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Project presentation - Steganographic Application of improved Genetic Shifting algorithm against RS analysis - BScEE final assignment by Vadim Purinson, adviser Vladislav Kaplan MScEE

Aug 08, 2015



  1. 1. Steganography application of effective Genetic Shifting Algorithm against RS Analysis Advisor: MScEE, Vladislav Kaplan Vadim Purinson LV Tailoring Software
  2. 2. Who owns the information owns the world Rotschild Nathan Mayer What is Steganography? Why Steganography? History of Steganography. Digital steganography. Steganalysis. RS Fridrich analysis. Genetic shifting algorithm. Software implementation. Tests Conclusions 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 2
  3. 3. What is Steganography? The art and science of hiding information by embedding it in some other media. Steganography versus cryptography In general, steganography approaches hide a message in a cover e.g. text, image, audio file, etc. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 3
  4. 4. Why Steganography? Transfer secret information or embed secret messages into media. Data, intellectual property and privacy protection - Digital Water marking, medical data. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 4
  5. 5. History of Steganography. 400 B.C. writings of Herodotus 1499 Steganographia, Trithemius steganography and magic. 1665 Steganographica, Gaspari Schotti. 1870 The Pigeon Post into Paris. Most popular example in history this is use invisible inks. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 5
  6. 6. Terminology and Definitions 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 6 Equation 3 Equation 4
  7. 7. Terminology and Definitions Steganographic system or stegasystem this is set of tools and methods are used to generate a secret channel of information transmission. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 7
  8. 8. Digital image definition A digital image is binary representation of a two dimensional image and contains a fixed number of rows and columns of pixels. Pixel Byte Bit 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 8 Equation 1
  9. 9. Message embedding mathematical definition 8 bit Grayscale equivalents to 1 byte per pixel. For example, for the image size of 7 Kbyte maximum message size can be embedded, by using 1 LSB is 7168 bit 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 9 Equation 2
  10. 10. Digital steganography. Advantages of digital images steganography is: There are a variety of methods used in which information can be hidden in the images. Relatively large volume of digital images representation, that allows the embedding of large amount of information. Known size of the cover media, that absence of restrictions, requirements imposed by real-time. Presence of relatively large textural regions in most digital images that have noise structure and well suited for information integration. Weak sensitivity of the human eye to minor changes the color of the image, brightness, contrast and the noise presence. Image steganography has come quite far with the development of fast, powerful graphical computers. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 10
  11. 11. IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES Least Significant Bit insertion LSB Masking and filtering 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 11
  12. 12. The simple LSB schema 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 12
  13. 13. LSB - Example 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 13 Lena Sderberg
  14. 14. LSB - Example A = 65(decimal) = 10000001 (binary) 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 14
  15. 15. Classification of Steganography Methods. Substitution methods in spatial domain = LSB; Transform domain = frequency domain; Spread spectrum techniques; Statistical methods; Distortion techniques; Cover generation methods; 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 15
  16. 16. The properties of the human eye used in the steganography . selectivity to brightness fluctuations; frequency sensitivity; masking effect; 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 16
  17. 17. Selectivity to brightness fluctuations 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 17 Human eye sensitivity to contrast. Experimental data by Aubert (1865), Koenig and Brodhun (1889) and Blanchard (1918). It indicates that the Weber-Fechner law - according to which the smallest perceptible change in intensity vs. intensity level I is constant.
  18. 18. Frequency sensitivity 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 18 Sensitivity of eye for the colors
  19. 19. Masking effect 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 19 Herman Grid
  20. 20. Steganalysis Steganalysis Steganalyst Attack on steganography system 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 20
  21. 21. Stegattacks classes Attack with the knowledge of the modified media only. Attack with knowledge of unmodified container. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 21 The results of stegattack Detect secret message presence. Recover secret message from stegoimage. Destroy the message in case no possibility to recover message.
