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Preliminary Task

Dec 01, 2014


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  • 1. Preliminary Task Angus Hirst Brief: To design a Front Cover and Contents Page for secondary education school based magazine.

2. To Begin

  • To start I began by learning, studying and analysing the basic conventions of a typical magazine, and then deconstructing the layout of an existing school magazine to see what components and features are present and how they are relevant to the target market. This will be valuable to improving the standard of my own project.
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3. 4. Ideas

  • From this I drafted some initial ideas of my own to come up with a simple template to build on and alter as I progress. This incorporated the components of a magazine I considered suitable or important.
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5. 6. Developing Ideas

  • I moved onto using Adobe Photoshop to construct my layout, I began by designing a masthead as a simple task to experiment and practice with the software; I designed a simple template of a layout.

7. Developing Ideas

  • From this I will alter each individual component changing the fonts, arranging the colour scheme and generally experimenting with different ways I could organise the layout of my magazine cover. This experimentation stage was vital to me (as I have not used Photoshop before) to become accustomed to the features and tools frequently used and be able to manipulate them effectively.

8. My Finished Product Cover Contents 9. In the end

  • From this Preliminary Task I have gained and developed my skills using Photoshop and SLR cameras.
  • I have learned the basic conventions of a magazine and how they relate to the target market.
  • I have gained an insight into magazine production which will be of great help further along in my course.
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