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Qualcomm - Fórum Tablets & Smartphones 2013

Jan 28, 2015



Apresentação de Helio Oyama, diretor de Marketing de Produto para América Latina da Qualcomm, durante o Fórum Tablets & Smartphones 2013, no dia 12 de novembro de 2013, em São Paulo

  • 1. Hlio Akira Oyama Director Product MarketingQualcomm Solutions for Smart Devices

2. Qualcomm Is a World Leader in Next-generation Communications Technologies Over 25 years of driving the evolution of wireless communications Making wireless more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere S&P 100 / S&P 500 / Fortune 500WIRELESS COMPANYFABLESS COMPANYRFIC COMPANYSEMICONDUCTOR COMPANY2 3. Continuing Strategic R&D Investments GAAP R&D Expenditures (Billions)$5$4$3$2$1$0 FY'05FY'06FY'07FY'08FY'09FY'10FY'11FY'12*Cumulative R&D expenditures to date since 1985 through fiscal 20123 4. Qualcomm Modem Technology Leadership A History of Time-to-market and Product Superiority4G 150MDM// First Integrated LTE Multimode100Peak DL Data Rate (Mbps)9x25First Integrated LTE SmartphoneFirst LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation with Cat4First LTE World Mode MDMMSM9x008960DL 100 MbpsMDM 9x1590 803G70First DC-HSPA+60DL 42 MbpsFirst HSPA+50MDMFirst HSUPA40 30 20First HSDPA8220DL 28 Mbps UL 5.76 MbpsDL 7.2 Mbps UL 5.76 MbpsMDM 8200DL 1.8 Mbps UL 384 kbps MSM 720010MSM 62752004200520062007200820092010201120122013 4 5. Qualcomm is a mobile native We lead the industry we co-created after decades of investment and experience3G/4G/LTE RF AP GPU DSPSources: Mobile AP Unit Shipment - Strategy Analytics; GPU Shipment - Jon Peddi Research; DSP shipment - Forward Concepts; 3G/4G/LTE - Strategy Analytics; RF iSuppli, Q1125 6. Convergence = Growing Power Gap Energy demand of handset applications is growing... Source: Battery Technology & Power Management Conference, Vancouver, 18 August, 2005. Stuart Robinson, StrategyAnalytics, Ltd.06 7. Key Qualcomm DifferenciationsIntegration System on a Chip (SoC)Customized MicroArchitecture7 8. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts Integrating all key technology blocksPosition locationGPU CPUDSPModem Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.MultimediaPower managementRFSoftware/HLOSMemoryConnectivity 10 9. Integrated System Design approach for higher performance Optimizing performance by integrating all key blocks of a mobile platform One solution Half the 1625Ldesigned for: size of All modes. All bands.RFFE WTR TransceiverReduces heat by up to 30% and power consumption by up to 20% BandBand BandBandBandBandBandMSM 8974 Processor and ModemPM 8941 PM 8841 Power ManagementCPU GPU DSPQFE15xx Antenna Matching TunerQFE23xx Power Amp and Antenna SwitchQFE11xx Envelope Power TrackerQFE27xx RF POPMultimedia, audio, video, and gestures SensorsConnectivity Gobi 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM and USBCamera Display Location*As compared to the previous Qualcomm RF solution. 11 10. Key advantages of integration Better performancePower savingSmaller deviceBetter time to market12 11. Key Snadpdragon Architecture Advantage VS.CLOCK 0VOLTAGE 0Shared L2 VOLTAGE 1VOLTAGE 2CompetitorVOLTAGE 3VOLTAGE 1VOLTAGE 4CPU 1 CPU 2 CPU 3 CPU 4 CLOCK 1CPU 1CPU 2CPU 3CPU 4 L2 CacheCLOCK 1CLOCK 2CLOCK 3CLOCK 4MULTITHREAD MIXED WORKLOADSSMPaSMPMULTITHREAD MIXED WORKLOADSCPU1CPU2CPU3CPU4CPU1CPU2CPU3CPU4 13 12. Qualcomm Snapdragon across a range of devices Smartphone technology is expanding into many other computing and CE categories14 13. Snapdragon 800Krait 400 CPU features 28HPm process technology superior Quad Core 2GHz+ performanceUltra HD Capture and Playback DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus audio Expanded Gestures 21+13MP with dual ISPSupport for up to 2560x2048 display Miracast 1080p HD supportAdreno 330 for advanced graphicsHexagon QDSP6 for ultra low power applications and custom programmability Integrated Gobi 3G/4G LTE 1 1 Advanced World Mode , 802.11ac , USB 3.0 and BT 4.0 offers broad array of high speed connectivity 1Available Confidential and Proprietary - Qualcomm Technologies, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. only in select processorsIZat GNSS with support for three GPS constellations15 14. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors The heart of the latest devices85+manufacturers shipping with Snapdragon*Includes Qualcomm reference design1000+devices announced or commercially available16 15. CALA - Smartphone Sales in Millions UnitsSource: Strategy Analytics-May 201317 16. Brazil - Smartphone Sales & Penetration 3G/4G - Smartphone Sales M (Units)3G/4G - Smartphone vs FeaturephoneJan-Sep133G/4G - Smartphone Sales % Total MarketSource: GfK18 17. Thank you Follow us on: For more information on Qualcomm, visit us at: & Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Other products and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners 19