  22. 22. Steganalysis hierarchy 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 22
  23. 23. Main methods of stegattack Visual analysis detect visual image degradation by naked eye. Statistical Histogram and STD analysis. Detection methods are based on data hiding analyzing the characteristics of the probability distribution of the container. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 23
  24. 24. Visual Attacks 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 24 Grayscale image visual attack example Grayscale image filter visual attack example
  25. 25. Histogram Analysis Attack 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 25
  26. 26. Statistical Analysis Attack Stego Only Attack; Known Cover Attack; Known Message Attack; Blind Steganalysis; Semi-blind; 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 26
  27. 27. Fridrich RS Analysis 1 2,3 4, 223 224 0 1,2 3, 224 225 regular singular unchanged 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 27 > >
  28. 28. Genetic Shifting Algorithm (Shen Wang ) 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 28 Before or After ? = + 1 1 this is number of pixels, and ( + 1) and are indicate current and next pixel values.
  29. 29. Introduction to LabVIEW 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 29
  30. 30. Front Panel 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 30 Example of Front panel view Modern System Classic Express Control Design & Simulation .Net & ActiveX Signal processing Add ons User Controls Select and control DSC Module RF Communica tions Sound & Vibration Vision Controls palette view
  31. 31. Block diagram 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 31 Function paletteExample of Block diagram view
  32. 32. More functions Tools palette Operating tool Positioning tool Labeling tool Wiring tool 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 32 Wiring SubVis
  33. 33. Basic LabVIEW Hierarchy 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 33
  34. 34. Front panel view 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 34 1. Source cover image 2. Result stegoimage 3. Cover Histogram and STD statistic window 4. Stegoimage Histogram and STD statistic window 5. RS analysis results on Stegoimage 6. LSB level to be used (up to LSB-4) 7. Start shifting (GSM) 8. Standard deviation evaluation 9. Snaked array length. 10. Open output result text message 11. Decode message from stegoimage 12. Encode message into cover message 13. Stop button 14. Start / stop menu
  35. 35. Steganography directory view 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 35
  36. 36. Encoding Decoding Example 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 36
  37. 37. Steps definition Perform basic message coding (Cover Image) up to LSB-4 for gray images. Perform basic message recovery (Stego Image) up to LSB-4 for gray images. Compare visual image degradation. Compare visual degradation through common tools (Histogram, STD). Perform study of coded message saturation (message of different length) vs. recovery and image degradation per different LSB coding at gray images. Build RS analysis (Fridrich algorithm) routine. Confirm validity of RS analysis on gray images. Implement secure genetic steganography method for RS baseline shifting for LSB-1. (GSM for RS shifting). Perform basic message recovery with GSM for RS shifting for LSB-1. Perform RS analysis comparison for different message length with GSM for RS shifting and without, use different snake division array image representation. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 37
  38. 38. Compare visual image degradation 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 38 LSB-1 The recovered text file size is 6.21 KB (6,361 bytes), 1177 words text, equivalent to 2.5 pages in WORD format.
  39. 39. Compare tool 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 39
  40. 40. Compare visual image degradation 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 40 LSB-2 The recovered text file size is 12.4 KB (12,737 bytes), 2228 words text, equivalent to 5 pages in WORD format.
  41. 41. Compare visual image degradation 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 41 LSB-3 The recovered text file size is 18.6 KB (19,106 bytes), 3317 words text, equivalent to 7.5 pages in WORD format.
  42. 42. Compare visual image degradation 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 42 LSB-4 The recovered text file size is 24.8 KB (25,477 bytes), 4468 words text, equivalent to 10 pages in WORD format this is a maximum text file size can be imbedded into 225 225 image by using 4LSB plane.
  43. 43. Compare visual degradation through common tools 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 43
  44. 44. Compare visual degradation through common tools 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 44 Different depth of the LSB Blue line is displays Cover image Histogram and red line represents manipulated image distribution.
  45. 45. Compare visual degradation through common tools 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 45 Histogram degradation trough of message enlargement for 4LSB level
  46. 46. Compare visual degradation through common tools 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 46 STD view
  47. 47. Build RS analysis (Fridrich algorithm) routine. 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 47
  48. 48. Build RS analysis (Fridrich algorithm) routine 7/16/2015LV Tailoring Software 48 LSB-1