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Presentation of investment project «Gambling zone «Siberian Coin» 1 November, 2010

Dec 17, 2015



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  • Presentation of investment project Gambling zone Siberian Coin 1 November, 2010
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  • 2 Altai territory Location
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  • Russia Siberian federal district Moscow Republic of Kazakhstan Novosibirsk Oblast Kemerovo Oblast Republic of Altai Altai territory - area: 168, 000 sq.m. - population: 2.5 mln. people - distance from Moscow to Barnaul: 3430 km - regional capital: Barnaul. - 11 urban districts. - 60 urban-type settlements. 3
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  • Tourism in Altai territory 4
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  • 5 Altai territory Tourism 750 tourism establishments; more than 40 health establishments; 45,000 places of accommodation; more than 200 tour agencies.
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  • Gambling zone Siberian Coin One of four gambling zones in Russia and the only one in Siberia integrated resort with exclusive casinos, hotels and villas, blended with mountainous surroundings, that also includes theme parks and fitness centres development. Established under Russian Government Regulation in 2008. Total area: 2,304.2 h. The project budget: 760 mln.euro Development period: 2008-2020. 6
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  • Gambling zone Siberian Coin Competitive advantages advantageous geographical location, which is in the center of Russia, on the border with Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia; status of the-only-one-in-Siberia resort, where gambling activities performance is legally approved; location in the popular tourist destination of Siberia; bordering location with special economic zone of tourist recreational type Sky Blue Katun; high quality and diversified wellness treatment services provided on the adjoining territories; availability of labor resources; project support guaranteed by Altai regional Administration; construction of first gambling and entertainment complex starts in 2010. 7
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  • Gambling zone Siberian Coin Public support of the project 8 Land plots are granted for renting with the possibility to gain the ownership of the rented plot Construction of off-site engineering facilities at public expense International and national project promotion (presentations, exhibitions and forums) Legislation provides for: property tax compensation; partly-subsidized interest rate payments ; profit tax compensation; provision of a publicly owned collateral to secure investors liability settlement to their creditors; public guarantees provided by Altai territory Administration for investors to secure their liability settlement to creditors; support provided from Regional Lease fund ; tax loans.
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  • Entertainment activities Tourism opportunities in adjacent territories: wellness activities; sightseeing; water tourism (rafting, canoeing, kayaking); active tourism (alpinism, skiing); extreme and ethnographic tourism; rural tourism; eco tourism; event tourism. Gambling zone: Gambling activities; altitude (pass hopping) tourism; Extreme sports (snowboarding, alpine skiing, carting); Sport and fitness (papagliding and gliding, horse-back riding); Weekend tourism; Business tourism. 9
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  • Project architectural concept: to suit the needs of both VIP guests and visitors to realize the idea of western and oriental cultures dialogue or the meeting of the worlds philosophy (supported by Altai unique location as the place where world religions and cultures interact) to set architectural complexes perfectly into the natural landscape, employing the concept of architectural complexes in nature park Gambling zone Siberian Coin Territory development plan Territory for mass stream of visitors Territory for VIP guests 10
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  • Gambling zone Siberian Coin Main properties of the territory development plan casino, gambling and entertainment complexes multifunctional hotel complexes ***-***** (can accommodate 3,000 people) equestrian complex with a hotel paragliding and gliding centre tennis courts karting centre ciniplex, open air discos open air cinemas, cultural and entertainment, commercial, fitness centres 11
