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Jul 13, 2015





AUSTRIAGeographyBasic factsHistoryPolicy Culture

1. GeographyLocated in Central EuropeNo direct sea access

Surface area: 38.000 km29 federal statesCapital: Vienna8 bordering countries

2. Basic factsMember of the European Union since 1995Currency: EuroOfficial language: German Population: 8.4 million Different ethic groups

3. History of AustriaHoly Roman Empire

1867: Austria-Hungary empireAfter World War I: Republic German-Austria1938: Anschluss1955: Austria became permanently neutral

4.Political factsPresident: Chancellor: Heinz Fischer Werner Faymann

2 Biggest Parties: VP SP


Jrg Haider (BZ)

5. CultureVienna

Styria (capital:Graz)

Salzburg (capital: Salzburg)

QuestionsAustria is a memeber of the European Union since.....

2001199519962005The capital of Austria is...

LinzGrazViennaKlagenfurtAustria was part of the Holy Roman Empire.


FalseWe have a right party in Austria, which is called..

KPSPVP FPThank you for your attention!!!