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Presentation of the Project. 1.Why a European Film Gateway? 2.Partners 3.Goal 4.EFG & Europeana 5.Organisation of work 6.Workpackages and activities 7.Expected

Mar 26, 2015



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Presentation of the Project Slide 2 1.Why a European Film Gateway? 2.Partners 3.Goal 4.EFG & Europeana 5.Organisation of work 6.Workpackages and activities 7.Expected results Slide 3 Why a European Film Gateway? Multiple digitisation projects and repositories of digital collections Need for common registry of digital holdings Need for common interoperability standards Flickr, youtube, etc. influence user expectations, digital libraries initiatives are on their way Where are the film archives? Trans-domain approach of Europeana Web-based access means international (or world- wide) access Rights issue Slide 4 Partners Deutsches Filminstitut - DIF e. V. (Coordinator), Frankfurt Association des Cinmathques Europennes Frankfurt/Brussels Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do cinema, Lisbon Cineteca del Comune di Bologna CNR-ISTI, Pisa Det Danske Filminstitut, Copenhagen Europeana Foundation, The Hague Eremo srl, Cupramontana FernUniversitt Hagen Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna Istituto Luce, Rome La Cinmathque Franaise, Paris Lichtspiel - Kinemathek Bern Lietuvos Centrinis Valstybs Archyvas, Vilnius Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchvum, Budapest Nrodn Filmov Archiv, Prague Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo Nederlands Filmmuseum, Amsterdam reelport GmbH, Cologne Tainiothiki tis Ellados, Athens Slide 5 Goal To make the collections accessible through a common access point In order to do so, EFG will: Define quality: Specify minimum rules for metadata structure and syntax Define the desired functionalities of the system Make databases of collections and filmographies harvestable (OAI-PMH) Agree on content formats (esp. moving images) Enrich content (indexing and annotating) Clear rights where necessary Slide 6 Objectives Slide 7 Objectives: Infrastructure Slide 8 EFG & Europeana The European Film Gateway will be linked to Europeana Europeana ( provides integrated access to digital treasures from Europes museums, archives, audio-visual archives and libraries. Slide 9 Organisation of work WP 8 Project management Administrative Board WP 7 Legal and organisational governance, Sustainability planning WP 6 Dissemination and networking WP 5 IPR management and administration WP 4 Service implementation and operation, web platform WP 3 Content enrichment and semantic interoperability WP 2 Technical interoperability and access WP 1 User needs and service requirements Slide 10 WP 1: User needs and service requirements WP Leader: Filmarchiv Austria Activities Workshop on system requirements Functional specifications for the EFG service User survey after launch of the portal Slide 11 WP 2: Technical Interoperability & Access WP Leader: CNR-ISTI Activities: Technical solutions for EFG Common interoperability schema Metadata harvesting Link to Europeana Guidelines for inclusion of new archives Slide 12 WP 3: Content enrichment & semantic interoperability WP Leader: Det Danske Filminstitut Activities Cataloguing guidelines Content enrichment (all content providers): Consolidation of filmographic information Indexing objects Slide 13 WP 4: Service Implementation and operation, Web platform WP Leader: Deutsches Filminstitut Activities Develop theface of the EFG service in co- operation with a subcontractor web site design and content management system Workshop on digital storage and retrieval Hosting&streaming infrastructure (reelport) Slide 14 WP 5: IPR management and administration WP Leader: Nederlands Filmmuseum Activities: Evaluation of copyright regulations Guidelines for rights clearance Rights clearance (all content providers) Slide 15 WP 6: Dissemination and Networking WP Leader: Eremo srl support by Association des Cinmathques Europennes (ACE) Activities: Maintainance of project web site Dissemination materials (poster, leaflet, ppt, newsletter, etc.) Report of all project dissemination activities Local workshops Database of audiovisual stakeholders Slide 16 WP 7: Legal and organisational governance, Sustainability planning WP Leader: Association des Cinmathques Europennes (ACE) Activities Finding and implementing solutions for organisational and financial sustainability Slide 17 WP 8: Project co-ordination WP Leader: Deutsches Filminstitut Activities Liaison with European Commission Activity reporting Financial administration Slide 18 Expected results Agreement on common interoperability standards for film archives and cinmathques Best practices for rights clearance and IPR management of cinematographic works A single access point to the digitised collections of Europes film and audio- visual archives Access to Europes film heritage through Europeana Slide 19 The end