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  • - Federal Act dated 29 th December, 2006 # 244 On regulation of gambling activities in terms of their organizing and performing in Russian Federation. - Russian Federation Government Regulation dated February 9 th 2008 # 155-P On establishment of gambling zone Siberian Coin in Altai territory. - Altai territory Administration Enactment dated 09 th September, 2009 # 388 On regulation of gambling activities in terms of their organizing and performing in gambling zone Siberian Coin: Regulation on granting rental and ownership right to gambling activities providers and related participants regarding the plots situated in gambling zone Siberian Coin Regulation on issue, re-registration and annulment of permit to perform gambling activities in gambling zone Siberian Coin Authorised public body to manage gambling zone Siberian Coin - Chief economy and investment department of Altai territory 12 Legislation, regulating gambling activities on the territory of the gambling zone Siberian Coin:
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  • Gambling zone Siberian Coin Cooperation with Investors Investor Tender on selling the plot rental right Entering into the plot renting and investment agreements Construction commissioning Obtaining the plot ownership right Planning permit obtaining Web site : 13 Permit to perform gambling activities
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  • 14 The procedure to obtain the permit to perform gambling activities on the territory of the gambling zone Siberian Coin 2. Entering into the plot renting and investment agreements Issuing the permit to perform gambling activities in gambling zone Siberian coin 3.Construction commissioning 1. Participation in the tender with the aim to rent the plot Entering into the agreement on leasing the premises with the company, that is the owner of gambling amenities in Siberian Coin
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  • Investment projects under development in Gambling zone Siberian Coin 2 plots have been rented Construction of 2 hotels **** (each can accommodate 100 people) with a casino; construction of business class hotels ****-***** Development plan of the first hotel includes: gambling facilities; wellness centre with a fitness club, sauna and a swimming pool; bowling and billiards amenities; hotel; food court (restaurants, bars, cafes). 15
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  • Established under Russian Government Regulation dated 03 th February,2007 #69 The project budget : 790 mln. euro Development period: 2007 2027. First in Russia large unified nature and extreme tourism complex in the mountains, being developed under the public private partnership concept. Gambling zone Siberian Coin Special economic zone of tourist recreational type Sky Blue Katun 16
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  • Rafting, motorafting, kayaking Via ferrata Quad bike riding Alpine skiing SEZ TRT Sky Blue Katun Tourist product 17 Catapult entertainment
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  • Property tax exemption for 5 years lowered income tax rate land tax exemption for 5 years land lease payments cant exceed 2% of the land cadastral value per year a SEZ resident has a right to become the owner of the rented plot. Benefits for SEZ TRT Sky Blue Katun residents Current results of SEZ TRT Sky Blue Katun development To construct on-site engineering facilities 190 mln. Euro as public funding is provided, (35 mln. euro have been invested). 14 investors on the list. Total investment amount claimed by investors is 211 mln.euro. 12 tourism amenities under operation. Number of visitors during the last 3 years is 1 mln. people. ~ 460 jobs have been provided. 18 Web site :
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  • Actual facilities:Facilities in project: Accommodation 3,500 places of accommodation; 15 hotel complexes camp sites. caravans Camping site Catering food centers; Service aqua park; extreme water sports centre; alpine-skiing complex (12 runs of different colour); rockdrom multifunctional youth camp; tourist-information center; thermal center. Special economic zone of tourist recreational type Sky Blue Katun 19 Accommodation Hotel Hotel complex Complex of guest houses Camping site Catering Russian cuisine restaurant European cuisine restaurant Summer cafes Entertainment Alpine skiing (3 alpine ski-runs ) Beach leisure Rafting, motorafting, kayaking Quad bike riding Via ferrata Rock climbing Horseback riding Mini zoo Fishing Visiting of apiary Cave and archaeological park touring
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  • 20 External transport infrastructure of the gambling zone Siberian Coin
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  • Gas supply of the gambling zone Siberian Coin 21 Existing Under project The power centre The gas distribution station
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  • Energy supply of the gambling zone Siberian coin 22 Conventional indices Existing transmission 220 kilovolt Under project transmission 110 kilovolt The power centre The Biysk power centre
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  • Contacts Reception Tel. : +7 3852 665290, +7 3852 66 95 19, Fax : +7 3852 35 48 13 -mail: [email protected], [email protected], Web site :, Contact name: Tatiana Kadochnikova. Chief economy and investment department of Altai territory 118 Komsomolsky Prospect, Barnaul, Altai territory, Russian Federation 656038 23