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Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS

Apr 14, 2018



  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS



    Project Report


    Recruitment and Selection Process



    In the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of Master of Business

    Administration in Human Resource

    Submitted to : Submitted By:

    Vandana Shahista Parveen

    MBA -IVth Sem.

    Roll No. : 581117289


    Sukhmani Information Systems (P) Ltd.

    2nd floor, Shravan Plaza, Sapru Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    I Shahista Parveen declare that the project report entitled RECRUITMENT AND


    and bonafide work done by me during the academic year 2012-2013. This is being

    submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of

    the MASTER OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. The matter embodied in this

    report has not been submitted for the award of any other degree or diploma.

    Place:Lucknow Date:

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    I deem it a great privilege to thank all those people who helped me to complete

    this project work. I express my sincere thanks to the management of the SIKKIM

    MANIPAL UNIVERSITY for giving me this opportunity to undertake the

    project work.

    I am deeply obliged to my project guide Miss Vandana, without whose guidance

    and encouragement at all levels , the study wouldnt have been completed.

    Also, I do thank and remember my friends for their effort and helping hand.

    Every effort has been made to enhance the quality of work. However, I owe the

    sole responsibility of the shortcoming, if any, in the study.

    Shahista Parveen

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    Chapter 1 Page No.


    Scope of the Study4

    Objectives of the Study4

    Literature Review5

    Chapter 2

    Industry Profile

    Company Profile10-19

    The Policies Related to Recruitment and Selection Followed at


    Recruitment and Selection Process followed at NFCL 27

    Chapter 3

    Research Methodology


    Tools and Methods of Data Collection34

    Sample Profile34

    Limitations of the Study34

    Recruitment and selection process35

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS



    Chapter 4

    Data Analysis55

    Chapter 5

    Findings and Interpretations67

    Chapter 6

    Recommendations and Discussions69



    Questionnaires 72

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS



    Chapter - 1

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    Acquiring and retaining high-quality talent is critical to an organizations success. As the job

    market becomes increasingly competitive and the available skills grow more diverse, recruiters

    need to be more selective in their choices, since poor recruiting decisions can produce long-term

    negative effects, among them high training and development costs to minimize the incidence of

    poor performance and high turnover which, in turn, impact staff morale, the production of high

    quality goods and services and the retention of organizational memory. At worst, the

    organization can fail to achieve its objectives thereby losing its competitive edge and its share of

    the market.

    Human resource department plays a crucial role in this process. The backbone of any successful

    company is the HR department, and without a talented group of people to hire, culture, and

    inform employees, the company is doomed for failure.

    Human resource is most valuable assets in the organization. Profitability of the organization

    depends on its utilization. If there utilization is done properly will make profit otherwise it will

    make loss. To procure right man at right place in right time, some information regarding job and

    job doer is highly essential. This information is obtained through job analysis, job description

    and job specification. Without these recruitment will be unsuccessful.

    A well planned and well managed recruitment will result in high quality applicants for the

    company. The recruitment process should inform qualified individuals about employment

    opportunities, create a positive image of the company, provide enough information of the jobs

    so that applicants can make comparison with their qualifications and interests and generate

    enthusiasm among the best candidates so that they will apply for vacant positions.

    What distinguishes a successful company from unsuccessful one is the quality of manpower.

    The role of management is to optimize the use of resource available to it. The role of HR is to

    incorporate the planning and control of manpower resource into the corporate level plans so that

    all resources are used together in the best possible combination.

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS



    Managing people at work and control of human activities in employment is a function that must

    be performed in all societies. It is essential in every type of employment for every occupation

    and every type of employed manpower. Manpower management is essential in government as

    well as private employment under socialism or communication in small business and in large.

    Recruitment, as a human resource management function, is one of the activities that impact

    most critically on the performance of an organization. While it is understood and accepted that

    poor recruitment decisions continue to affect organizational performance and limit goal

    achievement, it is taking a long time for public service agencies in many jurisdictions to identify

    and implement new, effective hiring strategies.

    Recruitment is a process which provides the organization with a pool of potentially qualified

    job candidates from which judicious selection can be made to fill vacancies. Successful

    recruitment begins with proper employment planning and forecasting. In this phase of the

    staffing process, an organization formulates plans to fill or eliminate future job openings based

    on an analysis of future needs, the talent available within and outside of the organization, and

    the current and anticipated resources that can be expended to attract and retain such talent.

    Selection is a process of hiring the best among the pool of candidates available.

    Right person for the right job is the basic principle in recruitment and selection. Every

    organization should give attention to the selection of its manpower, especially its managers. The

    operative manpower is equally important and essential for the orderly working of an enterprise.

    Every business organization/unit needs manpower for carrying different business activities

    smoothly and efficiently and for this recruitment and selection of suitable candidates is

    essential. Human resource management in an organization will not be possible if unsuitable

    persons are selected and employment in a business unit.

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    1. The study is limited to the information given by the employees.

    2. Meeting some of the top management associates in the senior cadre was difficult.

    3. The study has been limited due to time constraint.

    4. The study is limited based on the rules and regulations of the organizations.


    To get right person at right place and in right time, the organization should have the specific and

    clear policies and recruitment and selection methods which are essential for the growth of the


    To analyze the actual recruitment process in NFCL.

    To find whether the existing processes of recruitment and selection are taking placescientifically or not.

    To review the importance and needs of recruitment and selection process.

    State, explain and evaluate various methods of recruitment.

  • 7/30/2019 Project Report on Recruitment and Selection by AEGIS




    1. Best Practice Recruitment and Selection

    The State Services Authority (the Authority) undertook a project in 2007 to evaluate the

    effectiveness of recruitment selection techniques in the Victorian Government.

    The project aims to:

    Promote the systematic review of current recruitment selection techniques in the VPS

    Develop recommendations for the use of better practice tools, based on research and

    case studies

    Promote better selection techniques to improve the quality and speed of recruitment

    actions within the VPS and the public sector.

    After the completion of the program the authority decided to adopt the Practice

    Recruitment and Selection Toolkit and develop a training program which will help in

    the execution of this toolkit. The training program guides participants through best

    practice recruitment and selection using course booklets, PowerPoint presentations,practical exercises and additional reference material. The similar is the direction of my

    project wherein I have to sugg

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