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Promoting Numismatic Growth · PDF file Rare Coin Industry & Rare Coin Collecting 9Rare Coin Industry Basics Coin Associations & Organizations (Industry Resources) Numismatic...

Jul 29, 2020




  • Promoting Numismatic Growth

    Internship Program

  • Apply For The Promoting Numismatic Growth Internship… Funded By The Edward Milas Memorial Fund

    A Three Month Training Program for Career Numismatic Placement

    Online Learning From The University of Rare Coins on Numismatic Education

    Internships Consist of a Three-Month Placement with Industry Organizations Auction Houses Grading Companies National Coin Dealers Retail Coin Shops

    Travel Provided By The PNG, at No Cost To The Interns

    Intern Salaries With Be Paid By Each of the Host Dealers

    Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

  • The Application Process is Easy… Fill Out The PNG Application Form

    Contact Carol Raia at [email protected]

    There is a $250 online educational access fee

    Applicants receive Level 100 Curriculum Online

    Apply For PNG Career Training

  • The Application Phase… Applicants Receive Level 100 Curriculum Online

    The University of Rare Coins provides the PNG with online curriculum

    These modules are interactive and entertaining

    There is required reading & retention testing

    Final candidates are invited to Level 200

    Level 100

  • Rare Coin Industry & Rare Coin Collecting… Rare Coin Industry Basics

    Coin Associations & Organizations (Industry Resources) Numismatic Dealer (Types of Dealers) Coin Grading & Certification (Third Party Authentication) Coin Purchasing (Sales & Marketing) Selling & Marketing Options (Types of Dealers) Coin Auctions (Buying & Selling) Coin Shows (Conventions & Expos)

    You & The Rare Coin Collector Coin Collecting Demand (The Hobby of Kings) Rare Coin Collecting Advantages (Tangible Diversification) Rare Coin Museums (Historical Collections) Rare Coin Collectors (Great Collections) Hoards & Shipwrecks (Hidden Treasures)

    Level 100 Courses

  • The Training Phase… Level 200 is the Training Phase

    There are two months of online learning

    There is required reading and assignments

    There is retention testing & Interviews

    After competition Trainees move into Level 300

    Level 200

  • Coinage History & Minting… History of U.S. Coinage

    Early Americas (17th to 18th Century) The Young Republic (Late 18th to Mid 19th Century) The Gold Rush (1848 - 1855) The Civil War (1861 - 1865) The Gilded Age (1865 - 1914)

    History of U.S. Mints Philadelphia Mint (1793 To Present) Charlotte Mint (1835 to 1861) Dahlonega Mint (1838 to 1861) New Orleans Mint (1838 to 1909) San Francisco Mint (1854 to Present)

    World Coinage & Minting History Ancient Coinage (Early History In Precious Metals) History of World Coinage (Coins That Tell Stories) Science of Numismatics (Metallurgy & Technology) Mint-Made Error Coins (Minting Mistakes)

    Level 200 Courses

  • The Internship Phase… Level 300 is the Internship phase

    There is a $250 Background Check Fee

    Interns are placed in Host Dealer companies

    Interns gain “Hand’s-On” Experience

    There are Three Month Internships

    Successful completion could result in numismatic industry employment

    Level 300

  • Promoting Numismatic Growth

    Internship Program

    For More Information Contact: Carol Raia, PNG Administrator (951) 587-8300 [email protected]