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Project T.Y.B.Sc.I.T by calypso

Nov 18, 2014




Project T.Y.B.Sc.I.T by calypso ,mumbai university...


What is it? A software project is to be done part of the T.Y. BSc IT curriculum. Project is of 200 markso o

100 marks for documentation 100 marks for actual project 50% credit is for project quality and innovative technology and automation used 50% is based on presentation, Viva.

Content The deliverables at the end areo o o

The code The document Power point presentation

Where should it be done? A software project can be coded at :At the project site where the project was allocated o At home o At the collegeo

How many in a group? Every student can take up an individual project Maximum 2 in a team is permissible

Nature of Project The software project must be a LIVE PROJECT The project need not be done through a software company. It can be an independent idea, but should be approved by a company that it will be accepted and implemented. Company should certify that student has successfully completed the project

Nature of Project Type of applications that can be explored are: o Banking o Financial Institutions o Coaching institutes o Hotel management o Document management o Custodial services o Store management o Inventory management o Workshop management o Order tracking systems o School administration o Library management o Retail management o Super market o Credit / Debit card management

Nature of Projecto o o o o o o o o o o

University Management Clinical/ Hospital management Share accounting Scheduling Reception Desk management Knowledge management Telephone related services Automobile shop floor management Automobile stock/marketing management Chemicals management Medical store management.. The list goes on and on.

Software recommended The student is free to choose a software as per the nature of the project. As a foresight it is recommended that atleast a basic backend of MS Access and front end of Visual Basic/ JSP/ ASP should be implemented. Projects based on systems where database and front end is not applicable, should be preferably coded in Java platform eg: Chat server, MMS messaging Technologies of the higher order welcome but at your own risk to be ready for the self learning experience.

Documentation- Number of copies The documentation must be hard bound with black cover and title must be golden embossed. 1 copy is submitted to the college 1 copy will be signed by the external examiner will the student's copy for reference. For a team of 2, one individual copy each and 1 joint common copy for the college will do.

Outline of Documentation Title page that must be printed in gold embossing on the top black cover of the project. College certificate page Company Certificate Page Acknowledgements Synopsis Table of contents

Outline of Documentation Chapter 1o o o o o o o

Organizational profile Existing backgroundsystem Problem definition Solution strategy Proposed system Objectives Beneficiaries

Outline of Documentation Chapter 2- Feasibility study & Requirement specificationso o o o o

Software/Hardware feasibility Time schedule feasibility Economic/ Other factors feasibility SDLC methodology used Gantt Chart

Outline of Documentation Chapter 3- Designo o o o o

Entity Relationship Diagram Context Level diagram Level 0 to n DFD System flow Structure chart

Symbols used in ERD Entity Relationship diagram


Notations for DFD

Context Level to levels of DFD


Numbering DFDs

0-Level DFD/ Context Level Diagram

Level 1 DFD

Complete DFD

Outline of Documentation Chapter 4 Codingo o o o o

Menu Tree (if any) Event Listing Table listing Program Listing with purpose of every program along with specs Snapshots of Interfaces. Splash form (Login form) in color Menu form (MDI) in color Forms/ Interface screens in color The coding can be listed for every screen If coding is too long/complicated then it may be included in a CD and sample code may be provided with certain important forms

Reports Listingo

The navigation can be explained.

Documentation Chapter 5- Testing and implementationTest cases used can be listed with the output generated o The debugging summary may be mentioned o Flaws in design/ code rectified and implemented may be summarized o Shortcomings/ limitations may be listedo

Documentation Chapter 6- Conclusionso o o o

Summary of project and learning experience Enhancements possible if any Other areas of application for the product Futuristic approach

Contents of PPT Synopsis Organizational profile Existing background/system Problem definition Solution strategy Proposed system

Contents of PPT Entity Relationship diagram Context Level diagram Level 0 to n DFD System flow Structure chart

Contents of PPT If code not permitted by the company then Snapshots of Interfaces.o o o o

Splash form (Login form) Menu form (MDI) Forms/ Interface screens Reports

Contents of PPT Conclusions Followed by live demo.

Best of LuckThank You