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Punjab grill indian restaurant,

Jan 28, 2015


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Finest Indian Restaurant in Baulkham Hills now open

  • 1. Punjab grill Indian Restaurant Finest Indian Restaurant in Baulkham Hills now open Launched: December 20, 2012 PUNJAB GRILL INDIAN RESTAURANT Address : 1 / 2 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia | Phone:+61 2 9639 0058 | Email: [email protected] website:

2. ABOUT US Punjab, punj-b, (The land of) Five Rivers, is a province in the north-west of India. It is deemed as the food bowl of India owing to its fertile land which is nourished by rivers following from the Himalayas. Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and richest in the history of human civilization. Punjab rose to prominence on the world map when it became part of the FIRST SIKH EMPIRE (1799-1849). Punjabis are known for their chivalrous nature and love for good living. Nothing personifies their desire to live life king size better than the exquisite Punjabi Cuisine. Here at PUNJAB GRILL we have made an endeavour to become an epitome of elegance and taste which is quintessentially Punjabi. 3. CATERING WITH PERSONAL STYLE From Contemporary restaurant concepts to Award wining Catering, PUNJAB GRILL provides innovative culinary management for any occasion, anywhere. Intimate social gatherings, incentive travel, upscale corporate functions, large event productions and more. Dining Menu... 4. PUNJAB GRILLS APPETISERS Samosa (2Pcs) Indian puff pastry filled with potatoes, peas, cashew nuts,herbs & spices $5.90 Onion Rings Onion rings & fenugreek leaves prepared in lentil flour $7.90 Papdi Chaat Spiced chickpeas, whole-wheat crisps, mint chutney, sweetened yoghurt $8.90 Masala Paneer Basket (served warm) Tangy tandoori paneer on a jam of Spanish onions, red pepper, fresh coriander, turmeric and ginger $9.90 Tandoori Khumb Mushrooms marinated in yoghurt & infused with spices, cooked in tandoor $10.90 Chicken Tikka (4 Pcs) Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt $12.90 Tulsi Seekh (4 Pcs) Skewered ground lamb kabab with cheese, coriander, cumin and paprika $12.90 Pudhina Lamb Cutlet (4Pcs) Tender lamb cutlets with ginger, fresh mint, lime juice, peppercorns, chilli and yoghurt $15.90 Tandoori Prawns (6PCS) Prawns marinated in yoghurt & spices, cooked in tandoor $12.90 Tandoori Scallops Flavoured with mixed tandoori spices on a bed of oven roasted peppers, mint, coriander and green mango salsa $12.90 Seafood Basket (2 Pcs prawns, 2 PCS calamari, 2 Pcs fish, 2 scallops) seafood in chickpea batter $17.90 Snapper Lahori Snapper fillet with spices and mint chutney rolls in a gram flour batter with ginger, ajwain and paprika $18.90 Tandoori Mixed (mixed platter) (2 Pcs tandoori chicken, 2 Pcs chicken tikka, 2 Pcs lamb cutlets, 2 Pcs seekh kabab) $19.90 Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in selected herbs & spices (h)$11.90 / (f )$19.90 Smoke Soasted... 5. PUNJAB GRILLS OCEAN SELECTION Jhinga Kalimirch Tiger prawns tossed with shallots, tomatoes, ground spices and crushed pepper corns with lime $19.90 Prawn Malabari King prawns cooked with coconut cream, cashew nuts, herbs & spices & in onion gravy $19.90 Masala Fish / Prawn Fish fillets or king prawns cooked in a tomato & onion sauce with fresh capsicum, onion & spices $19.90 Vindaloo Fish / Prawn Fish fillets/king prawns cooked with hot chilli sauce, vinegar & spices $19.90 Madras Fish / Prawn Fish fillets or king prawns cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves & coconut (South Indian Style) $19.90 Lobster Masala Diced lobster tail tossed with, shallots, mash tomatoes and spices $24.90 Mild, Med, Hot... 6. PUNJAB GRILLS GAME SELECTION Murgh Makhni (Butter Chicken) Chicken tikka in pured fresh tomatoes flavoured with garam masala,coriander powder and crushed fenugreek leaves $16.90 Mango Chicken A delicate curry with chicken pieces mango & curry leaves $16.90 Awadhi Murgh (Chicken Korma) Boneless chicken in an aromatic sauce with melon seeds, yoghurt and spices $16.90 Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken fillets cooked with light spices, Spanish onion, mixed peppers and herbs $16.90 Kadai Chicken Chicken cooked in kadai sauce & tomato based with spices $16.90 Chicken Goa Chicken with tomato, ginger, tamarind and goaneese spices & herbs $16.90 Madras Chicken Tender chicken pieces cooked in mustard seeds,curry leaves & coconut sauce (South Indian Style) $16.90 Tava Chicken Tender chicken pieces cooked with herbs & garnished with fresh coriander $16.90 Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy or med) Tangy and spicy chicken curry with a touch of vinegar and chilli $16.90 Chicken Saagwala Tender chicken pieces with smoked onion & capsicum $16.90 Cream Chicken Tender chicken pieces cooked in a satay sauce with cashews, mushrooms & spices $18.90 North Indian... 