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Pulse delivers innovative sales, marketing and operational ... · PDF file Pulse Fitness, The Bromley Centre, Bromley Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1PT T: 01260 294610 E: [email protected]

Jul 13, 2020




  • Case Study Greenvale Leisure Centre

    Pulse delivers innovative sales, marketing and operational management support solution to the newly refurbished Greenvale Leisure Centre, Magherafelt. Effectively and efficiently proving that an innovative membership sales campaign and effective marketing strategy can drive membership sales – Pulse achieves 10,550 members in the first 6 months!

    Following a multi-million pound

    refurbishment project that took three years to

    complete, the new Greenvale Leisure Centre

    officially opened its doors in September 2012,

    with Pulse in the driving seat as the newly

    appointed leisure management company to

    fully operate and manage the facility.

    The original local authority leisure centre

    dated back to the 1970’s where it provided

    local residents a popular swimming venue.

    Over the subsequent years the council had

    invested and extended the facility to offer

    other sports and fitness activities too. In

    2009 the decision was made to refurbish

    and extend the dilapidated building and

    re-build a magnificent leisure centre that

    would be the envy of all Northern Ireland

    leisure centres.

    The new leisure centre truly offers a fantastic

    mix of health, fitness and well-being

    activities for the whole family, including

    a 50 metre swimming pool, a dedicated

    learner pool, a family fun pool and a flume.

    A 120 station Pulse fitness suite offering a

    mix of the latest cardiovascular, resistance

    and freeweights equipment plus Pulse’s

    gym management software SmartCentre, a

    luxurious rejuvenating spa and a spacious

    sports hall equipped to accommodate many

    sports including badminton, basketball and

    football. Plus, the centre also boasts a soft

    play kingdom, children’s circuit gym, unique

    interactive fitness suite and lots more!

  • Case Study Greenvale Leisure Centre

    Project management

    The first objective for Pulse was to have a

    clear and proactive communications strategy

    during the development to influence and

    engage key stakeholders. This was achieved

    via digital media such as a 3d animation, a

    facebook page, a micro website and email

    campaigns. Outreach work and PR were

    also key elements of the mix presenting

    and sharing a visual representation of the

    proposed new facility to key members of

    the community via public speaking, press

    communications and newsletters.

    Using knowledge gained from their own

    portfolio of clubs Pulse took on the role

    to influence and provide opinion with

    justification on design and layout for the

    redevelopment to ensure that the facility

    provided the correct mix of health and

    fitness activities for the diverse range of

    users, plus contained the best infrastructure

    and technologies to ensure initial set-up

    and ongoing operational costs were kept to

    a minimum and ultimately would become

    sustainable for the future.

    Pulse also presented practical well considered

    advice on fitness equipment selection,

    interior design, branding, health and safety,

    IT infrastructure, security, maintenance and

    replacement costs.

    The ongoing Pulse solution will include

    all facility management issues such as

    daily operational management, sales and

    marketing, membership management,

    retention, personnel recruitment and

    accredited training.

    Pulse was ideally placed as the management partner for Magherafelt District Council sharing synergy on deliverables, objectives and ultimately delivering an exclusive facility at an inclusive price to the local community.

    Pulse services delivered

    Pulse services delivered overview

    Dedicated account manager

    Site survey visit and report

    Detailed business plan

    Leisure consultant to the building refurbishment project

    Equipment selection and layout advice

    2d and 3d gym designs including interior branding

    Sales and marketing management

    Total operational management

    Recruitment, appointment and management of 60 personnel

    Health and safety management

    Direct debit and member management

    Web solution with online fitness class booking and member joining portal

    Integrated Freeview television and iPod compatible fitness equipment

    Energy efficient fitness equipment – saving of up to £3,000 per yr

    Virtual trainer gym management software – SmartCentre

    Unique children’s interactive fitness equipment

    Exerp facility management software to support all aspects of a leisure facility including direct debit management, CRM, EPOS, timetabling etc

    Access control system (Gantner RFID)

    IT infrastructure

    Comprehensive ongoing staff training program

    Attractive service and maintenance program

    Dedicated service engineer

    Effective three phase sales and marketing strategy An integral element of the Pulse contract was and is to provide a comprehensive and creative marketing plan that encompasses a new brand, pre-opening marketing initiative, launch activity and will support with ongoing marketing activities and promotional campaigns.

    Pre-sales marketing activity Pulse’s in-house design team created a

    simple, striking and colourful Active brand

    along with a set of coherent sub brands

    each one representing a different activity or

    service within the leisure centre. The new

    brand is clearly visible across all marketing

    communications and throughout the new

    leisure centre.

    A strong mix of digital media and print

    marketing activities drove the innovative

    pre-sales campaign which saw 1850

    households (equating to over 9,000 adults

    and children) join for the upfront payment

    of £365 for the year.

    Launching the new facility Print, ambient and broadcast media

    advertising supported the opening and in

    particular the opening weekend of

    the new leisure centre. The opening

    weekend saw 2000 visitors drawn to the

    facility to participate in free swimming,

    fitness taster sessions , group classes

    and family fun activities.

    All marketing activity continued to drive

    the urgent call to action to join on the pre-

    opening offer with an online countdown

    prominent on the website and supported

    with in-paper advertising.

    Ongoing marketing and promotional campaigns The new facility is thriving on referral

    generation due to its extensive membership

    base and delivery of exemplary services.

    To support this Pulse’s in-house web

    team have created an informative website

    which includes fitness class bookings and

    membership join online capabilities.

    Additionally Pulse has designed a suite of

    promotional materials for the different

    activities and services available, a quarterly

    newsletter distributed to in excess of

    33,000 households and a strong in-paper

    advertising campaign.

    At the moment all artwork produced

    highlights the fantastic facilities available as

    opposed to a traditional membership offer. In

    time a promotional incentive or membership

    offer may be required and Pulse is confident

    they will be capable of delivering this -

    benefiting from a trialled and tested campaign

    from one of their other operational clubs.

    In addition to the marketing plan, Pulse also

    employs membership sales advisors and uses

    the integrated technologies of SmartCentre

    and Clublead to achieve positive interaction

    and retention strategies with members.

    Results 10,550 members in 6 months

    1850 households joined on the pre-opening offer

    Business plan exceeded by 50%

    A total membership base of 12,450

    More than 1100 swimming lessons each week

    More than 30 local schools participate in our swimming program each week

    An average 35,000 visitors per month to the facility

  • Case Study Greenvale Leisure Centre

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    Partnership working

    The partnership between Magherafelt District

    Council and Pulse commenced in 2004

    when Pulse equipped the old fitness suite at

    the existing leisure centre and took over the

    responsibility for sales and marketing. Since

    then the partnership has flourished; Pulse

    has proactively been involved in all aspects of

    the multi-million refurbishment project as a

    leisure consultant steering and influencing the

    delivery team to ensure the leisure demands

    of today and tomorrow’s users would be met.

    The latest contract signed in May 2

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