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The Race- Attractiveness Survey By: Daniel, Davis, Mischa, Ravi

Psychology Experience

Oct 18, 2014



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The Race-Attractiveness Survey

By: Daniel, Davis, Mischa, Ravi

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PurposeThis survey’s

purpose is to determine if one’s race determines the attractiveness one sees in another race.

To test this, Caucasian and Asian subjects were tested to see the results.

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Experiment Procedure There were two surveys: one for females and males.

10 subjects were given to 25 people of the opposite gender to rate the attractiveness on a scale of 1-10.

Overall, 100 people were surveyed, 25 Asian Males, 25 Asian females, 25 Caucasian males, 25 Caucasian females.

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Experiment Subjects

Asian Males and Females :Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian

Caucasian Males and Females : American, Canadian, British, Norwegian, Belgian, French, Italian

All ISB students, grades 9-12

Halves/mixed blood not qualified as subjects

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The Female Survey Subjects

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The Male Survey Subjects

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Picture 1 (White)

Picture 2 (Asian)

Picture 3 (White)

Picture 4 (Asian)

Picture 5 (White)

Picture 6 (Asian)

Picture 7 (White)

Picture 8 (Asian)

Picture 9 (White)

Picture 10








As shown by this graph, the numbers show that most White males were not affected by the subject’s race, but mostly rated the subjects to average numbers.Average for Asian subjects= 7.32Average for White subjects= 7.52

Average Rating Out of 10 for White Males

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Average Rating Out of 10 For Asian Males

Sub 1 (White


Sub 2 (Asian


Sub 3 (White


Sub 4 (Asian


Sub 5 (White


Sub 6 (Asian


Sub 7 (White


Sub 8 (Asian


Sub 9 (White


Sub 10








It can be seen that White females were scored higher than most other Asian females, with the exception of Subject 3. Average for Asian subjects = 6.516Average for White subjects = 7.108

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Average rating out of 10 for White Females

Subject 1


Subject 2


Subject 3


Subject 4 (Asian

Subject 5


Subject 6


Subject 7


Subject 8


Subject 9


Subject 10








White Females tended to rate White males more highly and attractive than Asian Males. Although not a conclusive statement, the general trend seems to be that Asian males are found less attractive.

Average for Asian subjects = 4.125Average for White subjects= 6.9

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Average rating out of 10 for Asian Females

sub #1 (white)

sub #2 (asian)

sub #3 (white)

sub #4 (asian)

sub #5 (white)

sub #6 (asian)

sub #7 (white)

sub #8 (asian)

sub #9 (white)

sub #10












Asian females tended to be more attracted to white males, as we can see that the general trend for white male scores were higher than that of the Asian males. Average for Asian subjects= 4.82Average for White subjects= 5.88

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StatisticsWhite Males

Average for Asian subjects= 7.32

Average for White subjects= 7.52

White Females

Average for Asian subjects = 4.125

Average for White subjects= 6.9

Asian Males

Average for Asian subjects = 6.516

Average for White subjects = 7.108

Asian Females

Average for Asian subjects= 4.82

Average for White subjects= 5.88

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Race of the opposite sex mostly did not affect the Caucasian males. Asian females and Caucasian females alike were scored about the same. (Caucasians scored 0.2 higher in average)

Asian males were attracted to Caucasian females slightly more than they were to Asian females. (Caucasians scored 0.6 higher)

Caucasian females were significantly more attracted to Caucasian males than they were to Asian males. (Caucasians scored 2.8 higher)

Asian females were more attracted to Caucasian males than they were to Asian males. (Caucasians scored 1.6 higher)

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Evaluation and Potential Flaws

The general attractiveness of the each of the Asian and Caucasian models for both men and women may have been unequal.

The subjects were tested in different environments and times around school.