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Preliminary Task

May 26, 2015


  • 1. Preliminary TaskBy Luke Harris

2. MASTHEAD Simple and instantly shows what the magazine is aboutwhich is college. The colour of text is red this is vibarnt strong colourwhich attracts attention . The letters have a lot of space in-betweenMAIN IMAGE - Central on helping to take up the whole of the top of the front cover, the letters arefront cover, seen as main also in uppercase attracting attention.focus. The image is a mid-shotmeans the student is not ISSUE NUMBER smalloverpowering and the sunnylettering, to the side of theweather behind her ties infront cover, shows it isnt anwith iconography of student life important feature but isand reflects the mood of the atypical convention of abrand as positive. The setting magazine.behind the female student isblurred enforcing her as the COLOUR The coloursmain focus. The female student used such as red , greenis also looking directly at the blue and white are allaudience which helps draw vibrant colours adding tothem to look at the magazine. the upbeat and positive mood of the magazine.PLUGS & TEASERS- Anotherconvention of a magazine is MODEL Young attractivethe many plugs situated female student, conforms toaround the magazine front male gaze theory. Thecover. They are placed in front colour of here jersey is theof the main image connoting same as the masthead they have more of a purpose.the colour red is a typicalFont is used to represent colour used by collegesdifferent meaning the blueand in particular their sportfont is used to show of different teams. > especially in the(features/articles) within theUSA. The model is alsomagazine and the black text smiling reflecting aotherwise knows as thepositive mood of theteasers is given to provide anmagazine.insight that will make theaudience want to buy the BARCODE & DATEmagazine.PUBLISHED typical convention of a Magazine front cover. 3. MASTHEAD The masthead is simple and reflects what the magazine is about in its title which is college. The letters are cap lock and close together attracting attention. The font colour being lime green contrasts with the dark background (binary opposition) attracting attention. As a layer it is behind the main image which is a HEADER Helping to typical convention of a magazine front cover. sell and wrap up in aMAIN IMAGE The mainfew words what theimage is overpowering themagazine is about (ormasthead. The image is a contains).mid-shot and placed centrallyon the magazine front cover PLUGS - There are a lot ofconnoting its a big focus andplugs situated around thedraws attention. The use of a main image - to draw attentionmid-shot means its obvious toto other stories (articles) thatsee the mise-en scene our within - helping to sell thecreatingmagazine.The mode ofa positive representation of theaddress very much depends onstudent. The student (mainthe use of plugs creating aimage) most importantly iswider target audience. Theholding a set of books, with themale student is also lookingone at the front saying directly at the audience which(Law, Business, Society) - this helps draw their attention to theconnotes that the audience of magazine front cover. Thethe magazine, which will more main image is placed in front ofthan likely be students agedthe masthead however plugsfrom 16-18, are well educated.are placed in front of the mainAlso the student in the image image connoting theirfits a typical representation ofdifference in dominance on thestudents looking trendy - front cover. The font colourwearing a casual jacket and separates plugs, the ones withsilver chain around his neck. the same colour as the titleWhilst the stature of the model relate to college, the whiteand the black jacket and similarcolour plugs relate to variousbackgroundtopics.connote iconography ofsophisticated and a goodlifestyle. The male student isCOVENTIONALalso looking directly at theFEATURES OFaudience which helps draw MAGAZINE Barcode,price, date.their attention to the magazinefront cover. 4. At the top of the page a small font has been used for Table of Content suggesting its not meant to be eye-catching and the page has less importance than others. At the top of the pageIMAGES A variety ofconventional elements of a magazine such as volume & issueimages from close-up toand year of publication are seen - this is reinforcing the magazinemid-shot have been used to but is also used by those that collect magazines for a hobby.illustrate and create a visualeffect of what is inside themagazine. The imagesappear to be the main focusof the page considering theyare bigger than the text andalso because they areplaced at the top of thepage they draw attention.Page numbers on images link with main pages within WHITE SPACE The usemagazine. of white space on the pagebehind both text andimages, means the pageisnt overwhelming oroverpowering and means The most important pages everything looks clear andthe magazine wants to showpresentable. Theare on the contents pagebackground is white and theand they are in numerical text is black - these areorder. The sub-headings are both contrasting colours andin bold block capitals -help give the page a clearattracting attention with and structured feel.teasers below in a smallerfont, giving an insight intowhat the page is about. 5. The title of the magazine is in lower-case letters - suggestinga more informal feel to the magazine. The green fontcontrasts on the white background attracting attention.The title and part ofthe timeline areboth navy greenlinking in with themagazines neutralPull Quote Welcome!theme - along withhighlighted in yellow incolours of blue andbold font attractswhite. There areattention, directlythe use of imagesaddressing the audience,both at the top andmore personal.bottom of the pagecreating moreinterest amongstthe reader withinthe plugs.The horizontal timelineshows two different typesof pages within themagazine. The layout ofThe main imagesthe page shows on the left each link to aside regular pages in thecertain page andforms of plugs and the illustrate and createright side shows featured a visual effect ofpages. Red font has beenwhat these pagesused to group pages that may be about - thusrelate to education on the attracting attention.contents page - this makesit easier for reader to findpages on a topic they wantto read about. 6. Planning Front Cover 1 7. Planning Front Cover 2 8. Planning Content Page 1 9. Planning Content Page 2 10. EvaluationI believe the development of my college magazine was successful because I had a goodknowledge of the audience and genre. After conducting my research and analysing variouscollege magazine front covers and content pages, I was able to identify conventions that Ishould include in my magazine; such as: a big masthead with a font and colour that wouldattract attention yet suit the audience, a main image (dominating the front cover) of a studentso the audience can relate to the magazine, various plugs (top content) from the magazinesituated around the front cover and finally dont make the front cover over crowed oroverwhelming by using space to your advantage.I have learned various things from creating my college magazine. Firstly I have learnt thatwhilst designing pages and thinking about what conventions to include, its important to alwaysthink and relate back to the audience and genre. This is because otherwise the magazine maystray from its genre conventions and will not meet its audiences needs. Another thing I havelearnt is that every element on a magazine is their for a reason and needs to be justified, youcant just include an element for the sake of it. Another thing I have learnt is that the actualdesigning of a magazine is a lot more complicated than I thought, and a lot of work and thoughtneeds to go into it before you just put pages together and because of this I have widened myknowledge of using design software.If I were to create my college magazine again I would spend a lot more time on planning, suchas what conventions and content I would include; helping to improve the overall outcome of mymagazine. I would also be a lot faster at sorting out the original images I would use on themagazine, as this slowed the process of designing my magazine, because they are a bigfeature.

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