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Jul 20, 2015



Water Falls Go Green Recycling Program

Water Falls Go Green Recycling ProgramGMR SolutionsGlobal Project Management Consultants

Final Project Management Presentation for:Water Falls City CouncilDecember 2, 2013

Global Influence. Managed Results. Resourceful Experience.GMR Solutions Confidential1RM1AgendaIntroductionBusiness CaseProject ScopeProject IntegrationStakeholdersCommunicationsTimeGMR Solutions ConfidentialCostQualityRisk AnalysisProcurement ManagementHR ManagementQ & A2RM2About GMR SolutionsFounded by:Gerardo OrtegaMark TupyRob MertensOver 60 years of project management experienceBackground in energy, semiconductor, and telecommunications

GMR Solutions Confidential3RM3Business CaseNeed public awareness about wasteLandfill is growing at an alarming rateWaste disposal costs are risingChemical wastes are presentRealize $60K in Federal tax incentives if waste stream is reduced by 10%

GMR Solutions Confidential4RM4Project ScopeGMR Solutions Project scope:Develop a recycling program with binsDevelop a Community Awareness ProgramDevelop a chemical waste programOut of scope items:Develop actual processes/productsImplementing changes

GMR Solutions Confidential5RM5Project ScopeCustomer Requirements and Deliverables:

GMR Solutions Confidential6Go Green Project Deliverables1.Recycling Program with Bins2.Community Awareness Program3.Chemical Waste ProgramProject Management Deliverables1.Work Breakdown Structure2.Total Project Duration & Cost3.Major Product Milestones4.Resource Requirements5.Risk Assessment6.Implementation Strategy

RM6Project Scope - WBSGMR Solutions Confidential7

RM7Project IntegrationProject implementation:Develop Work Breakdown StructureIdentify project duration and costIdentify project milestonesIdentify resource requirementsConduct a risk assessmentDevelop an implementation strategy

GMR Solutions Confidential8RMImplement Project Implementation with 3 main objectives.1) New Recycling Program with Recycling and Waste Bins, obtaining qualified and reputable service vendors, and distribution and bin rollout.2 Community awareness with mailings to City of Water Falls residents, distributing flyers and information posters at desired locations, and advertising via local radio channels, TV commercials, and create Water Falls Go Green website on internet on community awareness.

3 Chemical Waste Program with chemical waste containers, list of hazardous waste criterias, determine Chemical waste vendors and create Chemical waste rollout procedures with dates and demographics.

8StakeholdersGMR Solutions Confidential9NameRoleInfluenceClassificationRequirementsExpectationsMayor Max TopdogExecutive SponsorHIGHInternalHigh Quality Service ProductPublic Utilities Director Shesa WorriorExecutive CommitteeHIGHInternalVendor Contract Requirements, Quantity of BinsKeep Satisfied; InformFinance Director Bill MelaterExecutive CommitteeHIGHInternalAccurate Project Cost EstimatesManage JointlyCity Council Member Ido KnowitallExecutive CommitteeMEDIUMInternalProject Status Updates, Cost EstimatesInformProject Manager Dwit RiteProject ManagerMEDIUMInternalProject CharterInformPurchasing Agent Sala VeeProject Team MemberLOWInternalVendor Contract Requirements, Quantity of BinsInformTown Administrator Donna BothermeProject Team Member; AnalystLOWInternalCommunication PlanInformWater Falls CitizensStakeholders; Key UsersLOWInternalRecycle Program Service InformationGovernment Agency IRSStakeholderMEDIUMExternalLandfill Waste Decrease < 10%Government Agency EPAStakeholderHIGHExternalChemical Disposal Approval PermitsInformGMR SolutionsProject Management ConsultantsMEDIUMExternalDeliver High Quality Service/ProductInformRM9Stakeholder Relationship GMR Solutions Confidential10

RM10CommunicationsProject status meetings will be held bi-weekly with project stakeholdersThe Water Falls City Council will be updated with written progress reports sent via emailThe community will be notified in mailings that the recycling program is forthcomingCompletion of milestones will be communicatedGMR Solutions Confidential11GOThe GMR, Inc. will rely on communication via email, phone, and weekly on site status meetings at the City of Water Falls Government office. Our Team lead Mark Tupy will be the liaison between city departments and GMR Consultants, Inc. Project team.Our Project team will by available via email and phone between 7-5, M-f, and after hours by contacting our answering service 18005882300 and we will respond ASAP.

