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Quad Copter Basics

May 17, 2015


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Simple presentation on the basics of quad copter photography.

  • 1. Quad Copter Basics Matt Barton | University of Kentucky Agricultural Communications Specialist

2. DJI Phantom Quad Copter First mass produced quad copter Holds a Go-Pro Hero3 camera Half mile range Flight time averages 7-8 minutes GPS fail-safe flies it home Ready to Fly (RTF) Its a toy Shaky video Difficult to modify 3. Types of Quad copters H-Frame Quads (450mm) Anti-vibration built into frame Foldable prop arms Longer flight times Can handle a gimbal Mini-H Quads (250mm) Fly in small spaces Super portable Fast 4. Octo Copters for heavy-duty use Greater range Can handle full size DSLR cameras Safer flying with extra motors Great for research instruments Expensive Some require two people to fly Eight blade Mikrocopter with a full-size still camera 5. How are people using quad copters? Environmental Study Search and Rescue Film & TV industry Real Estate Agents Agricultural Uses 6. First PersonView (FPV) Transmits a live video feed to the ground station Transmitter (TX) on the copter, Receiver (RX) on the ground Most use 1.3GHz or 5.8GHz frequencies 10 LCD screens or video goggles GoPro camera as FPV camera is risky Older cameras lock up Slight video delay Battery dies and youre blind! 7. How does it fly? Flight controller does all the work Keeps it level Adjusts the prop speed to steer Helps lands the craft safely GPS models Auto-fly home in case of trouble Can accept waypoints on a map Compensate for the wind to maintain position The orange box is the (FC) flight controller 8. Whats it really cost? Quad copter $500 Camera $300 Gimbal $200 First Person View Kit $350 Case & Extra batteries $300 Miscellaneous $250 SD cards, antennas, extra cables, props, etc. 9. Legal Considerations Do not fly above 400 feet Do not fly within 3 miles of an airport Do not fly over large crowds of people Commercial use requires FAA approval Keep aircraft in visual range Current FAA Rules that apply to hobby aircraft Do not write graffiti with your quad 10. My Advice Buy micro quad copter for training Learn to fly line of site (LOS) before using FPV Always have a second person tracking the craft Watch out for power lines, medical helicopters, trees High voltage lines & antennas can jam your controls Write your phone number on the copter

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