Gail (1935), intensely dramatic and extremely attractive; a tall redheadwith a willowy figure, and an expressive oval face. Nancy Lou Ann Baldwin (date undetermined), interested in politics as fulfillment ofbiblical prophecy and intensely afraid of Roman CatholicsNot an exhaustive list. 8. Few of the 16 personalities of Shirley ArdellMason-better known by the pseudonym SybilDorsett(Dissociative Identity Disorder) 9. Q.1=Orange belongs to Blue 10. Q.1Quite clearly, the Blank ?Yes its a book 11. Lloyd and Mitchinson have gathered auniverse of star-studded blurbs like:"When you forget to eat, you knowyoure alive. --Henry James"I think people would be alive today ifthere were a death penalty."--Nancy Reagan"You know that look women get whenthey want sex? Me neither. --Steve Martin 12. Q.1 13. Q.1CONNECT 14. Peeping TOMWiz Kids HARRY Potter ParodyTOM DICK and HARRY it is 15. Q.1Until 1960, most music producers placed microphones directly in frontof the amplifiers and drums. For X , Y developed the idea of placing anadditional microphone some distance from the amplifier and thenrecording the balance between the two. By adopting this distanceequals depth technique, Y became one of the first British producers torecord a bands "ambient sound" - the distance of a notes time-lagfrom one end of the room to the other. It happened to be for Xs debutalbum.X and Y.(5 each) 16. X : Led ZeppelinY: Jimmy Page 17. Q.1In an attempt to avoid the ambiguous, subjective, and pejorativevocabulary that so often accompanies discussion of X even inscientific papers, Colautti and MacIsaac proposed a newnomenclature system .Here is a nonexhaustive list of adjectives commonly used inthe English literature on X.AdventiveColonizingExoticImportedIntroducedTemporaryTrampTravellingTranslocatedWaifGive X. 18. X : Invasive species 19. CONNECT 20. John Megna as DillTruman CapoteHarper Lees childhood friend and neighbor, Capote was the real-life inspiration for the character of Dill in To Kill A Mockingbird Charles Baker Dill Harris 21. The principle X :Original Latin forms :Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate(plurality should not be posited without necessity)Frustra fit per plura quod potest fieri per pauciora(It is pointless to do with more what can be done with less)Addition by Later authors:Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem(Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity) 22. X : Occams Razor 23. Q.1X is located in the lower desert of Southern California in Imperial County just eastof the Salton Sea and about a hour and a half from Palm Springs. It Ys tribute toGod and his gift to the world with its simple yet powerful message: "God is Love.Its 50 foot height and 150 foot breadth is made totally of local adobe clay anddonated paint and is truly unique in the United States and probably the world.X and Y. (5 each) 24. X : Salvation MountainY : Leonard Knight 25. Q.1Walking on the frozen river of X is an ultimate experience for adventurelover. The traditional name of the trek is "Y" the frozen sheet, which was theonly way in and out for people of X valley in winter when all other ways areclosed due to heavy snow fall at high passes. Now, considered among theworlds greatest adventures, the Y Trek is not for the faint-hearted! 26. X : Zanskar riverY : Chadar trek 27. Q.1 Had historic consequences. What ? 28. Map of Ernesto Che Guevaras trip withAlberto Granado 29. Q.11.2.A child need not be very clever.To learn that Later, dear means never.Why did the Lord give us agility,If not to evade responsibility?CONNECT 30. A child need not be very clever.To learn that Later, dearmeans never.Why did the Lord give us agility,If not to evade responsibility?Ogden NASHJOHN player & sonsJOHN NASH 31. Q.1Event X, 2009Y : God, its killingEvent X, 2010Y : I woke up and I couldnt sleep anymore so I went for a cuddlewith them, they came to bed and it was beautiful X is an event held every yearY is the person , quoted after the completion of the event. 32. X : Australian openY : Roger Federer2009 : On having lost 2010 : The first Grand Slam victorythe match to Nadalas a father , beating Murray. 33. Q.1This is a phrase taken from the Chinese language. It now means excessivelyenthusiastic, overzealous. It entered the American vernacular when itwas picked up by then Major Evans Carlson (United States Marine Corps).Whats the phrase? Source : iQuizLeague 34. Gung ho(Gung ho is an anglicized pronunciation of Gong He) 35. Q.1 X is a French term and originates in the theater. It means, literally, "put in the scene." For film, it has a broader meaning, and refers to almost everything that goes into the composition of the shot, including the composition itself: framing, movement of the camera and characters, lighting, set design and general visual environment, even sound as it helps elaborate the composition. X can be defined as the articulation of cinematic space, and it is precisely space that it is about. Give X. 36. X : Mise-en-scne 37. Q.1______ horse : Something used to mask the true purpose.______ horse : Something or someone placed in order to subvert from within.______ horse : A favorite pastime, a pet project or topic; an obsessionHorse ______: Either of the two belts, marked by high pressure, and light variablewinds.Horse - ___ - ____ : Relating to the time before industrialization.All are obviously different words.5 points for each.Less than 3 correct : 0 points 38. Stalking horse : Something used to mask the true purpose.Trojan horse : Something or someone placed in order to subvert from within.Hobby horse : A favorite pastime, a pet project or topic; an obsessionHorse latitudes: Either of the two belts, marked by high pressure, and light variablewinds.Horse - and - buggy : Relating to the time before industrialization. 39. CONNECT 1 40. 1.Friends, my heart is still unwilling to believe that these Talibans areunaware of the damage they are causing to this nation and to our society.Friends, now is the time to recognize with crystal clarity these Talibans, whoare busy introducing a new untouchability in our public life. 41. 2.They have an army of people to promote their side of the story, crores ofmedia budgets and are sparing no efforts to bring me down. The only thing Ihave is my fans, and the truth. But then, the truth is Krishna, and thePandavas had only that while there was an army on the other side. Rememberwho won that battle? 42. 3.A crane removes obstacles-something I have tried to do all my life. Scoresof people have urged me to share with them my experiences. Now, at thebehest of my two daughters, I have decided to keep up with the times.This will serve as a platform to share, narrate and interact with you. "Itsalways possible"... 43. 4.A language that is evolving as we speak, a toolset that is all our generationsown no one had this before. We ignore it, look down upon it, go and seefilms about uplifting themes featuring good looking people in well shotbacklight fighting incredible odds to sing the climax song in GLORIOUSbacklight. 44. 5.p.s. Just to clarify, I dont hate Ram Gopal Varma. Hate is too strong an emotionto waste on anyone or anything. I regard some of his work and Im indifferent toothers. Hes no friend of mine and will never be, but I see no reason to bear anyanimosity towards him; the poor fellow can do with some love. This is myreaction to a series of questions Ive been asked about the status of myemotions towards him recently. Happy Independence Day!(August 14, 2008) 45. 6.The Marathi Sahitya Sammelan in all its glory and vastness and strength andmultitudes just such a warm and endless sea of humanity there to listento poetry and culture and literature incredible !!Thank you Pune. Thank you the people of Pune. 46. 7. Shahrukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for?If you dont get it now you dont even deserve the biscuits ! Cant get more obvious 47. CONNECT :CE

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