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Projects Laboratory I “Senior Lab” CHEN 4903 Anthony E. Butterfield

Dec 14, 2015



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Projects Laboratory I Senior Lab CHEN 4903 Anthony E. Butterfield Slide 2 Ch En 4903-1 4903 Projects Laboratory I (4) Prerequisite: CH EN 3553, 3603, Major standing. Co-requisite: CH EN 4203. Provides the opportunity to analyze and optimize processes and products by several means: experimentation, simulation, instrumentation, and control. Hands-on experience with real systems is emphasized as are communication skills and teamwork. Slide 3 CLEAR Communication, Leadership, Ethics, and Research Our goal is to prepare engineering graduates to occupy positions of leadership in organizations. As such, we work with faculty and students to improve the communication abilities of engineering undergraduates, including speaking, writing, and interpersonal skill development. Joshua Lenart Writing. Clair Canfield Teamwork and Public Speaking. Slide 4 Ch En 4903 Objectives I 1.Apply concepts from heat transfer, fluid mechanics, mass transfer, process control and thermodynamics to model and analyze the performance of unit operations equipment. 2.Apply concepts from mathematics to model and analyze the performance of unit operations equipment. 3.Compute description statistics (e.g. sample mean, sample standard deviation) and apply methods of statistical inference (e.g. hypothesis test, confidence intervals) to analyze experimental data sets. 4.Develop specific experimental objectives to meet overall experimental goals. 5.Design and conduct experiments to collect data relevant to experimental objectives. 6.Analyze experimental data to obtain parameters and correlations describing unit operations equipment performance. 7.Evaluate the quality of experimental results by comparison with accepted correlations and theories and develop valid conclusions about deviations from expected equipment performance. Slide 5 Ch En 4903 Objectives II 8.Demonstrate effective team skills including goal-setting, consensus- building, listening, role-setting, and time management. 9.Demonstrate effective leadership skills including facilitating team discussions and decisions, calling team meetings, and insuring team achieves all required tasks on schedule. 10.Produce professional-quality written reports that present, analyze, and interpret experimental results logically and which are well organized and easy to read. 11.Produce a professional-quality oral presentation that presents, analyzes, and interprets experimental results logically and which are well organized and delivered. 12.Apply concepts of professional ethics to design and conducting experiments and analyzing and interpreting experimental data. 13.Demonstrate knowledge of laboratory equipment and instrumentation and their capabilities and limitations. 14.Demonstrate the ability to design an experiment to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as environmental, economic, health and safety Slide 6 Ch En 4903 General Information Schedule: M, W, 12:55 to 1:45 PM, WEB 102 M, W, 2:00 to 5:00 PM, MEB 3520 Lab work must be finished by 5 PM. Using the lab when it is not scheduled is discouraged. Class Site: Contact information: Office: MEB 3101, Lab: MEB 3215 Knock loud and often. Lab: 585-5785 Cell: 699-1969 Email: [email protected] Slide 7 Ch En 4903 Important Dates EventDate Last Day to add (without permission) Sunday, August 30 Last day to dropWednesday, September 2 Last day to register (with permission) Tuesday, September 8 Last day to withdrawalFriday, October 23 Important dates kept on class site: Slide 8 Ch En 4903 Grading AssignmentPoints Mapping Homework20 Formal Report #1100 Formal Report #2100 Memo Report100 Oral Report100 Total420 The oral and all written reports must be completed in order to pass the course and will serve as the primary basis for the course grade. Slide 9 Teams Class split randomly into teams of three. Each team will receive a unique project. Each member should take turn as team leader. *** Group A *** JOHN MICHAEL BE STEPHEN *** Group B *** RAPHAEL MITCHELL STEVEN K *** Group C *** TYLER AMOS MARGARET *** Group D *** BRETT HARLEY CAROLINA *** Group E *** STEVEN G MICHAEL BU KRISTYL Slide 10 Ch En 4903 Reports For the first project, each student of each group will write a formal report. For the remaining two projects, each student must write one formal report and one memo report. The order of the formal and memo report is at the students discretion, as long as at least one student in each group writes a formal report for each project. Reports, both partial and final, handed in after the deadlines are subject to penalties. The total grade for a report will be reduced 5 points (basis of 100 points) for the first 24 hours, or fraction thereof, that a report (or revised, rewritten report) is submitted late. Subsequently, the total grade will be reduced by 1 point for each additional 24 hours, or fraction thereof, that a report is late (weekends and holidays included). Slide 11 Persuasive Oral Reports Each student will give a presentation on a social issue related to science and engineering 10 to 12 min talk with 5 min questions You may choose from the list of topics in your syllabus or come up with your ownthe list of topics All topics must be unique and approved by the instructor First choice of topic and time of presentation determined by lottery See results on important dates page of class siteimportant dates Grade will be 1/3 Instructor, 1/3 CLEAR, 1/3 Students Slide 12 Results of Report Lottery Choice of Topic Choice of Date 1. RAPHAEL CAROLINA 2. JOHN STEPHEN 3. MITCHELL HARLEY 4. BRETT MICHAEL BE 5. MARGARET STEVEN G 6. AMOS MICHAEL BU 7. TYLER KRISTYL 8. STEVEN K STEVEN K 9. KRISTYL TYLER 10. MICHAEL BU AMOS 11. STEVEN G MARGARET 12. MICHAEL BE BRETT 13. HARLEY MITCHELL 14. STEPHEN JOHN 15. CAROLINA RAPHAEL Email me this week with your topic and date preferences. Slide 13 What Youll Need An approved lab book Recommended: Perrys Chemical Engineers Handbook, 7 th ed. Lab Handbook Available at the copy center Safety goggles Proper clothing Other suggestions... Slide 14 Mapping Homework Draw a floor plan of the Chemical Engineering Laboratory (3520 MEB). Only the 3 rd floor. Familiarize yourself with the lab. Be aware of safety equipment. Wear eye protection in the lab, even if you are just walking through. Due 09/02/09. Slide 15

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