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Prepare yourself, be yourself 春春 春春春春春春春春春春春 《》 春春春 2014/06/16

Prepare yourself, be yourself

Jan 02, 2016



Prepare yourself, be yourself. 春季 《 职业规划与领导力发展 》 周晓剑 2014/06/16. Where to start: Vision!Vision!Vision!. Vision 的 百度翻译: vision 英 ['vɪʒn] 美 [ˈvɪʒən] n. 视力 , 视觉 ; 美景 , 绝妙的东西 ; 幻影 ; 想像力 vt. 在幻觉中看到 ; 幻想 , 想象 ; 梦见 名词复数 :visions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Prepare yourself, be yourself

Prepare yourself, be yourself 2014/06/16Where to start: Vision!Vision!Vision!Visionvision ['vn] [vn]n. ,;,;;vt. ;,;:visions[]Whose responsibility is it to set the vision of the company?


:(1)Elon MuskExecution() Entrepreneurship()Vision()Think Big & Impossible()RiskTaker()Perseverance()A Journey with Pains and Gains()

:(2)Execution: People management & fund raisingEntrepreneurship: IPO or notVision:Core Excellence: 12306Disruptive Innovation: To move IBMs cheeseThink Big & Impossible: Too far or too big?RiskTaker: Weiming AngelsPerseverance: To survive & wait for luckA Journey with Pains and Gains: Weiming Angels:(3):Execution: Entrepreneurship: , Vision: Think Big & Impossible: ,,RiskTaker: who & whatPerseverance: A Journey with Pains and Gains: enjoy journey not result

Prepare yourselfHabits & AttitudesVision ends up with action plan,,

Be yourself,



Pivotal BigData

Others: Cloud Foundry, RabbitMQ, Spring, PCC/ICMAndroid of Cloud

Performance results on HAWQ, Hive and ImpalaQuery TypeHAWQHIVESpeedUpImpalaSpeedUpuser intelligence4.219847x379xSales analysis 8.716119x59669xClick analysis 2.0415208x5025xData exploration 2.71285476x5520xBI drill down 2.81815648x5921xFacebooks new query engine Presto: 7x than HIVE, similar as Impala

To move IBMs cheese

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