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Pranayam by Swami Ramdev

Nov 18, 2014



Pranayam by Swami Ramdev

Pranayam : By Swami RamdevWith healthy wishes by Kamlesh MaheshwariPranayama (Sanskrit: pryma) is a Sanskrit word meaning "restraint of the prana or breath". The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prna, life force, or vital energy, particularly, the breath, and "yma", to suspend or restrain. It is often translated as control of the life force (prana). When used as a technical term in yoga, it is often translated more specifically as "breath control"] ,

No1. Bhastrika(Deep Breathing) for 5 minutes! Breat



How to do it: Take deep breaths and then completely breathe the air out. Duration : Do it for atleast 2 minutes and 5 minutes maximum. Benefits : heart, lungs, neural system, aabha, depression, migraine, paralysis, asthma, respiratory diseases of all kinds, Diseases like cold, cough, allergy,brain, are cured. Lungs become strong and due to the heart and head getting adequate quantity of pure and fresh air, health is improved. Diseases of the throat like thyroid, tonsils and other ailments of throat are cured.

Other Tips: Doing this for 20 times(breathe deeply when you haveheadache), will relieve the pain up to 80%.-



No.2 KapalBhati Pranayam

(blow your nose) for 10 min to 15 min

How to do it: Pushing air out forcefully and your stomach will itself go in or squeezes inside. Duration : You should startn it with 30 times or 1 minute and increase upto 5 mins minutes upto 15 minutes maximum.



Benefits : aabha, tej, cholesterol, allergic problems, asthma, snoring, concentration, uterus, diabetes, stomach problems, obesity, constipation, gastric, acidity, Croesus(liver), hepatitis B and even cancer and AIDS.

Other Tips:Each stroke you breathe out from your nose just like blowing your nose, makes you loose a small amount of body weight. If you keep doing it for upto 2 or 3 hours you can loose upto 2 pounds of weight in 2 or 3 hours, it is very effective! But you will have to control your diet. Eat green vegs and avoid Roti or eat less roti/breads. Eat More of boiled vegetables/salads & drink fresh home made juices. Dont eat pizzas, burgers, Chips(french Fries) or other junk foods. In Morning have soups/juices(home made) instead of Milk(if you have to have milk, go for cows milk or low fat milk).



No.3 Anulom Vilom Pranayam(Little difficult One Breathe in from one nostril whole and breathe out from other vice-versa for 15 min to 30 min) vice versa



How to do it: Hold your right nasal of your nose with your thumb of your right hand, breathe in from left. Now close left nasal with middle and ring finger opening your right nasal and breathe out from the right nasal. Now breathe in from the right nasal. Now close the right nasal and open left and breathe out and in from left nasal. and keep continuing the same procedure again and again.

Duration : You should do it for atleast 10 minutes upto 1 hour maximum Benefits : heart, high Blood Pressure, bent ligaments, sinual fluid reduced, parkinson, paralysis, neural related, depression, heart blockage, vat-cuf-pit, arthritis, cartilage, migraine pain, asthma, sinus, allergy etc. Other Tips: You should do it in the morning when you get up after cleaning your mouth. Also drink one glass of water when you get up in morning it will clean the toxics from your body and constipation problem will also go away.THINGS TO REMEMBER!

Remember that your stomach should be empty. Before breakfast is time when your stomach is light and empty for maximum beneficial results.============================================================================

With healthy wishes : Kamlesh Maheshwari [email protected], 09320390340 Courtesy :



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