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Public Relation Perspective ( to conduct an event)

Nov 02, 2014




  • 1. Public RelationMonth MayIdea - Conducting summer internship program for management students 1

2. OverviewThe idea mainly consist of organizing a summer internship program for the students with the management background, not only to publicize the bank with the society and youngsters 2 3. Cntd but also to provide a platform to the students to work with our/any organization which aids in giving an insight of the future business world, particularly the banking sector. 3 4. ObjectivesWhat are reasons for the organization to adopt this idea? What does it really provide the organizations with? The following are some benefit arising from acceptance of this idea: 4 5. Cntd 1. Business To The Organization 2. Expansion 3. Building of prospective employees 4. Social image a.) Awareness b.) Social Responsibility5 6. People affected when the idea isimplemented2. Elite business 3. Students6 7. Project Plan1. Forward the plan to the management2. Acceptance of the proposal by the management3. Approach Colleges4. Conduct Seminar at a decided venue5. Distribution of Application forms 7 8. Cntd:6. Scrutinizing the forms 7. Call for interviews 8. Selection of the candidate 9. Training period for the students for 15 days 10.Internship programmed for 30 days (a month).8 9. Costing and Budgeting Cost ExpensesUnits per unitCostPromotions 600 1590000 Stationary 600 5030000 Employees on outdoor duty5 400020000 Travelling allowance 5500 2500 Seminar: Venue-6hrs 75000 Refreshments 60010060000 Refreshments for guest (speakers) 2 350700 Refreshments for employees5 200 1000 9 10. External Speaker 150000 Internal Speaker 120000 Scrutinizing forms 240000 Interviews : Internal interviewer 120000 External interviewer 150000 Employee Trainers5 200000 Salary for Interns 5 1000050000 TOTAL EXPENSES 70920010 11. Execution The internship program started in the mid of May around 15th During the internship, took the interns for lunch during their second week of internship Held a competition among the interns after their training so they developed cordial relations with one another11 12. Cntd:Gave certificate of appreciation to allthe interns at the end of their internshipGave the Best Intern award to the mostdeserving internInterns were given souvenirs, when theyleft the otganization12 13. Learning To organize an event in order to publicize our organization To make an effective Budget To attract more customers To maintain cordial Relations with the customers 13 14. To aid customers effectively as well as efficiently To tackle problems14 15. THANK YOU15