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Preview Spring 2014, BENTELI

Mar 22, 2016







  • Magazines 2013/2014

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  • B ENTELIs spring titles pre-view takes the stage with a new layout. This new look is re-presentative of our current reorientation to carry the publishing history of our house into a successful future. We publish careful-ly edited books in the areas of art, culture and photography BENTELI stands for high quality in content as well as design.As a Swiss publishing house with a long tradition, BENTELIs program is committed to promoting Swiss topics while still ta-king readers far beyond the country borders. An aim that is re-flected in our list of spring titles: the yearbook of Reporter ohne Grenzen, an internationally active human rights organization, features documentaries by well-known journalists to call atten-tion to the state of press freedom worldwide. It is a worthy addi-tion to our range of political documentary photography. Swiss Press Photos annual catalogue meanwhile presents the best shots from press photography in Switzerland or by Swiss pho-tographers. Cornelia Wilhelms pictures take us to 1980s New York; her book Shot by both Sides is an impressive historical document. Nothing short of a round-the-world trip can be expe-rienced in the publication Drinking Culture and Iconic Drinks. Palm wine in India or sour milk in Africa the book focuses on the important role of the every-day activity of drinking in different societies around the world.Outstanding topics and beautiful books that, as we hope, will fascinate and entertain our readers. We would furthermore like to

    reach out to our colleagues in booksel-ling and expand our cooperation further by offering increased support for your efforts in selling our books. Are you interested? Our sales representatives Giovanni Ravasio and Hans Frieden are happy to advise you, or you can directly contact Kirstin Meditz at the publishing house.

    We wish you an entertaining time with our new releases and look forward to our future cooperation.

    Andrea Wiegelmann, Publishing Director, and the BENTELI team





  • trin






    Mareile Flitsch Hrsg.



    sour milk and rice beer


    drinking practices explained in accessible texts



    Drinking constitutes one of the most basic needs of humankind but its significance encompasses a lot more than just quenching your thirst. This publication, which complements the exhibition for the reopening of the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich, illustrates the high cultural significance of beverages in cultures across the globe in astonishing and beautiful examples.Preparing, sharing and consuming liquids, the respective vessels and the techniques used, the communal experience of the drin-king circle ... all this is practiced in manifold ways and forms all around the world.Researchers from the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich explain the preparation and significance of Indonesian and African palm wine, Amazonian cassava beer, Tibetan butter and Japanese green tea, Indian rice beer, African sour milk, Swiss milk and Polynesian kava. A wine merchant and a sommelier contri-bute short characterizations of these beverages that our palates are unaccustomed to an invitation to the readers to enjoy this book with all senses.

    The rice beer is very dense with a complex structure. [...] The substance is grainy and slightly rough at the palate. The rice beer seems semi-dry with high acidity and few tannins, adding to a long, full-bodied finish with nutshells, banana and Madeira.Yvo Magnusson, wine merchant, and Jan Kbler, sommelier


    Mareile Flitsch and Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich (ed.)DRINKINGCULTUREANDICONICDRINKSwith texts by 13 scientists from the museum

    approx. 240 pages, approx. 160 color images

    22 x 27.5 cm, hardcover

    approx. Euro (D) 46., (A) 47.30, CHF 58.

    German Edition: ISBN 978-3-7165-1789-5

    English Edition: ISBN 978-3-7165-1790-1


    Mareile Flitsch, born 1960 in Mnster, studied Ethnology and Sinology in

    Germany, France and China. Doctoral degree in 1990 and professorship in 2001. She has been a professor at the University of Zurichs Ethnographic

    Institute and Director of the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich since 2008.

    English Edition

    German Edition




  • Aremarkabledocumentaryof1980sNewYork



    Cornelia Wilhelm is only 19 when she packs her bags and leaves for New York to work for a photographer and see the world. She arrives, camera in her bag, in this harsh new metropolitan envi-ronment and immediately feels at home. She is a set assistant for the Pirelli calendar photo shoots by day, and by night she explo-res the many bars and concert venues and takes pictures of her surroundings: the nightlife, the artists, but also everyday life in the Bronx and in Harlem.Her refuge is Coney Island with its worn-down amusement parks lining up along the promenade and its carneys and pitchmen rau-cously advertising the next show, the next big attraction. This is where New Yorks working class spends their weekends, looking for those few moments of bliss that Cornelia Wilhelm captures in her pictures.The book is both the portrait of a city from the perspective of a curious young woman eager to see the world, and a documenta-ry collage of normal people in New York far from the Big Apples glamour.

    SHOT BY BOTH SIDESAGlimpseofNewYork1986

    Cornelia WilhelmSHOT BY BOTH SIDESAGlimpseofNewYork1986With texts by Guido Magnaguagno, Reto Sorg and Cornelia Wilhelm

    German/English, approx. 100 pages, approx. 70 black-and-white images

    31 x 23 cm, hardcover

    approx. Euro (D) 38., (A) 39.10, CHF 48.

    ISBN 978-3-7165-1788-8

    Release April 2014

    Cornelia Wilhelm, born 1965 in Lucerne, worked as a photographers assistant in

    New York after training as a photo lab technician. Nowadays she lives in Wald ZH and works as an artist and photographer. Exhibitions in collaboration with her hus-band, the artist Andr Wilhelm, in Switzerland and abroad.

    Guido Magnaguagno has been curator and deputy director of the Kunsthaus Z-rich from 1980 to 2001, and director of the Muse Tinguely in Basel from 2001 to

    2009. He is the author and editor of numerous publications.

    Reto Sorg, born in 1960, studied Literature and History in Berne and Berlin. He is the

    author and editor of numerous publications and head of the Robert Walser-Zentrum in Berne. As executive director of SorgConsulting he organizes events in the areas

    of economy, politics and science.



  • Thejuryofthisyearseditionwascomprisedof:



    (Photo Director at Du Magazinandcurator,Stuttgart),Roberto



    The vfg Nachwuchsfrderpreis is a competition for young photo-graphers living in Switzerland and has been hosted by the associ-ation of photographic designers (vfg) annually since 1995. Anyone up to the age of 39 and/or who has been active as a photographer for a maximum of three years can take part. The award is meant as a stepping stone and forum for talented young photographers. Pictures and concepts of the ten best works of the 17th edition are presented in this publication with accompanying commenta-ry from the jury. They offer a fascinating insight into the work of young Swiss photographic artists of today.


    Christoph Kern, Ferit Kuyas, Roman Weyeneth (ed.) vfgvfgAwardforYoungPhotographers2013German/French, approx. 66 pages, approx. 69 color images

    20 x 26 cm, softcover

    approx. Euro (D) 17.50, (A) 18., CHF 22.

    ISBN 978-3-7165-1785-7




  • ThebestSwisspressimagesfromthepastyearareviewofmoving



    May 1, 2014




    (journalist),AndreasWellnitz(imageeditor) Swiss Press Photo is dedicated to promoting Swiss press pho-tography. Each year, the Foundation Reinhardt von Graffenried awards a prize for the best Swiss press images, reviewing the big events and emotional moments of the past year. The award-winning pictures that have been collated in this volume evok

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