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project report on recruitment & selection, DRM

Jul 05, 2018




  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc



    1. Executive Summary 2

    2. Objective of the Study 4

    3. Company rofi!e "#ai!$ay %epartment &

    4. Evo!ution of 'ndian #ai!$ay (

    & . Or)ani*at ion + tructure of #ai !$ay %epartment ,

    -. 'ntroduction of e+ t Centra! #a i!$ay /

    (. Structure of #ai!$ay %epartment 11

    ,. 0oard of ember+ " e+t Centra! #ai!$ay. 12

    /. 'ntroduction " #ecrui tment  Se!ect ion 13

    1. orin) or #ecruitment  Se!ection roce++ 14

    /. #ecruitment

    5a6 eanin) of #ecruitment 1&

      5b6 7o$ +ucce++fu! recruitment done 1-

      5c6 Need of #ecruitment 1(

      5d6 #ecru itment roce++ 1,

    5d6 Source+ of #ecrui tment 23

    1. Se!ection " eanin) of Se!ection 2,

    11. roce++ o f Se!ect ion 2/

    12. C!a++ if icat ion of Service+ 3,

    13. Nece++ity of 8ppointment 3/

    11. #e+earch ethodo!o)y 4

    12. %ata Co!!ection 41

    13. %ata 8na!y+ i+  'nterpretat ion 42

    14. 9indin)+  #ecommendat ion &

    1&. :imitation of the Study &1

    1-. Conc!u+ion &2

    1(. 0ib!io)raphy &4

    1,. 8nnexure &&

    a)e ;1

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc



  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


      (ith reference to this conte)t, this proect is been prepared to put a

    l ight on Recruitment and "elec tion process . This pro ect inc ludes

    $eaning and !efinition of Recruitment and "election, *eed and Purpose

    of Recruitment, &valuation of Recruitment Process, Recruitment Tips.

    "ources of Recruitment through which an +rganization gets suitable

    application. "cientific Recruitment and "election, which an +rganization

    should follow for, r ight man power. ob %nalysis, which gives an idea

    about the re-uirement of the ob.

      Recruitment and "elec tion are s imul taneous process and a re

    incomplete without each other. They are important components of the

    organization and are different from each other. It also contains addresses

    o f variou s and t op p lac ement cons ul tants an d th e price li st o f  

    advertisements in the magazine.

      Recruitment process is one of the very important processes for any

    organization. In this study I also try to prove that its one of the maor operations of 

    the railway department. In this study I try to understand what the internal or e)ternal

    sources of recruitment are  also include the internal or e)ternal forces which effects

     process. It also includes those factors which are used to control the effects of e)ternal

    or internal sources. I used sample size of /0 employees of railway department to know

    about their satisfaction level about the recruitment process of the organization.

    a)e ;3

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc



    [email protected]'>E O9 T7E ST=%?

    The primary objective of the +tudy i+ to eva!uate the practice+ of 

    or)ani*ation to deve!op #ecruitment +i!!+ of an individua!. 'n the !i)ht of thi+

    primary objective the fo!!o$in) +ub;objective+ are +et.

    • To +tudy the importance of #ecruitment for an or)ani*ation+ +ucce++.

    • To examine $ay+ in $hich #ecruitment i+ )roomed in the or)ani*ation+

    • To examine the effect of #ecruitment and +e!ection proce++ on

    or)ani*ation+ $or cu!ture.

    a)e ;4

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


    CO8N? #O9':E

    #8':8? %E8#TENT  

    Indian Railways, is the s ta te1owned ra i lway company of India ,

    which owns and opera tes most of the country 2 s ra i l t r anspor t . I t i s

    overseen by the $inistry of Railways of the 3overnme nt of India.

      I nd ia n Ra il way s has m or e th an 4 /, 05 6 ki lo me tr es 7 89 ,: ::

    mil l ion; of t rack and 4,909 sta t ions. I t has the world 2 s four th largest

    railway network after that of the

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


      Rai lways were f ir s t in troduced to India in 5>68. ?y 59/:, the

    year of India2 s independence, there were forty1two rai l systems. In

    5965 the systems were nat ional ised as one unit , becoming one of the

    la rges t networks in the world . IR operates both long d istance and

    suburban ra i l systems on a mult i 1gauge network of broad, metre and

    narrow gauges. It also owns locomotive and coach production facilities.

