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Presentation Mexican Food

Nov 17, 2014





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About MexicoGEOGRAPHY/CLIMATE: Mexico is a large country containing almost 2 million square kilometers. The topography is very diverse, and the climate reflects this fact. At any time of the year you can find an area of Mexico with a perfect climate. Many parts of the central highlands and some coastal locations, have "perfect" weather all year round. Economy: Mexico's economy is driven by tourism, industrial production, oil and gas production, textiles and clothing, and agriculture. Mexico has 1/5 of the worlds oil reserves. Mexico produces and exports a wide selection of agricultural goods. Just about every kind of fruit and vegetable is grown on giant modern irrigated farms and small family plots PEOPLE: The population is approximately 100 million, and it is very diverse. Most Mexicans would describe themselves as mestizos. A mestizo is someone who is a descendant of both native Mexicans (called Indians) and Europeans. The Indians peoples were the first to live in what is now Mexico.

The Mexican cuisine Traditional Mexican Dishes , is well known for its daring,hot food , tangy flavor, decoration and the variety of spices that are added to each meal. New Mexican food Mexican gastronomy is one of the richest in the world, rich with proteins, vitamins and minerals. When the Spanish army arrived and conquered Mexico, they found that most of the populations' diet consists of dishes with corn, chili peppers , chili and herbs, usually beans and squash.

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The indigenous foods also included chocolate, maize, peanut and sweet potato. Heaves a La Mexicana The Spanish, who are known for their tasty food, added ingredients such as burrito , bagel , rice, beef, chicken, wine, garlic, pork enchiladas and onions from Spain to the local foods typical Mexican food. The French occupation in Mexico also influenced the Mexican cuisine

HistoryThe Ancient Aztecs used to have many foods, maize being their main food source. The Aztecs also had tomatoes, avocados, maize tortillas, and tamales, which are steamed maize pockets filled with meat and vegetables. They also hunted native game. Corn and beans are the two main foods of Mexicans people

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In 1521, Spanish explorer Cortez conquered Mexico. The Spanish brought with them fruits including citrus fruits, garlic, cheese, milk, wheat, vine and vinegar and also meat such as pork, beef and lamb.A Mayan noble tasting a common farmers chili peppers and chocolate.

Mexican DietMexicancuisine is a style of food that originated in Mexico with a considerable Spanish influence. Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, colorful decoration, and variety of spices.

The Mexican table is filled with an assortment of foodstuffs. Sauces, soups and stews are common and expected, while preparations range from a quick-fry to slow roasting. The following is a list of key elements in the Mexican diet. Corn Beans Fruits Vanilla Chocolate Vegetables Avocado Chilies Tomatoes Maize Cheese Cilantro Sugar Corainder

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Famous Mexican Dishes AppetizerChimichangas Chicken and rice version with cheese, onions, tomatoes, chicken breasts. Nacho A Mexican appetizer comprised of crispfried tortilla chips topped with refried or black beans, cheese and a variety of other optional ingredients. Flautas Salsa Ranchera Salsa ranchera (ranch sauce) use for huevos rancheros as well a sauce for shredded meats to use in tacos Corn tortillas with a small amount of filling (chicken) and rolled up tightly to make a "flute" shaped taco.

Famous Mexican DishesMain CourseTurkey Burritos Recipe from Foster Farms includes ground turkey, hot tomato sauce, corn, refried beans and sour cream. Chicken Fajitas A poultry version of an otherwise well known meat dish. The name "fajitas" refers to the type of meat used in the traditional version.

Fish Tacos Uses white fish, anchovy powder, jalapenos, cilantro and tortillas by chef Bobby Flay Chipotle Crema Mexican Crema with chipotles in adobo sauce

Famous Mexican DishesDESSERTAncho Chile Flan From Mexico City, Marilyn Tausend "Cocina de la Family". The ancho chilies add a little heat and depth to spice up the dessert. Mousse de Tequila

Mexican influence brought to this French classic. It resembles a "fluffy" Margarita. Mexican Lime Mousse Pie

Chipotle Brownies This is an award winning chipotle brownie recipe. Uses chipotle powder and other spices.

Recipe for Mexican (Key) Lime Mousse pie uses yogurt, Mexican Key Lime juice, lime zest, heavy cream

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