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Powersphere Product Configurator

Aug 04, 2015




1. Multi-Channel Kits and Variations Rules-driven Definable Products & Shopper Dimensions Web-based for 24/7 Selling Integrated CRM & ERP Accurate and Simple 2. Axonom Product Configurator adapts to inside andoutside sales team partners and end-customers all in oneeasy, secure e-Shopping systems. 3. Unlimited kits and variations are available so you can guaranteecustomers get what they need in order to drive sales. 4. The Product Configurator is able to anticipate complex dependencies tocheck component quantities and other attributes to alter prices on the fly. 5. Available online 24/7, order and quotes can be accessed anytime fromanywhere. No training is needed so your customers can always find whatthey need. 6. Product Configurator makes account management moreefficient and shortens delivery cycles by integrating withMicrosoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems in order to preventduplication. 7. Powersphere product configurator is part of a family ofsolutions for high tech companies. It handles make-to-orderand standard products with a familiar web shoppingexperiences. You can sell your products with a morepersonalized format. Product configurator gets accuratequotes and orders to you in record time through the use of asimple browser entry, to help drive sales and reduce costs.For more information contact Axonom for a free demo.

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