      Indian Rai lways i s a department owned and cont ro l led by the

    3overnment of India , via the $inistry of Railways. %s of !ecember  

    =050, the Railway $inistry is headed by $amata ?aneree, the

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


      The first railway on Indian sub1continent ran over a stretch of =5

    miles from ?ombay to Thane. The idea of a railway to connect ?ombay with Thane, @alyan and with the Thal and ?hore 3hats incl ines f i rs t

    occurred to $r. 3eorge #la rk , the #hie f &ngineer of the ?ombay

    3overnment, during a visit to ?handup in 5>/8.

    The formal inauguration ceremony was performed on 54th %pril

    5>68, when 5/ ra i lway carr iages carrying about /00 guests lef t ?ori

    ?under at 8.80 pm Aamidst the loud applause of a vast multitude and to

    the salute of =5 guns.A The first passenger train steamed out of Howrah

    sta tion dest ined for Hooghly, a dis tance of =/ miles , on 56th %ugust ,

    5>6/. Thus the f irst section of the &ast Indian Railway was opened to

     public traffic, inaugurating the beginning of railway transport on the

    &astern side of the sub1continent.

    In south the f irst l ine was opened on Ist uly, 5>64 by the $adras

    Rai lwa y #o mpa ny. It ra n bet ween Byas arp adi  eeva *i laya m

    7Beyasarpandy; and (alaah Road 7%rcot; , a distance of 48 miles. In

    the *or th a length of 559 mi les of l ine was la id f rom %l lahabad to

    @anpur on 8rd $arch 5>69. The f i r s t sec t ion f rom Hathras Road to

    $athura #antonment was opened to traffic on 59th +ctober, 5>:6.

    These were the small beginnings which is due course developed

    into a network of railway lines all over the country. ?y 5>>0 the Indian

    Rai lway system had a route mileage of about 9000 miles. I*!I%*

    R%IC(%D", the premier transport organization of the country is the

    largest ra i l network in %sia and the world 2 s second largest under one


    a)e ;(

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


    'NT#O%=CT'ON O9

    EST CENT#8: #8':8? "@808:=# 

      (est #entra l Railway is one of the s ignif icant ra i lway zones of  

    the Indian Railways. The office of this railway zone is head-uartered at

    abalpur and i t is comprises of two divisional head-uar ters including

    abalpur !ivision and ?hopal !ivision.

      Initially abalpur was part of the central Railway and ?hopal was

    under @ota !ivision. (est #entral Railway stretches in the (est1&ast

    direction from @handwa to $anikpur. It covers ?ina in the *orth1"outh

    direction. In addition to handle increasing passenger traffic smoothly,

    (est #entral Railway i s also prominent as a vital freight corrido r.

      (est #entral Railway zone is serving the 89 distr icts of $adhya

    Pradesh , Raas than and

  • 8/15/2019 project report on recruitment & selection, DRM Jabalpur.doc


    k il om et er s o f r ai lw ay t ra cks i nv ol vi ng 5 8= > k il om et er s o f t he

    electrif ied tracks. #hief tourist sites covered by (est #entral Railway

    zone compr ises of ?ird sanc tuary of ?haratpur, The h i ll s tat ion of   Panchmarhi and *ational Reserve 'orests of Ranthambore,

    ?andhavgarh and @[email protected]

      Important ra ilway sta tions belongs to the (est #entra l Railway

    are ?hopal , @ota , aba lpur, 3anbasoda, Hoshangabad, Habibgan ,

    Bidisha, Harda, 3una, @atni , ?haratpur , I tarsi , and ?ina. This zone

    (est maintains e)cellent e-uilibrium of passenger and freight traffic.

       abalpur !iv is ion cover s r eg ion which have a l arge number  

    cement plants and "atna1Rewa cluster is noteworthy for large scale

    c em en t s hi pm en t. In a dd it io n t o c em en t o th er i te ms w hi ch a re

    fre-uently transported via abalpur and ?hopal division arelimestone,

     bau)ite, CP3,dolomite, etc

      %ppro)imately :6 mil lion passengers t ravel by western centra l

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