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Prateek agrawal

Jun 09, 2015



  • 1. Modern college of management&Information technologyPresentation on- Career Prospects after B.B.A.BY SUBMITTED TO Prateek AgrawalMiss Beli. SinghVarsha bachhar(HOD BBA)Brijesh Pandey Miss Aaysha AnjumDeepakAgrawal(Asst. Prof.)Ajay Raj

2. Content- About B.B.A. Placement prospects Nature of jobs Scope after B.B.A Career opportunities after B.B.A Career in private sector after B.B.A Government career after B.B.A Job prospects abroad after B.B.A Advantages of B.B.A Conclusion 3. About B.B.A- Many global universities and institutes offer the BBA program. it is graduate degree program of three years duration. Intermediates from any backgrounds can pursue the BBA course. Aspirants can study as a regular course or on a part time basis. as part of the BBA program. student may have to study marketing, management, business operations and so on. 4. Placement prospects-The course of BBA has an excellent stature of placement lists asit contains some of the most outstanding companies in theindian market. The list includes Wipro, Tata consultancy Services, Infosys, Hindalco ,Aditya Birla Group, reliance Insurance, Vodafone, Microsoft and othernational as well as international companies that have earned there namein the global market. 5. Nature of jobs-The candidates that are successfullyplaced in these companies are placed inthe financial accounting as well asmarketing analysis, financial analysis aswell as auditing aspects of the companies. 6. Scope after B.B.A-.On completion of the BBA course,aspirants can study the masters programin business administration..The course structure of the BBA programis designed in such a manner that it actsas a foundation for the MBA program.The BBA curriculum prepares aspirantsto perform their fullest levels in theirpost graduation program. 7. Career opportunities after B.B.A- Other than higher studies, BBA graduates can opt for a wide range of careers also. They can seek out for employments in share trading, business corporations, industries, print media, and so on. They can also work in government sector or IT industries. The main advantage of the BBA program is that aspirants can pursue the MBA program after completing the same They can specialize in their desired disciplines while pursuing the MBA program. The different specialization in the MBA program include system, finance, Human resource, marketing and so on. 8. Career prospects- Graduates in finance take up jobs with commercial banks, investment Banking, accounting firms and large and small corporations. By December 2010,finance graduates were employed in the following sectors: Banking/finance 5% 7% 34% 7%Accounting/auditi 10% ng /taxation 31% Administration management Insurance/real Estate services 9. Aspirants can take up any of these fieldsas their specialization. Accounting Entrepreneurship. Finance Human resource management International business Legal management management Management information system Marketing Operation management Real Estate Supply chain management 10. Career in private sector after B.B.A- There are quite of fields where BBA graduates can get good jobs. BBA Graduates can get jobs as executive trainee or management trainee With any of the mentioned below: Advertising agencies Banking Consultancy Consumer durable companies FMCG IT companies 11. Government career after B.B.A- UPSC AND PSC EXAMS.MANY GOVERNMENT BANKS RECRUITMENT. CIVILE SERVICE EXAMINATIONS ETC. 12. Job prospects abroad after B.B.A- Graduates of business management can get jobs in foreign countries too. Lucrative career can got by them in the middle east and European Countries. financial establishments. Advertising agencies and prestigious it firms will recruit graduates of business management. Graduates of BBA will have much better job opportunities If they have a PG degree in management. 13. Advantages of B.B.A- BBA is a stepping stone to high value postgraduate Course, MBA. Intermediates study the graduation course In business Administrartion to get basic idea on the business Principle and Strategies. The course helps an individual To gain essential knowledge about the corporate world and also The fundamentals of administration. 14. Conclusion-BBA is like a foundation course for students preparing for career in MBA.Immediate employment after BBA degree can provide entry level jobs inManagement position in corporate sector. Average salary for BBAgraduates can vary between Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 25,000 depending upon thecompany.

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