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Aug 10, 2014



Paper on Swamp Robot

  • Robotics Design for Detection of Explosive with 3G Communication PRESENTED BY A. VISHNU B.TECH I.T III YEAR PERIYAR MANIAMMAI UNIVERSITY
  • Architecture The Robot consists of two parts:- a) Head Part b) Leg Part HEAD PART The head part contains the Microprocessor, microcontroller, ADCs and Microwave Sensor and Nuclear Sensor Both of the sensors consume very less power.
  • The Characteristics of Microwave Sensor: Micro wave frequency range from 2 to 8 GHz Time taken for analysis of 1 scanning loop=0.1 second Sensitivity: 100-120 Decibel per Watt Spatial Resolution: 3*4 cm square Microwave Sensor
  • Nuclear Sensor It can be operated in -22c to 55c of temperature up to 8 hours Characteristics: Minimum weight of scanning object: 0.08-0.1 kilogram Scanned area: 30*30 cm with 20 cm of depth No radiation in case of switched off.
  • Authorization Control GPS system, identifies the coordinate of the location where the robot is located. It catch the live location for on the high resolution cameras. The information is transmitted to the control room. Two types of authentication in control room: a) Face Detection b) Password String
  • The architecture of the robot is divided into two parts as hardware and software design. The hardware design contains the sensors with microprocessors, ADCs in the robot head, and GPS, 3G portable device. The software part contains the software for sensor data computation and for the authentication of robot.
  • LEG PART The robotic leg can be design by the stepper motor All the weight goes to distribute on the four legs The four sponge sticks installed in the all four legs consumes the weight and wouldnt allow any more pressure on ground.
  • 3G Connectivity Architecture When the Explosives are detected, the location of the transmitted to control room through 3G Connectivity. It helps in transmitting high resolution videos in less time. H.324M is one of the recommended techniques from ITU in the 3G communication system.
  • Visualization The design of the Robot has been made using Cinema 4D.
  • Advantage of the Design There is no risk of security personals life. By such design a network can be form to implement the search operations. This technique provides the privacy of Information and efficient and accurate detection of objects