7. PUNJAB GRILLS RED MEAT Lamb Rogan Josh Boneless lamb braised with ginger, browned onions, tomatoes and Kashmiri chillies $17.90 Lamb/ Beef Vindaloo Diced lean lamb /beef pieces cooked in rich onion gravy with selected herbs & spices $17.90 Lamb/ Beef Masala Diced lean lamb/beef cooked in onion,capsicum, tomato & selected herbs $17.90 Lamb / Beef Korma Diced lamb / beef cooked in a creamy sauce with cashew nuts & fresh coriander $17.90 Lamb/ Beef Saag Diced lamb or beef cooked in freshly grinded spinach with garlic fennel seeds and touch of tomato $17.90 Beef Curry Cooked in in onion sauce, herbs & spices, garnished with fresh coriander $17.90 Goat Curry Punjabi style leg of goat, cooked over low flame $17.90 Delicious Meat Curries... 8. PUNJAB GRILLS GARDEN SELECTION Dal Masala Yellow lentils cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, onion & selected spices $13.90 Dal Makhani Mixed lentils cooked with kidney beans, butter, cream, spices & finished with coriander $13.90 Paneer Makhani Homemade cottage cheese with gravy, topped with cream & fresh coriander $14.90 Shahi Paneer Homemade cottage cheese cooked in a creamy cashew nuts, tomato sauce & fresh herbs & spices $14.90 Paneer Malai Kofta Homemade cheese and potato balls marinated in light spices, wrapped in bread crumbs and cooked in Kofta masala sauce $14.90 Matar Paneer Peas and cubes of cottage cheese cooked in gravy $14.90 Palak Paneer Spinach & cottage cheese cooked in light spices $14.90 Paneer Kadai Cooked in kadai sauce, tomato based with spices, paneer cooked $14.90 Vegetable korma Fresh garden vegetables prepared in a creamy based sauce with cashew nuts $14.90 Mixed Vegetables Seasonal vegetables with curry & sauted traditional Indian spices $14.90 Bhartha Baingan Smoked aubergine pulp with garlic, fresh tomatoes & Spanish onion $14.90 Traditional Indian Curries... 9. OUR INDO CHINESE SELECTION Vegetable Fried Rice Basmati rice cooked with finely chopped capsicum, onion, cabbage,carrot, garlic, indian spices in soy sauce $7.90 Vegetable Manchurian Cornflour coated seasonal vegetables, deep fried & cooked in indian spices in soy sauce $12.90 Chicken Fried Rice Basmati rice cooked with tender chicken pieces, finely chopped capsicum, onion, cabbage, carrot, garlic, indian spices in soy sauce $9.90 Singapore Punjabi Noodles Noodles cooked with sliced capsicum, onion, cabbage, carrot, garlic & Indian spices in soy sauce $11.90 Gobhi Manchurian Cornflour coated cauliflower, deep fried & cooked in indian spices & soy sauce $12.90 Chicken Tikka Masala Noodles Noodles cooked with tender chicken pieces, sliced cabbage, carrot, garlic, onion and soy sauce $13.90 Chilli Paneer Cornflour home-made cottage cheese deep fried & cooked with onion, capsicum & Indian spices in soy sauce $14.90 Chicken 65 Cornflour coated thinly sliced chicken, deep fried & cooked with capsicum, onion & Indian spices in soy sauce $16.90 Chilli Chicken Cornflour coated boneless chicken pieces deep fried & cooked with onion, capsicum & Indian spices in soy sauce $16.90 Garlic Chilli Prawns Cornflour coated king prawns, deep fried and cooked with capsicum, onion and garlic $19.90 PUNJAB GRILLs SUPPORTIVE DISHES... Papadums Crispy spicy Indian wafers with chutney $2.00 Mixed Pickles $2.00 Mango Chutney $2.00 Cucumber Raita Yoghurt with cucumber, mint and roasted cumin $3.90 Punjabi Pyaz Red onions with mint, chaat masala and coriander $3.50 Green Salad Mixed salad, cucumber, red onion & tomato $5.00 Mango Lassi $3.50 Salt Lassi $3.50 10. PUNJAB GRILLS OVEN SELECTION Roti Wholemeal flat tandoori bread $2.50 Naan Plain flour bread, buttered $2.90 Butter Naan Plain flour bread buttered $3.50 Garlic Naan Garlic flavoured plain flour bread $3.50 Cheese & Garlic Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with cheese,cooked in tandoor with garlic & butter $4.00 Kashmiri Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with dried fruits & nuts, cooked in tandoor $4.00 Keema Naan Plain flour bread stuffed with lamb mince $4.00 Lacha Paratha Flaky wholemeal flour bread cooked in tandoor $4.00 Masala Kulcha Naan bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes & cottage cheese $4.00 Bread Basket Assorted bread basket with choice of 3 breads from above $8.90 Chocolate Naan $4.50 Pizza Naan $4.50 Missi Rotti $3.50 Chilli Naan $4.50 Bread Baked in Clay Oven... 11. PUNJAB GRILLS BIRYANI SELECTION Biryani Veg, Lamb, Beef, Chicken (Veg $12.90 / Non Veg $15.90) Basmati rice with your choice of seasonal veg , tender chicken , lamb or beef spices , cooked with green chilli , mint , spices & coriander PUNJAB GRILLS RICE SELECTION Sade Chawal Basmati rice Steamed basmati rice $3.50 Vegetable Pulao Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables, onion & cumin seeds $4.90 Mushroom & Pea pulao Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms & green peas $4.90 Kashmiri Pulao Basmati rice cooked with dry fruit, nuts & a touch of saffron $4.90 Pulao Rice Braised rice with brown onion, mix nuts, & saffron $4.90 Basmati Rice at its Best... 12. PUNJAB GRILLS HAPPY ENDING White chocolate mango mousse 6.50 Rice pudding with rhubarb 6.50 Gula