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QUAIL EGGS Sonia milena cubillos
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Sonia milena cubillos

Page 2: Quail eggs


our quail egg company offers products of good quality.

quail eggs brings lots of energy and protein to human beings.

It has a large dietary and therapeutic value.

Page 3: Quail eggs

I'd like to export my product to the country of France because there is good demand for this product and that is nutritious for children and pregnant women

Page 4: Quail eggs

Why do you think you would be successful with this business idea?

would be a good business idea because few people consume quail egg, but creating this business is given to inform the community

Page 5: Quail eggs

Do a research about the export situation of the product/service you chose. Report what you found.

There is great export of quail eggs to other countries so this business idea is not very developed in our country.

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