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Apr 13, 2017



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Nikken has done it again. Weve taken an excellent product and made it even better.1

New Kenzen Ten4Formula Made with USDA certified organic ingredients Only 4 ingredients and no sugar Only 8 calories per serving 30 packets per box instead of 20

Ten4 now is USDA certified organic. Its non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. There are only 4 ingredients in the new Ten4 are: Matcha green tea, New Zealand kiwi fruit, Brown Rice solids and Stevia leaf extract. It used to have 25 calories per serving and now it only has 8. The old formula had organic cane sugar in it and weve taken it out. Weve decreased the calories and increased the amount per box from 20 sticks to 30. With the removal of sugar, each packet now weighs .11 oz/3.41 g vs. .29 oz/8.25 g.2

Our two key ingredients are Matcha green tea and New Zealand kiwi fruit. They complement each other and provide naturally sourced antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our Matcha green tea is shade grown under bamboo mats to increase the levels of naturally occurring chlorophyll and amino acids. The tea leaves are handpicked and culled (not machine harvested). The leaves are dried and ground with granite grinding wheels, and never heat processed or steeped in water. Commercial matcha tea often contains a blend of other, less potent teas. Kenzen Ten4 contains pure matcha green tea.The kiwi is one of the superfruits that not only contain high levels of vitamins but also contains an enzyme that is important for promoting healthy gut bacteria. It adds vitamin C and vitamin E, minerals, fiber and a phytonutrient enzyme. The combination retains more antioxidant and nutrient value than found in commercial Matcha or kiwi alone.


Nikken Active Wellness Helps burn caloriesHelps boost metabolismSupports mental alertnessProvides 80 mg of natural caffeine per serving Is nutrient-dense in antioxidants

I personally drink Kenzen Ten4 because I like the taste and it gives me a much-needed energy boost mid morning and mid afternoon. This is a product that definitely lives up to its name, but lots of people like to drink it first thing in the morning, not just at 10 am and 4 pm. It helps burn calories, boost metabolism, supports mental alertness and is nutrient-dense in antioxidants.4

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US 16000Retail: $49Wholesale: $39PV: 39CN 13600Retail: $65.00 Wholesale: 52.26 PV: 39

This is a perfect product for your Autoship order. Youll want to have it every day and not run out. Remember you get 10% off when you put Kenzen Ten4 on Autoship!5