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Quality of 206 Local Parts Presentation Board KHORDAD - TIR

Mar 26, 2015



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Quality of 206 Local Parts Presentation Board KHORDAD - TIR Slide 2 Parts Reactivity in last two months NO.% RESPONSIBILITY Nr of supplier defects announced by QP and accepted by QCPM 77 QP GHORBANI - including S Defect 6 8% QCPM ABDALI - including FUNCTIONAL Defect 17 22% QCPM ABDALI - including ASPECT Defect 60 78% QCPM ABDALI Slide 3 Reactivity Board in Last two months STAP: Short term action plan MTAP: Middle term action plan Total Alerts 77 STAP presented6685.7% STAP not presented 11 14.3% MTAP Accepted 55 71.5% MTAP not accepted MTAP Refused by Sapco OR QCPM 2 2.5% MTAP not presented 20 26% Slide 4 REACTIVITY BOARD Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Parts Reactivity PPM of rejected from line Slide 8 Safety suppliers Mass Production Audit Audit Slide 9 Mass production Audit Third Round 87 Ten Suppliers have been audited. Suppliers pushed to follow action plans. Five action plans have been closed since last Quality Committee. Rest of them will be followed by review action plan meeting in Sapco or supplier sites. Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION