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Principles of Toxicology Yuan, Zhanpeng, Ph.D. Tel. 6875 9982; 139 8612 0848 E-mail:

Principles of Toxicology Yuan, Zhanpeng, Ph.D. Tel. : 6875 9982; 139 8612 0848 E-mail:

Dec 31, 2015



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  • Principles of ToxicologyYuan, Zhanpeng, Ph.D.

    Tel.6875 9982; 139 8612 0848E-mail:

  • Essentials of Toxicology

  • Touch up


    Further ClarifyObjectives

  • ContentsGeneral Principles of Toxicology


    General Classification of Toxicants

    Specific Discussion of Toxicants

  • ToxicologyToxicology is the study of poisons

    Poisons are chemical/physical agents that produce adverse responses in biological organisms

  • General Principles of ToxicologyADME

    Classifications of Toxicity

    Mechanisms of Toxicity

    Primary Determinants of Toxicity

    Toxicity Modifiers


  • ADMEToxicological Process

    Transport Process Mechanisms


    Toxicokenetics and PBPK modeling

  • Absorption-Distribution-ExcretionToxicological Process

  • Toxicokinetics

  • Classification of ToxicityAcute toxicity: adverse effect resulting from a single, usually large, exposure to a toxinSubacute toxicity: Somewhat acute, between acute and chronic (online med. dictionary)Chronic toxicity: harmful effect from repeated exposures to a toxin for 3+ monthsTherapeutic indexLD50/ED50Risk: probability that injury will result from exposure to a substance for given conditions, dose, and route

  • MechanismsAlterations in receptor-ligand interactionsNicotine, most drugsAlterations in membrane functionLocal anesthetics, hydrocarbonsInterference with cellular energy mechanismsCyanide, PentachlorophenolCovalent binding to biomoleculesOrganophosphates, alkylating agentsCausing non-lethal alterations in somatic cellsCarcinogens, e.g. aflatoxinAlterations in ligand-activated transcription factors, e.g. DioxinsBy inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis), e.g. Acetaminophen

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