WeeklyConduct internal (Fruition team) meetings and distribute minutesConduct external (Fruition + Client team) meetings and distribute minutesConduct Q&A Sessions with clientSubmit weekly status reports to project teamAs NeededConduct sponsor update meeting with presentationProject CompletionConduct Project SurveyCapture Lessons Learned

11Time Milestones GMR Solutions Confidential12Project Implementation Milestones1.Chemical Waste ProgramAll environmental permits approved and received

7.Community Awareness ProgramComplete internet media awareness

2.Recycle ProgramComplete Service Vendor for Recycling Program8.Chemical Waste ProgramChemical disposal contract awarded3.Chemical Waste ProgramDisposal containers delivered to warehouse9.Community Awareness ProgramComplete mailings

4.Community Awareness ProgramComplete television media awareness10.Community Awareness ProgramComplete posters and flyers5.Community Awareness ProgramComplete radio media awareness

11.Chemical Waste ProgramFirst pickup of chemical completed by vendor

6.Recycle ProgramComplete Recycling Bins for Recycling Program

12.Recycle ProgramComplete Service Rollout for Recycling Program

GOCritical path : 12.Chemical Waste ProgramComplete Service Rollout for Recycling Program

12Time Project Duration GMR Solutions Confidential13Total Project DurationProject Implementation45 DaysRecycling Program45 DaysCommunity Awareness Program29 DaysChemical Waste Program44 DaysProject Closure10 DaysTOTAL:55 Days*Project Management Time Not IncludedProject Duration Constraint: 12 MonthsGOCriticalPath: Recycling Program45 Days

13CostGMR Solutions Confidential14

GO14Cost Breakdown GMR Solutions Confidential15

GO15QualityQuality RequirementsAdhere to ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management Control of Recycling PracticeAdhere to ISO 15270:2008 for Plastics WasteFollow EPA Standards & Guidelines and Permit Requirements for Chemical WasteRecyclable bins should have a 5 year shelf lifeChemical disposal containers should have a 3 year shelf life

GMR Solutions Confidential16GOISO 14001 is a voluntary international standard that is designed to help companies manage their environmental obligations. It provides a framework in which companies can identify their environmental impacts and develop goals to continually improve their environmental performance.ISO 14001 requires companies to proactively seek out how they can better interact with the environment. One of the primary goals of the standard is continual environmental improvement.

ISO 14001is the internationally recognized standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place. It can help you deliver considerable environmental, economic and social benefits by providing a framework for managing sustainability, whatever your size, sector or geographical location. ISO 14001 embeds the requirements for an environmental management system into business operations, and can help waste and recycling organizations to:Meet regulatory complianceIn such a heavily regulated industry there are huge risks surrounding breaches of environmental legislation. ISO 14001 provides a mechanism for complying with legal and industry requirements, protecting your organization from heavy fines, clean up costs, and the possibility of criminal convictions.Prevent pollutionA lot of work is required to deal with landfill gas from decomposing items and leachate. Left unmanaged, it can escape into the atmosphere or water sources leading to an environmental and commercial catastrophe. ISO 14001 provides a framework to help manage and reduce your environmental impact and the associated threats such as fines, breaching legislation and bad publicity.Stakeholder relationsLandfill sites may be at high risk from negative PR. With legislative demands from the government, pressure to reduce operational costs for customers and the worry of complaints from the local community, there are many stakeholders to consider. Through the adoption of ISO 14001, you can show that you care for the environment and enhance your reputation, giving your organization the competitive edge and helping you to attract new business.

ISO 15270:2008 provides guidance for the development of standards and specifications covering plastics waste recovery, including recycling. The standard establishes the different options for the recovery of plastics waste arising from pre-consumer and post-consumer sources. It also establishes the quality requirements that should be considered in all steps of the recovery process, and provides general recommendations for inclusion in material standards, test standards and product specifications. Consequently, the process stages, requirements, recommendations and terminology presented in the standard are intended to be of general applicability.

The Recyclable and Waste Bins have been tested by Abe Miller supplier for durability, longevity, and wear and tear replaceability within a 5 year time frame. The Chemical waste Bins will have a shelf life of at least 3 years before deterioration occurs from supplier.

Landfill decrease in waste will increase the air pollution by 23% and decrease the gas emitted into atmosphere by 45%, thus the overall air quali