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Presentación Qualcomm evento Movilidad en la empresa española

Aug 20, 2015




  1. 1. Qualcomm is a leader in the Mobile revolution. >11+ billion chips shipped to date100manufacturers shipping with Snapdragon*Includes Qualcomm reference design1000*devices announced or commercially available
  2. 2. Redefining computingDigital 6th sense The 1000x data challengeKEY INDUSTRY TRENDS DRIVING INNOVATION
  3. 3. Mobile is the largest technology platform in history~6.7 Billion Worldwide mobile connections>1 Million New smartphone users per day~80 Billion Downloads of mobile apps 2013~1.2 Billion 3G/4G connection in emerging regions
  4. 4. People use their Smartphones more than ever before36.2 Hours24% Smartphone owners and intenders average smartphone usageMonth of our life s6.2 hours equals 3 months in a yearSource: : Qualcomm Supporting Market Research and User Experience Research Data25% It is a huge time
  5. 5. Our most important device3/5 + use smartphone for gaming>60% 1/2 + use smartphone to look up directionsSource: Google Mobile Planet Survey, May 2011. Survey respondents are smartphone owners.use smartphone to provide answers
  6. 6. Mobile device trend Higher hardware specifications Q1 2013Q2 2012 Q4 20118x30 Dual KraitsQ3 2013 8x26 Quad Core8x25Dual Always On Core 7x27A Always ConnectedDual Always Running Core First 1GHz Apps Single Single Core8x25Q Quad CoreNewest Quad CoreFirst Quad CoreCore3100mAh 2100mAh
  7. 7. Mobile device trend more functions Emails, Web Surfing Camera Apps and Video recorder Multimedia apps (Video Playback and Streaming, Music, eReader, ) Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti) Maps and Navigation GamingPhone calls and SMS
  8. 8. Industry is shifting to mobile architectureThe PC Era CPU-centric approachThe Mobile Era Integrated technology
  9. 9. People demand a lot from their smartphonesNews/ Entertai nmentTextEmail/Cal endarAppsShopp ingMoviesVoiceVideoIntern et accessMapsPhotogra Social networ phy king
  10. 10. Everything INTO a single chip Each Snapdragon processor is a system of dedicated engines that work together to deliver unbeatable performance and power-efficiency. CPUCentral Processing UnitGPUGraphics Processing UnitDSPDigital Signal ProcessorOverall processing speed Fast, responsive graphics Crystal clear voice callsConnectivit Fast downloads, uploads and y navigation MultimediaSmooth video and clear audioSensorsKeep your phone ready to goCameraHigh resolution photos and videoDisplayFor high-resolution screen [email protected] Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.All rights reserved
  11. 11. Designed for long battery life The system-in-a-chip design performs tasks extremely fast, using only the parts of the processor required for the task at hand. It the quickly returns to a state of low power consumption, greatly extending battery life. Unbeatable performance and powerefficiency.
  12. 12. Snapdragon thermal advantageS3 MSM8660Competitor0 MinutesS4 MSM896 0S3 MSM8660Competitor5 MinutesSource: Qualcomm data. Running CPU-centric benchmark Dhrystone. Case temperature limit is 45CS4 MSM896 0Competitor S3 MSM866025 MinutesS4 MSM896 0
  13. 13. Smartphones will help provide a Digital 6th SenseLighting Inside Temperat ureMultimedi aSecurityFitnessSync To CloudFriends Watching
  14. 14. If you have a smartphone chances are pretty good that its powered by one of Qualcomms Snapdragon chipsets -TechCrunchSource: : TechCruch, 08/2011